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Some Vanity and a few pets

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Posted 31 August 2020 - 22:27

Hello, it has been quite some time since I have played this game, so I have no clue what any of this stuff is worth.  ^_^  If you are interested in anything, please drop your offer below. Thanks for looking, and sorry for my disorganized mess!  :lol:





Vanity (Top Right):

2x Blue Sea Monster Head

2x Blue Sea Monster Tentacle Hands

2x Blue Sea Monster Tentacle Feet

1x Red Sea Monster Head

1x Red Sea Monster Tentacle Hands

1x Rd Sea Monster Tentacle Feet

1x Green Sea Monster Tentacle Feet

1x Skeleton Pirate Head

1x Skeleton Pirate Top

1x Skeleton Pirate Legs

1x Skeleton Pirate Hands

1x Skeleton Pirate Feet

2x Double Peglegs

1x white Shudder Shades

1x Blue Shudder Shades

1x Red Flower Torso Lei

1x Pink Flower Flip Flops

1x Pink Flip Flops


Vanity (Bottom Left)

1x Blue Bunny Top

1x White Striped Jumper

1x Mummy Costume Head

1x Purple Striped Jumper

2x Orange Striped Jumpers

5x Green Bunny Ears

3x Ghost Sheet

1x Happy Pumpkin Head

1x Red Dress Top

1x Bagpiper Ghillie Brogues

1x Highland Dress Ghillie Brogues

1x Fire Witch Shoes


Vanity (Bottom Right)

2x Orange Striped Jumper

1x White Striped Jumper

1x Green Striped Jumper

1x Ghost Sheet

2x Eyepatch

1x Orange Flower Head Lei

1x Blue Flower Head lei

1x Mummy Costume Feet

1x Blue & Orange Paper Hat

1x Purple & Yellow Paper Hat

2x Cupid Laurel Wreath

1x Red Sunglasses

1x Pink Wraparound Shades

1x Green Wraparound Shades

1x Blue Wraparound Shades

1x Scurvy Adventurer's Top

1x Scurvy Adventurer's Hands

1x Giftbringer Boots

1x Glorious Leggards

1x Magnus Champion Leggings





1x Red Spook

2x Pirate Bluppity

1x Grey Wolf

1x Bubble

3x Fluffy

2x Red Parrot

1x Green Parrot




Crystal Cutting 49 | Farming 49 | Fishing 49 | Foraging 49 | Forestry 49 | Prospecting 49 | Skinning 49



Alchemy 49 | Armormithing 49 | Cooking 49 | Jewlery 49 | Leatherworking 49 | Tailoring 49 | Weaponsmithing 49

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