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Save the Prince!

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#1 Thomas02



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Posted 28 June 2018 - 15:49

The Plague is invading the city and are trying to kill the Prince! Its time to hurry back and Save the Prince!


Quest - Stop the Plague! - Help defeat the Plague and be richly rewarded.

Lvl 10 - 49


Objective: Kill 250 normal mobs ranging from lvl 10 - 49

                 Kill 100 Bosses ranging from lvl 25 - 49

                 Kill 25 Champions ranging from lvl 35 - 49


After all objectives are defeated head towards the door of the Palace and face your toughest challenge yet!


As you come up to the Palace doors there is a huge Plague Baron with the Plague Doctor trying to smash down the doors. The Doctor notices your presence and speaks how your not going to stop him from killing the Prince and taking over Eldevin.


Start of the Battle: The Doctor spilts into 3 total ppl and have 3 different set of abilities. One will have melee skills, the next would have range skills and finally the last one would have mage abilities. You will have to defeat each one and also the Plague Baron. Problem is everytime a Doctor goes down the control on the Baron is loosen and it rages getting stronger in the process but defense goes down some. Once the Doctor and the Baron are defeated the quest is completed and your rewards will appear in your bag.


Inside your reward: you will receive one each of a Glorious bag of Artisan, Gold, Valor and Prestige. 

Pets: First 3 images.


Mounts: Eldevin Warhorse with this pattern (4th image) and Prince Ryan's Horse


Vanity : His outfit (4 pieces, Tunic, Legs, Arms and Crown) and the Nature Sphere. Last 2 images.


And! A very small percentage will get a second quest called "The Prince Thanks" where you will be receiving any RADIANT gem of choice for saving the Prince.


This event would only happen maybe once every 3-4 months and it would be advertise when it would take place and be done twice a day for each server.

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Rampaging Rabbit!!

#2 Kjellig



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Posted 28 June 2018 - 20:52

Thomas for dev XD 

I'm all for radiant gem rewards and more quests  :lol:

#3 Thomas02



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Posted 28 June 2018 - 21:07

What you don't want to go around looking like Prince Ryan riding his trustee stead through Eldevin itself telling ppl to bow down to you in homage. XD

Rampaging Rabbit!!

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