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Asgarr's Store (US-Zephyr)

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Posted 02 June 2020 - 21:04

Note - Putting store in vacation mode, will update when I return to game.


Abrasive Spirit x42     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Basic Coarse Boots (Lv. 4 Crafted Fine Light Feet w/ +2 Sorcery)     18s 96b

Basil x3     40b ea.

Bone Shield (Lv. 9 Fine Shield w/ +4 Melee)     46s 15b (Vendor sells for 61s 53b)

Buckled Leather Boots (Lv. 13 Fine Medium Feet w/ +4 Ranged)     84s 21b (Vendor sells for 1g 12s 28b)

Coal x30     40b ea. (Vendor sells for 5s)

Cheap Wax x4     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Cooked Soft Meat x3 (No lvl. req. Stat Food +5 Vitality, 60 min.)     90b ea.

Copper Bar x12     3s 3b ea.

Copper Cestus (Lv. 8 Drop-only Fist Weapon w/ 42.5 Melee DPS, +4 Melee)     48s 28b

Copper Pike (Lv. 8 Drop-only Fine Two Handed Polearm w/ 86.2 Melee DPS, +8 Melee)     80s 48b

Copper Rivets x7     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Dense Copper Ore x1     2s

Enhanced Leather Armor (Lv. 12 Drop-only Fine Medium Chest w/ +6 Ranged)     1g 42s 56b

Ethereal Jute x7     2s ea.

Experience Booster x3     40ep ea. (Shop sells for 80ep)

Fusion Powder x8     1g ea.

Gnarled Padded Pants (Lv. 4 Drop-only Rare Light Legs w/ +2 Sorcery)   60s 20b

Green Apple x10     40b ea.

Ham x28     1s ea. (Vendor sells for 1s 60b)

Heart of the Hunter (Lv. 7 Drop-only Fine Ring w/ +1 Ranged)     24s 48b

Heavy Leather Belt (Lv 10 Fine Medium Belt w/ +3 Ranged)   38s 64b (Vendor sells for 51s 52b)

Humble Skin Hood (Lv. 7 Drop-only Fine Medium Head w/ +3 Melee)     24s 48b

Light Leather Armor (Lv. 8 Drop-only Fine Medium Chest w/ +4 Ranged)     48s 28b

Lime x6     40b ea.

Maggots x4     3b ea. (Vendor sells for 4b)

Medium Mana Potion x2     7s 50b ea. (Vendor sells for 10s)

Mineral Water x20     1s 92b ea. (Vendor sells for 2s 56b)

Minor Health Potion x40     38b ea. (Vendor sells for 50b)

Minor Mana Potion x10     38b ea. (Vendor sells for 50b)

Pendant of Tranquility (Lv. 8 Drop-only Fine Neck w/ +2 Focus)     32s 20b

Pure Copper Ore x2     2s ea.

Pynwood Log x5     1s ea.

Quarterstaff of Perception (Lv. 7 Drop-only Rare Two Handed Staff w/ 83.1 Melee DPS, +9 Sorcery)     6g 12s 50b

Ragged Pelt x1     2s

Red Apple x3     1s ea.

Rough Sharpening Stone x49     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Simple Pants (Lv. 9 Drop-only Fine Light Legs w/ +4 Sorcery)     41s

Small Health Potion x9     3s 75b ea. (Vendor sells for 5s)

Small Mana Potion x3     3s 75b ea. (Vendor sells for 5s)

Soda Bread x25     1s 92b ea. (Vendor sells for 2s 56b)

Soft Meat x46     15b ea. (Vendor sells for 20b)

Spring Water x3     24b ea. (Vendor sells for 32b)

Stale Bread x14     24b ea. (Vendor sells for 32b)

Stickleback x6     15b ea. (Vendor sells for 20b)

Tarnished Copper Short Sword (Lv. 4 Drop-only Fine One Handed Sword w/ 22.5 Melee DPS, +2 Melee)     9s

Tattered Hide x46     1s ea.

Tattered Strips x49     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Unblemished Amethyst Quartz x2     2s ea.

Void Mushroom x8     40b ea.

Weak Dye x46     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Weak Flux x20     2b ea. (Vendor sells for 3b)

Wheat x4     40b ea.

Wood Sap x21     40b ea. (Vendor sells for 5s)

Wool x15     40b ea. (Vendor sells for 5s)

Worn Robe Hood (Lv. 10 Drop-only Fine Light Head w/ +4 Sorcery)     51s 52b



Please whisper me (Asgarr) in game on the Zephyr server if you're interested in making a purchase.  I should be online 11am - 10pm est 7 days/wk. and check here often or bookmark this thread as I'll be adding many new items as I progress through the game.  Thanks for looking!!  :)

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