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#918878 More Chompers arrive!

Posted by Placeboo on 10 February 2015 - 15:59



I know ... I wish it was Thursday to ^_^

#915688 Zombie Yeomen IV

Posted by Placeboo on 16 January 2015 - 17:06

Thanks Grim & hades for that info , no idea that button existed.



How are these stashes classified? ie would they be effected by Find Item buff?

#875892 Arena Update #2 v2.48

Posted by Placeboo on 26 June 2014 - 17:55

This is a really a shame how this update has gone and broken the economy. There was clearly no thought put into this by HCS. Tons of tons of tokens being given out and prizes at ridiculously low costs. There are already pages and pages of BM300 potions in AH at a fraction of the cost of what they have always been.

Arena is not going to draw any interest if you make prizes worthless, there may be some initial interest. But it will fail eventually. Helmars and volkers set at the same cost? DD 150 potion same cost as Lib300 and Cons250? - just throwing out blanket prices on all of the same type of items is really a shame - a bit of effort to look at prices of items and base tokens on those prices would have made this awful awful update somewhat acceptable.

It is a shame that you listened to shindrak's "idea" of token simply because he kept posting it - all that needs to be done is give us new gear / prizes in arena more than every 2 years!!!!!!!


Another arena downgrade.

#857920 Titan Update and Bounty Board Feedback

Posted by Placeboo on 27 March 2014 - 02:53

One idea that could be a median ground, and keep things interesting:


The bounty hunter can lose no more than 1/2 the XP he has taken from hitting the original player (although you would have to make it relative to that players level), upon his counter bounty.

During the counter bounty, all players hitting that counter-bountied character only cause 1/3 XP reduction, ie a 99 stamina hit, would only cause 33 stamina worth of XP loss. This would require more stamina used to make the person lose the same amount of XP as the original person, and prevent character losing 5 levels when then can only take 1-1.5 (or whatever 10 100 stamina hits is).

Any additional counter-counter-(counter)-bounties would all apply to the original rules of the first counter bountied character

#857909 Titan Update and Bounty Board Feedback

Posted by Placeboo on 27 March 2014 - 02:07

About time we take away the advantage that "pvp" bully guilds have over the rest of the game, great update
(the 1900 ladder is a joke)

#850928 New Medals!

Posted by Placeboo on 21 February 2014 - 17:53

Sorry , but I really dislike these medals. Theres no reason to just pump out lame medals like this, 1 or 2 well thought out additions to medals are fine (or none even!).

 Guild Treasurer : lame , just use bank depos for guild, this should be removed

Team Player: lame, make group, join group, disban group, repeat: a simple stamina consumption medal.

  Guild Bolster: I dont see this as a cool medal at all. Maybe if it was only level 800+ buffs with 20+ stamina usage. But again, its just another stamina consumption medal that can be farmed.

Defender of the Realm Bronze  : There are already so many  relics in the game that any medal that relic based is going to be lame, if this was altered to a a way that would actually represent something that is medal worthy it would be completely unfair to smaller guilds.


Summary: Lame stamina consumption medals, and a bank depo user. Lets have a vote on removing these, so boring.

#845234 Sending Fragments

Posted by Placeboo on 30 January 2014 - 18:51

Lets face it , not everyone is going to be spending FSP to get to high composing level. From what I can tell only 1-2 players from any given guild is farming composing levels for their guild to make potions, probably more for some of the bigger guilds.

As a result, most lower level guild members are sending items for higher levels to fragment and make them potions in return. As a matter of convenience, I would suggest a "check box"  option (for the player sending items)  that would auto frag to the player receiving the items.


#828489 Guild XP while sub-leveling

Posted by Placeboo on 10 December 2013 - 02:47

Please do not fix something that is not broken!


I vote NO!


I think you should reword your initial post hoof, are you are going to get a lot more of these comments

#828402 Guild XP while sub-leveling

Posted by Placeboo on 10 December 2013 - 01:53

.........although it does suck for players that have spent a lot of resources deleveling. Maybe implement this after XP event to retain fairness.

#828358 Guild XP while sub-leveling

Posted by Placeboo on 10 December 2013 - 01:20

I really dont think this should be changed. People have been subleveling for years, if you change anything in regards to how subleveling and XP work then you only make it unfair / advantageous for people that have subleveled in the past or people that would sublevel in the future.

It is part of the game. There are no major flaws in the system. If people dont like that others get a lot of Guild XP by subleveling then they can go do it themselves.


Leave it as is. This is a minor game issue, that is not worth discussing.

#827890 De-leveling Change Poll

Posted by Placeboo on 09 December 2013 - 20:00

If you want to call it an exploit (not everyone agrees with you btw) then that is fine. Other people's point is that there is no benefit from it besides the bragging rights of having more GuildXP or a higher guild rank. Frankly, I think if someone is going to spend tens of thousands of stamina doing this, then it justifies the results.

#827828 De-leveling Change Poll

Posted by Placeboo on 09 December 2013 - 19:14

Hmm...Maybe I missed the point too.  So are you saying that as long as a person has to move around and not regain their lost xp from just one creature but rather be required to go back through the levels battling creatures that are the same level to which they deleveled, you'd have no problem with it?  In other words if I'm level 1800 and delevel myself to lvl 1400 I should be required to go back to level 1400 and kill creatures in each ensuing level to get back to 1800?  Is that it?  


While I seem to be on the pro side of deleveling . This is something that I could agree with. If your 1800 and deleve to 1400, you get booted from the realm you are in (if you fall below 20 levels of that realms level) and returned to mountain path ... where you then have to go to the 1400 map to hunt again

#827821 De-leveling Change Poll

Posted by Placeboo on 09 December 2013 - 19:08

Instead of whining about the leveling/deleveling of players that have nowhere to go let`s figure out a way to get new players in this game instead of running them out of it..



#827809 De-leveling Change Poll

Posted by Placeboo on 09 December 2013 - 19:02

After reading the thread I do not fully understand why people consider this an "exploit". It is well within the game mechanics and benefits only Guild XP.  The player is not getting "free" levels ... they are spending tons of stamina and fsp/gold to make this happen.


I made a thread awhile back discussing the global event potions ... which hoof seemed to like the idea of , but never changed anything. I really think the global potions are bad for the game. It hurts HCS because they essentially give players the potions they are then turning around and asking $60 for, hurting sales. Giving 5 chests is ridiculous to players with big stamina pools .. I have enough global hunting potions to last me 2 years worth of stamina. AM500 is defiantly game breaking (in agreement with above posts).

What I propose instead of these global event pots is week long XP events (1.2x for tier one, 1.4x 1.6, 1.8 2x at tier 5). Then maybe one or two other potions that do not have XP components, ie coordinated attack 300 , lightfoot 500 etc. The week long events would allow for those with lesser stamina pools to hunt 2 or 3 times during the week. An attempt to equalize the value of 5 global event pots.

#827792 De-leveling Change Poll

Posted by Placeboo on 09 December 2013 - 18:49

I did not vote as I do not fully understand the XP gain from fighting enemies far above your level - as I have never done it myself.

I do think deleveling is something that should be allowed, if a player feels the need to kill more creatures and does not have the content to do so they should be allowed to delevel.

I do not think there should be an XP penalty, however I do think that there should be no additional gain. ie if a level 1000 player kills a level 1000 enemy and nets X amount of XP a level 700 player killing that same level 1000 creature should also earn X amount of XP.

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