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Next Legacy Roadmap

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#1 Zorg


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Posted 22 September 2014 - 06:12

When planning the next roadmap I'd like to also take in to account what we're trying to achieve with it. The crystal updates were planned to add more variety to end game, I'm hoping this set of updates will have a different focus.


We could focus on Warfare this time, broadening rewards, improving the user interface, etc. We could also add some warfare achievements.


Similarly, we could focus on achievements elsewhere or a new set of abilities. We could even design an entirely new system from the ground up.


I'm open to hearing any ideas, but only those that get the support of your fellow players will get enough traction to be included in the vote!

~ Chief Technical Officer
Wayne 'Zorg' Robinson

#2 HappyDays



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Posted 22 September 2014 - 13:03

I had a system in mind that incorporated rewards from wl points and thrill of hunting and activity to bring more people back to the game and used hunting systems and blind seer already in place. It also expands on the lore and history of the game.


When you reach a certain lvl you go to the blind seer, and he says he has a story but needs a tribute to prove you are worthy. You must give him x amount of warfare points, experience, tokens, creds or wins. You pay him and it unlocks a new portal in sector 3 to a wasteland tunnel. He tells you a story of long ago a alien ship crash landed here and some humans say it as a sign of the gods and went to go worship it in a time some needs something to believe in. So he says maybe you should go explore it. You go to explore, and basically indeed you find it. You find an alien space ship and guards protecting it. They tell you their gods are inside and only those who are truly worthy may enter.


You enter and on this page there is new hunting bosses and hunting ordinary groups for arguments sake let's say lvl 80 to 85 although is can lower than this to include people all the way down to 50 or higher groups. The ordinary hunting groups can be hunted for wasteland points .  I was thinking the main hunting bosses could drop armour ?? or maybe a new add on like boots. But to actually hunt it you need to have a certain amount of activity to be worthy. Maybe for a week, x amount of wins, pay x amount of wl points and gain certain amount of exp etc to make it fair. This ensures people to be active.


Also not necessary, but I would come up with a seperate wl currency for this. To make it fair for everyone starting off so no one can use stockpiles of wl points if they have it. But I was thinking for the armor to unlock crystal slots, you can use wl points or the new currency towards it.


So it basically boils down to, blind seer says something new, meet requirement, new portal in sector three, click, new hunting screen like the current one the opens for chronicle of blood. Hunt once you have new currency and requirment. end.



#3 HappyDays



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Posted 22 September 2014 - 13:22

I had experience bar or tier system in mind to replace the current ability system, I just named it momentum. I was thinking for this system we all start off with a full momentum bar. Think of it like having a full exp bar you charged up to the top. It caps out at a certain lvl like abilities currently the way they cap out at lvl 5. But it degrades over time (can be a long time as well if decided) and you have less points if you don't keep it topped up and maybe then you can only have up to lvl 4 now for agility training, it degraded and you can only have lvl 3 for cloak etc etc. So super active people never really can get ahead as the bar only goes so high. So the most you can ever put into the bar is topped off.


The minute we start being active it charges up. So you never truly loose anything as you can gain it back through playing the game. It should be an easy and flexable system. So people who don't play still have things and when you do jump in it charges on up and you look forward to unlocking new stuff. Let's say a lvl 50 max momentum bar is smaller than a avs , he uses his points to select extra abilities for him to use but can't top out anywhere near a av can. The bar grows the higher the you are to lvl 80 and the higher tiered options unlock to select if you have a fully charged momentum bar.


The way I see it certain things give exp towards filling the bar. Getting actual experience and wl points gained or hunting a boss and logging in once per day. It does not have to be over complicated and can be discussed. Lower tier abilities are there for people with lower charged bars.


Let's say a person doing a bit of pvp and wl etc has more abilities unlocked such as cloak lvl 5 unlocked, combat tactics lvl 5 and the person below who has less of the bar charged has lvl 4 and the person who is below again, lvl 3 etc etc to the person who has not logged on in ages and ages lvl 1 for example. No one is left behind and no one should be unbeatable etc hope that is clearly understood as many current abilities are not strength related. It is slight and something optional if you choose to move towards the full bar. Also the lower tiers of charging the bar should be quick so people can jump in.


This is encouraging activity and people who choose not to play are not that worse off and can quickly get back in the game through playing for a bit. No one is ever truly left behind and the person who plays a bit more has a full momentum bar and some perks. Would feel cool, wouldn't it :o Please ALSO REMEMBER MANY ABLILITIES ARE NOT strength related. Having a full bar does not mean you become superman or something.


Edited a bit to clear up some confusion someone had.

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#4 Majoras


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Posted 22 September 2014 - 14:08

I personally don't like the idea of a "momentum bar" it makes it seem like an iphone app where you have to play alot. I like how legacy is a place you didnt have to log in everyday to keep up with the hardcore players like you do with games that require alot of time to keep up. Please dont add that feature 

#5 HappyDays



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Posted 22 September 2014 - 14:19

Well momentum bar is only a name I came up with off the top of my head. I have never played an iphone game I can assure you. The names of the system can be changed if it is too iphone like for you. Also please don't jump to instant conclusions. Who said you had to play a lot. Even if you never played you would have certain abilities and tiers to certain levels when you move towards them. Also it would be worked that no one with a full momentum bar would be a god. But they did charge the bar to the top so they get little edges. Seems like a fun system that basically does not hinder you but helps you if you want to invest some effort. Also we are not talking like climbing a mountain to get to the top. Sounds to me a situation of....... you don't want to play so you don't want anyone to get ahead while you don't play, because that is how it suits you. I think personally the system should be easy to pick up and if someone comes back and plays should be able to get to the top with some effort. Actually you are never left behind as you can always bounce back.


We need to look at rewarding activity and players enjoying staying and playing. It does not have to be super hard to get tiers and I am open to people suggesting way to tier up. You just instantly jumped to end scale as you thought it might require some interaction to play on your part. The current ability system is click and wait ages upon ages upon ages to finish things. This system would actually help if anything to level the playing field and help people jump into the game.

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#6 NoddingFrog


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 01:11

We should focus on the Ventrix for warfare. He comes out of nowhere with this new super gear but nothing about him is either known or set in stone. He should be a foot soldier, part of an army that can tie into a new system for warfare. New reward systems and new maps that have more real time dynamics. 


In addition to that I wouldn't mind seeing an overhaul on the WL interface, it's old now and it might do well with a new lick of paint and maybe some new features. 


Tying in crystals with the Ventrix stuff would be nice. We could be fighting them because we know avatar stuff and crystal stuff and they want that knowledge. Something like that.

#7 Ohlhoff


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 09:48

Can we at least finish the previous roadmap first? I'd really like to be able to remove crystals from my gear so I can play around with set-ups more.



#8 uglymug


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 10:12

Some polish to the game can go a long way.


When attacking guards you sometimes get uncapitalised names appearing. For example: "dark flame gaurd hits you with both weapons for x and x damage". It just screams last minute and doesn't look good at all. Maybe add weapons and armour to guards, even if they are just gang weapons. It seems weird they have [none] labelled. A gang would equip their guards yeah? LOL


Having inconsistent time stamps on warfare is an eyesore too with sentry bots moving in and out without the extra second count. And sentry images would be good too!


A new description for the Void Sword would be welcome. It sounds very 5-year-old in the backyard with a cardboard sword. Inferno Amulet could do away with "some how"; reads a lot better as: "Radiating with the glow of a long dead star. An unknown entity managed to craft this amulet in the timeless void with long lost secrets."


Add some more lore to the game. Ventrix just popped out of nowhere and we had a whole backstory and CoB to get the previous bosses after Seraph. He just shows up as a purple headed voyeur with some crazy weapons.


Oh yeah just thought of the types of attack... could they be changed in any way? I don't see many people using them - or at least I don't see the benefit.


Maybe have Focus to be able to be used inside the Hive too for certain attacks? That could be cool.

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#9 K3nny


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 10:50

crystal removal being finally added would be nice and all the weapons and armours steven and tibos have worked on.


also if i remember right , hasnt steven already drawn up WL achivement already ?

Posted Image

#10 centurion



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Posted 23 September 2014 - 14:04

most of the new gear don't help the new players any and frankly, the current crystal does not add variety due to % gain and again benefit the older players the most due to  scav.   it limits the each item to couple different crystals at most if that.     why I originally championed fixed stat approach.    I guess it is too late to fix that  now.


need way to make it more competitive for new av.    taking 2-3 years to become competitive is too long now.   wasn't so bad before the  updates  (usually 6 month after av was somewhat competitive before)  otherwise, we won't be having luck with keeping new players.  

#11 yodafone


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 16:51

we won't be having luck with keeping new players.  


This is what we should be really concentrating on.

Most of us are just like "More armour for av's, more weps for av's, more (anything) for av's!".  Which is all good and proper for most of us, because pretty much everybody that's going to be posting in here are going to be long time av's. Yeah, we get some more crap added for us, we'll all be happy for a few months but in the long run what good is that for the game?

What we really need is ways to attract and keep newer players. And with how big mobile gaming is these days, I really feel like G2* needs to be more mobile friendly.

I don't really have any ideas for any systems / features or anything, just wanted to give my two cents on what I think we should really be focusing on here.


*whoops, I'm stuck in my old ways, I clearly mean Legacy.

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#12 Pascal


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 17:49

I would like something for newer players too, but it also should be available for old players. For example (has been suggested in the suggestion forum), a special wasteland for lowbies. just a 9x9 grid perhaps. Lowbie gear should also be easier to level, like you need 2 times less exp for gear to level them. 


Warfare should be more complex, may add small buildings that you could conquer? like that you can enter the building and conquer squares inside too, you will only own the building if you have more than 50% of the sq's inside. The gang could invest in security, eg adding small boobytraps for a certain amount of GP. Boobytraps will do damage, but just small damage, not instantly kill lol

#13 Anialator



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Posted 23 September 2014 - 20:25

In terms of lowbie friendlyness I would agree with Happydays' suggestion. If I understand right I am seeing this as activity being required to maintain your ability train rate, as well as your effective use of that ability at that time. Interesting point by bboysilent;


I personally don't like the idea of a "momentum bar" it makes it seem like an iphone app where you have to play alot.


It may be a somewhat common feature from games but I do believe it works, I play Bloons TD5 daily because there is a feature where you log in once a day to get some bonus "Monkey Money" along with a Daily Challenge. The Wasteland can be daunting because there is no set levels of effort to achieve, you just push as long and hard as you can. Having a set of goals to accomplish daily, even if it would take even longer to do, will keep people online and playing for longer. Goals like "You need to get 100 WFP and 50 kills a day to increase your momentum bar" will get people to stick around long enough to do that, and when they do they will most likely stick around a while longer, since they are on anyway and maybe having a chat with Legacy players.


I like how legacy is a place you didnt have to log in everyday to keep up with the hardcore players like you do with games that require alot of time to keep up.


Well new players have to believe that they can eventually be more powerful than current players, or else why bother? New players should be able to build up their abilities faster than old players imo. Maybe the first few months you have a higher learning rate, since younger people learn better. It would encourage people to push harder at the start and after the investment they will want to stay.


As to the idea for expanding the hunting system, the "Wasteland Tunnel" could perhaps lead to a secondary Wasteland-esque map, perhaps going inside the hive? NPC's level 50 - 90 could spawn each 15 minutes, and players would move around these tunnels to hunt them? Since these would be free spawns the cost would be you have to use energy to move and hunt in this system, and the drop rates for equipment would be low. Could be cool to get parts as drops to be able to upgrade existing equipment.

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Anialator - (War Master of The Chapter - Legacy Online)

#14 Nemesis


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 21:21

First thing that I would like to see is some new armor and new projectile. But instead of having them as drops from special NPC's, make them items that you have to work for. Maybe you can collect parts from new regular NPC's, and then it could cost wf points and credits to combine them together and make them.


The projectile should be around Ventrix weapons level, and the armor slightly better than titan. Or maybe even have what Steven suggested with something like 4 different armors with different focus. 1 armor is balanced, another one has high armor, another one has high dodge, and another one has high armor defense.


Afterwards, I do agree with the other people that something new for newbies. As for what, I think others already have plenty of suggestions.

#15 Steven


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Posted 23 September 2014 - 23:45

My first suggestion will be Crystal Exchange / WF shop update.



The biggest update to the next tier and the future of avatar equipment. Making a huge range of items buyable and upgradable from Exchange. A new 4 tier armor design, and attachments and add ons available for purchase from the WF shop, rewarding activity over luck based drops in the long run.



- Huge range of new weapons and stats.

- New counters to OP weapons.

- HUGEEE money and WF point sink.

- Very long term (2+ years to get to tier 4 armors)

- Making active players strong in the long term, over people who get lucky drops.

- Around 70% complete.

- Making old av items useful again.



- People don't like earning shit in this game.

- People will cry.

- More people will cry.








My second suggestion is Gagnab's 'Arena' suggestion.



A new arena based on the hunting system, you can enter once every 5 days. You attack your way up the ladder. Defeating x amount of NPC's before attacking their boss to move on to the next tier. You can only get x amount of heals in the whole time, so you can't forever have a go in the arena. Ranging from lvl 20 to lvl 100+.



- Brand new system

- Awesome prizes can be found

- WF point sink. (Use WF points to attack boss)

- Generally something else apart from NPC's to look forward to each week.

- Gets newbies involved.



- Brand new system will take a lot of time to code and a lot of new graphics.

- Will need updating all the time to change prizes and stuff.

- No one would beat tier 5/6 without new stronger weapons.



Edited by Steven, 23 September 2014 - 23:49.

#16 KoKo



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Posted 23 September 2014 - 23:52

Steven I love you, those who are opposed to an idea of this magnitude for the game clearly do not have the games best interest in hand. Very well thought out, I believe it would give people a reason to actively play the game, opposed to playing it for a few mins a week to hunt and work and done with it all the rest of the time.

#17 HappyDays



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Posted 24 September 2014 - 00:03

I support your first idea steven, the Crystal Exchange / WF shop update. Not the second suggestion about the arena. The arena will just be a glorified main boss battle but longer. Pretty quickly it will become as routine as the current style of hunting. I think any prizes you are thinking could be incorporated into other systems. But it will be the hunting system we have just worded differently and a new name and some extra bonus health.

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#18 rollin340


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Posted 24 September 2014 - 08:09

The new items Steven is working on is a given.

So is the Arena idea.


But let's just put some things that could use some improvements:

  • Inventory - You were working on this before, so let's get it done
    • We could us an Inventory where you can stack stuff, would be nifty
    • A separate Inventory altogether for Crystals; a whole separate system would be nice


  • Crystal Merging; you have to make this neater and less accident prone
    • A re-vamp of the Crystal usage systems; new page for combining and using them
      • When combining Crystals, make it a drag-and-drop if possible; drag them to a box or have some automation to merge X amount of Crystals
      • When combining Crystals with Items, have the before and after stats shown for a clearer picture of what you're getting
    • Minor tweaking of the percentages might be needed


  • That 'new' attack system you were working on looked really nice. The current attack system is really dull.


  • New Hunting choices
    • Harder Entities that can drop Small to Medium Crystals is a possibility
    • A new Special NPC; no clue what it'd drop though


  • New Achievements
    • PvP
    • Hunting
    • Warfare


  • New Abilities
    • Focus could be utilized outside of WLs
    • Have a few new ultimate Abilities; you can go down a certain path, and mastering it would take a whole lot of Points (Like a unique skill set)


  • Have some of the currently available client-side JScripts made available to players integrated into the game itself
    • Add options to turn these newer additions on/off just like the rest of the Template
    • You could host the JScript within your own database; players can use those officially accepted by Legacy staff, so the scripts allowed to run are only those sanctioned and hosted by you guys


We can comb through the DtD for a whole bunch of other stuff to, but I won't go into that.

#19 rollin340


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Posted 24 September 2014 - 11:12

What would you guys say to Legacy Raids?
A bunch of players going into some arena fighting a bunch of NPCs WLs style. Take the NPCs out along with the boss and win.
If you die, you're out of the raid.
Everyone dies, the raid fails.
The harder the raid, the more players allowed to join.
It'd cost currency (I don't really care which though) to create/join a party.
No idea how this will ever be coded.
People joining a certain 'party', and when everyone is ready, the transaction is made and you start.
Okay okay, this started as a joke, but I find it interesting myself. xD
A page where raids are split into levels.
Let us assume an Avatar wants to do an Avatar raid.
He goes into the Avatar Raid page.
There, you are free to create a raid party for any specific raid 'level' or you have the option to join an existing one.
Once a full party is made (or the minimum is reached), you can set yourself as ready.
Once everyone has done that, the leader clicks start.
All players are dumped into a WLs styled zone.
Abilities come into play; you can glance to see what is around you.
You can Blast NPCs. yeah. Blast them.
You can turn yourself into a Bomb too... but that isn't wise.
Phasing... might want to turn this one off.
Items are locked at all times.
However, as you progress in this raid, you will come across an Objective that allows you to heal from that square itself.
As you well know, NPCs attacking us in the WLs is a f***ing pain.
So these raids would be one hell of a challenge.
What do you guys think?
And yeah, double Post.
Bite me. 
Oh what the hell...
Someone just told me that the game Brave Frontier works just like this.
I have refused to go anywhere near that game and somehow i described what they are doing...
Just so you folks know, if it is the same, I didn't get it fom them.
Stupid phone game... xD

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#20 HappyDays



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Posted 24 September 2014 - 11:24

I would love some legacy raids, rollin. Seems a lot more player involved and cool if the finer details can be worked out. We have already seen a smaller version of this when halloween bosses were released in the wl and people attacked it to take it down.

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