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Guides for new players with Dungeons and DPS

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 21:31

Just to mention first of all, this isn't a guide to level up, more of a guide on how to behave and function in a dungeon run to increase the likelihood of an easy fun time and also to increase the newer players understandings on how dpsing dungeons works.


Recently I've noticed a lack in experienced dps and a rise in newer players who don't really have much of a clue what to do in a dungeon so I'll break it down into steps and include some basic DPS builds ( not my actively used or the best builds I have made but rather templates for new players to use and expand upon if they wish to make their OWN changes, they also benefit people with weaker gear! :) )


1. Understanding healing positions.


A lot of times a healer will ask the dps to form a CC line, a CC line is the red line which travels from player to player in order to heal the entire group, usually when a healer wants a CC line its to create a link between the healer and the tank so that the healer can heal the tank without getting in the radius of potential threat to the healer e.g despair, AOE damage.


A healer would also find it irritating if DPS stand behind them as this can cause a player to steal the heals from the rest of the group so I suggest you stay infront or by the side of the healer, preferably with the other dps!


2. Supporting the tank


Make sure you keep a safe distance from the tank to not get caught up in AOE damages such as LC, spikes and crystal bug attacks but also close enough that moving mobs don't chase after you.


When the tank starts a pull you shouldn't attack until he/she stops and performs an aggro move such as Impale, Inciting Cry, Despair, Tremor and for healtanks, benediction.


Make sure in dungeons such as RG/ARG you destroy healing crystals but the number 1 priority is always the Crystal prisons, if you are late destroying these it can wipe out the entire dungeon team so make sure you are aware of these!


3. General behavior 


Make sure you only press "Greed" on items unless group leader and overall members of the group allow you to "Need" and item. You should also avoid running ahead of the tank and most of all NEVER leave a dungeon run in the middle unless you can find a replacement or a real emergency, leaving out of pure frustration is not an excuse for others who are also equally losing out.


Basic builds for starters:


Probably the best dps member for a group is Warsin with their high dps and really amazing AOE attacks and buffs, always very helpful to have in groups, if you are a Warsin you are almost guaranteed to be wanted in dungeons as long as you behave appropriately and respectfully :)


Very basic starter Warsin:



Mages are good dps with their boiling blood bleed on bosses and Dragonbreath for AOE damage, I would even say Despair is helpful in PvE for silencing healing crystals to make ARG/RG fast as possible and easier on the final boss. They can also be good temporary healers incase the healer dies and needs a resurrection!


Basic mage build:



Ranger build:



PVE medium armor sin:



These are some good starter builds you edit and work from to your wishes and to whatever you want to customize it for, they're simply made for dpsi'ng and not for taking hits so much.


Goodluck to all new players and I wish you all happy dungeoning!


(Edit: id also suggest turning into these builds around level 44 when RG/BT starts, which is a main dungeon ran by level 49's to have a good chance of getting lots of runs and levelling up)

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Posted 07 July 2018 - 16:27

this is very nice of you to have done

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