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#996814 Hide & Seek

Posted by Melons on 05 May 2019 - 23:06

Elya Canyon (Depths) 3,3  


It looks like your PM is on ignore all :P 

#996195 Fix the Arena or end daily quests

Posted by Melons on 23 March 2019 - 17:56

Many players have asked the cows to add a re-roll button. In my opinion, that would solve the majority of complaints players have with DQs.


Not too long ago, I had a pretty sweet reserve stam DQ where I had to attack 8 players. However, I had ZERO active players in my range, so it was impossible to complete. What's the point of logging in for a daily quest if you can't even do it?

#995692 Asaharas Gold sink thread

Posted by Melons on 10 February 2019 - 01:59

xxxxxx lost 42545531 gold of which Tehmelons stole 31909149 gold


 My first gold hit in over a year, and I get rewarded nicely  :D

#995500 Reworking Old Buffs

Posted by Melons on 21 January 2019 - 04:01

I know BG mentioned recently he was looking to add some new buffs, so I thought maybe it would be a good time to also look at reworking some of the older buffs that aren't used as much. Balanced attack and defense are the first two that come to mind, and possibly other ones to look at could be heavyweight and bodyguard. 


Those are the four that come to my mind right away, but I'm sure there are others that can be looked at as well.


If BG is open to the idea of reworking some buffs, maybe we can get a conversation going of what to change.  What are your thoughts?

#995364 Potential issues in Titan Hunting.

Posted by Melons on 15 January 2019 - 04:36

Then please provide proof. Hearsay is not proof.

~ Grim


What kind of proof would suffice? I don't have access to the code and even if I did I wouldn't know anything about it. If you would be able to give me some examples, then I will gladly provide it the next time I suspect someone of scripting. 


By the way, I'm going off my own experience of titan hunting. I've met some very fast hunters, some of those players I am friends with. The reason I don't think or suspect they are cheating is that they are inconsistent. What do I mean by inconsistent? Well, after the titan spawns on another tile, I notice it takes them a second or two to find the titan. When I hunt against a possible scripter, I notice they blink as soon as the titan respawns, even if it is a huge map. Maybe they are that fast? When it happens 100% of the time though, then something is fishy. Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that these players are consistent with their movement. So consistent that it feels like I'm playing against a robot. 


I could be wrong or right as I have no concrete evidence besides my own experience and gut feeling. I will point out that I've been running across these types of players less often.

#995270 Potential issues in Titan Hunting.

Posted by Melons on 10 January 2019 - 23:38

I was titan hunting the seasonal titans, and 85%-90% of the time I ran into some else using it. Once everyone saw that someone had tele 200, they would just stop hitting. I used the pot myself, and it was no fun. I would find it more enjoyable to actually have to work for the epic than get a guaranteed secure. 


If BG disagrees with removing tele 200, I would at least ask to consider disabling the pot on seasonal titans.



Also, yes people still use scripts today lol. It's not that hard to notice if you have been titan hunting for a while. 

#995102 Guild Tagging

Posted by Melons on 04 January 2019 - 03:52

I agree that reverting how LE spawns could help with the supply issue. In my opinion, it would be less controversial then changing guild tagging. 


you had lots of people in a realm killing the LEs on the spot and racing against others

I do apologize for going off topic here a bit, but I've been always disappointed with the lack of competition today versus back then. In the old days, there was competition in pretty much every aspect of the game, titan hunting, GvG, PvP, you name it. There was a challenge in whatever you were doing, which I enjoyed a lot. Today, if you want an easy secure, just pop a tele 200+ pot, and you can get a guaranteed secure. If you want to win in PvP/GvG, just chug a Dispel Curse 500 pot and some composed pots, then you are pretty much untouchable.


Slowly start bringing in competition to the game, starting with this, and you might even see more active players again. Right now, just feels like everything has a win button. 

#992624 Allow ALL items to be Tiered

Posted by Melons on 30 June 2018 - 04:01

Too hard doesn't mean anything to me right now because we don't really know how hard it is, just conjecture until someone from HCS tells me it's too hard lol. I only care if it's a good idea or not, if people would LIKE it. I think it's almost necessary tbh! I think anyone could be hired to make a spreadsheet of all the new stats based on existing items. I think almost anyone could photoshop a few holes with the tier images. I don't think that's the hard part at all. I think it's a lot of repetition coding once those 2 things are done. For all I know he could just put a few lines of code to add and hook the spreadsheet data then tier to every single item without doing individual ones. Also, as far as all the images. Who really cares? How are you going to get 5 holes in an amulet anyway? Could easily just skip that part all together.

It's easier said than done. You do realize we're talking about 10,000 items, if not more? Plus, most of the resources right now are going to the FS App. 

#992620 Allow ALL items to be Tiered

Posted by Melons on 30 June 2018 - 00:47

I think making every single item in the game tiered is pretty much impossible with the size of their team. Think about the graphics, coding, time, etc. it takes to do that. Do I think more items should be tiered? Sure, but saying all should be is kinda ridiculous. 

#991388 Temple Rewards

Posted by Melons on 15 April 2018 - 02:00

yes, these dieties are powerful are they not or they hate us mortals ;p




edit: a frag stash that drops around 50 commons down to 10 SE would be something of use.

a bigger stash also that drops 100 commons down to 20 SE frags..

a leveling pot of AL400, CON400, LIB400..

a pvp pot of sealed300, sidestep300, riposte300..

a stat boost pot enchanthelm300,enchantboots300,enchantarmor300..

these would not enter game quickly and not really overpowered much..

Agreed, if Cows do decide to add pots, my suggestion would be to add pots that are higher than composing pots but lower that donation/GE pots. That way they aren't useless but aren't at the same level as GE/Donation pots.  

#991329 Temple Rewards

Posted by Melons on 14 April 2018 - 00:34

I know this has been mentioned before but wanted to bring it into the discussion again. How about updating the rewards to have frag stashes and updated pots? Frags stashes wouldn't take too much work since they are already in the game. However, for pots, instead of adding a whole bunch of new ones, how about adding just one or two "temple pots?" One could be hunting based like with LF/AL/Lib/Con and the other could be PvP with some PvP buffs. Just my 2 cents. 


Edit: Or maybe Gurguiss could give the PvP pot and Lindarsil the Hunting pot? 

#987047 New Mercenaries

Posted by Melons on 06 November 2017 - 04:00

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I was thinking, since the top 3 in GE get to design a LE/SE, why not have some GEs where the top 3 get to design new mercenaries? 

#980178 GvG rework proposal

Posted by Melons on 25 April 2017 - 19:55

 Too much fortune telling going on, you nor I know what our proposed changes would really bring. 

+1 In the end, we need to remind ourselves that any proposed changes can either boost activity or be a completed disaster. While an idea might be good on paper, to implement is another. 


Oh i'm sorry, I didn't mean to twist words, when you wrote "do you realize" I though it was a big deal issue. My apologies.


From my own guilds experience, its not that we aren't trying to reach for rank 1, Its just well defended and hard to achieve which is ok, and we can work on that.


I agree about the guild vs guild experience, maybe a guild war instead of conflict that involves 1 day of formation of participants followed by hits. Its just that if we change it to they way it should be which is in a way not as easy as 2 people hitting offline targets, harder or more demanding means less people will be gvging and if the whole point is to increase activity, you know ..


I was thinking a seperate currency could be a factor to lure in other guild to try since it could be 10-20 buffs in a pack sorta thing. I'd be okay with a participation reward since if you look at the ratings, at least the top 150 guilds have a positive rating so people are trying even if its winning more for rp than rating lol so they is potential for competition to get into top 25. Also a top 5, top 10 and top 15/20 would be fairer for proper spoils of war. But yes I'm glad there is common ground to atleast establish the fundamentals of a rework :).

No worries, people tend to twist my words on the forum at times, so sometimes can be frustrating when trying to reach common ground on a topic. 


Anyways, back to the topic, a "guild war" does sound interesting. I'm not sure if you meant like a weekly or monthly event though. Personally, I like that idea. We can keep the current system, so people who want to profit off GvG still can. In addition, we can have a monthly or weekly "guild war" event where it appeals to those who are competitive. 

#980162 GvG rework proposal

Posted by Melons on 25 April 2017 - 17:41

I feel you missed out the the last sentence of the comment you quoted. Let's say your guild is a success story as well as LWS as both have mentioned their efforts to overcome the weaknesses that come with larger guilds. As you mention yourself, the top three guilds love it without pay and it doesn't have to be bet on, its fact. But top three is NOT the majority. How would you like to be just facing 5 guilds if a GVG system was so demanding that if you wanted to GVG you either go small or be a success at large guilds like ND or LWS which isn't for the casuals who aren't involved with bigger picture of the game.


While it may not be yours, OPs or anybody's intention, most people that agree with the original idea are in the top 3 gvg guilds and a simple reset system with added rewards is not going to fix anything, it's more of an attempt to get the game to reward you for the way you like to play. 


I have mentioned two flaws with the original idea and counter solutions with points to back it up:

Instead of simple reset of rating, Introduce guild size brackets to really level the playing feild 

Don't mess with RP gain, Introduce new Reward currency for more exclusive buff packs


Neither OP or anyone else has brought up any opposition to the ideas

The problem with adding more rewards that can be sold is just going to be a repeat of what happened with the Epic RP items. That does not change anything of what the current system is. Also, you do realize, if a guild that isn't from the top three beats any of the top three guilds, we lose a huge amount of rating. What you need to do is increase competition for rewards that appeals to everyone. 


If I really wanted an easy button for GvG, I'd be advocating for the addition of more RP items, so my guild could easily profit from it. That's not the case. If you have rewards that people are willing to compete over and spend time/stam on then you will increase more activity. 


It seems like whenever players vouch to increase activity in a certain part of the game people end up thinking it is for their interests. I vouched for change on the ladder even though I can sit there all day collecting tokens and medal ticks. Why would I ask for more competition, when at the current state I spend less time and resources?  The reason why the top three GvG guilds are the top three is because we are competitive against one another. Do we know how to GvG, sure; however, that doesn't mean other guilds don't or can't beat us. Look at RA, LWS, and ND GvG records. We all have losses, which shows we aren't invincible. I can tell you out of the multiple guilds we hit on our GvG days, only 1 or 2 actually TRY to even hit back. 


By the way, we aren't a big guild at all. We have fewer than 50 members and about 25-30 actually log in every day. Doesn't matter if you are a 4 member guild or have 100+ members. It about how you work together. That's what I've been trying to advocate for this whole time. Right now GvG is in a state where it isn't really guild versus guild. If you read my reply your post, I mentioned adding rewards that benefit the whole guild. Rewards that can't be exchanged, so you can't have the repeat of the multi accounts that happened. But, also, rewards that increase stam gain, stam gain, buffs, etc. Rewards that can be used in other aspects of the game. 

#980154 GvG rework proposal

Posted by Melons on 25 April 2017 - 16:18

Let me guess, you gvg by spending fsps or at your guilds expense so you enjoy it. If you didn't spend fsps or have a guild supporting you specially with that gear, you wouldn't enjoy it. That would give you a good idea of how reality is outside LWS, ND, SA etc guilds that don't pay. Think about the majority of people who GVG, don't be so narrow minded.

The problem with GvG is that is has turned into PvG (Player vs Guild). There are only a few guilds left that actually GvG as a guild instead of recruiting 2 or 3 GvGers to do the work. We need a system that requires group effort and gives rewards that will benefit the whole guild. That is why I really like the stam boost reward proposed by Rye. Everyone in the guild gets rewarded.


Yes, while my guild does GvG, we also have levelers, titan hunters, PvPers, etc. On the days we have GvGs planned out, we ask everyone to switch to defense gear, so we can defend incoming hits. Members, here, are willing to sacrifice their epics and stam for just 24 hours to benefit the whole guild. Everyone here helps in one way or another. Whether it is by buffing, making composing pots, or hitting. In the end, the RP earned goes right back to all the members in the form of buff packs.


By the way, while it is correct we don't pay for GvGs, we have people voluntarily using their stam and buffs to help one another for the guild to benefit like I stated above. I can't speak on the behalf of everyone. But, if you ask any of the players in the top three GvG guilds why they still GvG even though they do not get paid for it, I'll bet you the top responses will be either they love it or that it's one of the only aspects of the game that actually requires a group effort. 

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