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Eating At An Inn/Restaurant Bug/s

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#1 oldPRGer


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Posted 30 January 2018 - 08:23

I'm new to Eldevin.


I decided to test out the Eating Facilities at an Inn.


I sat down; and, a Waitress came to my Avatar and I got to see the Menu.


Being a New Customer, I was looking over the wide variety of Menu Options to see what's different about them.


The Waitress said, "You are taking too long." and left me.


After I finally decided upon the "Store Bought bread", I had my Avatar Stand Up and Sit down in the Chair again.


The Waitress came over; and, gave my Avatar the Menu.


I "quickly" (I didn't rush myself) ordered the "Store Bought Bread".


The Waitress left; and, after a few minutes (?who's counting while VRPGing? Not me.) the Waitress returned with a Steaming Covered Server Plate.


After the Waitress placed my order onto the Tabletop, the Steaming Covered Server Plate totally disappeared.


I quickly assumed that the Steaming Server Plate was Gifted to my Avatar.  I was wrong; but, the "Store Bought Bread" was Gifted to my Avatar.


So, I had my Avatar eat the "Store Bought Bread".


My Avatar immediately proceeded to Stand Up from the Chair then Sit Down on the Floor behind the Chair and Ate the "Store Bought Bread".



The Steaming Covered Server Plate disappears when the Waitress places it on the Tabletop.


- I would think that the Steaming Covered Server Plate would remain Visible until my Avatar was commanded to Eat the contents of the Steaming Covered Server Plate.


- ?Could I have had my Avatar place the Waitress-Gifted "Store Bought Bread" onto the Tabletop?



My Avatar didn't Eat her Ordered Menu at the Table; but, on the Floor.


- I can understand the concept of "My Avatar is an 'Uncivilized' Entity who is unfamiliar with Societal Etiquette; such as, 'Table Eating Manners'."; but, it was unexpected by, and surprising to, me.



I think that the Restaurant-Ordered Food should remain visible on the Tabletop like a "Dropped Item" until, the Avatar is commanded to Eat the Restaurant-Ordered Food.


I think that my Avatar should remain seated at the restaurant Table Chair while Eating the Restaurant-Ordered Food; unless, there is a Game System Mechanic that deals with Societal Etiquette like "Table Eating Manners".  However, I am not familiar with such Game System Mechanic for Eldevin.


At this time, my Avatar is impoverished; thus, I am unable to create Screenshots concerning these issues at this time.


#2 silverknight



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Posted 31 January 2018 - 16:01

Heya bro,
Just try to enjoy the game for what it is.

#3 Night Striker

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Posted 31 January 2018 - 18:53

Well to be honest, the whole restaurant/inn deal is just there as an aesthetic detail and nothing more.

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#4 oldPRGer


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Posted 26 February 2018 - 00:08

I do agree with you guys; but, I think the Gaming Experience could be a bit better.

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