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new player questions

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Posted 12 September 2020 - 19:26

most common new player questions:


i just started, what do i do?


follow the directions of the cyber goth girl



if you need to refresh your memory, click your mission log and click on the mission



if you get lost, click the overview map


the overview only shows a dot where you are (and behemoth monsters, but that's much later), it  doesn't show regular creatures


a link to a layout of the first 5 levels (thx to EdTheHead):





a link to a walkthrough of the first 49 missions (thx to player Syl):








i'm supposed to kill sprites, where are they?


plenty of sprites in that area, but they may not be right next to the combat instructor. EXPAND YOUR SEARCH AREA. I went there and found this group


when sprites (or a creature on any level) are killed, they respawn on a random spot somewhere on that map. since the ones nearest the combat instructor are always killed first, they're respawning somewhere else. walk around, you'll find some!





I was killing creatures just fine for a while, why did i suddenly start dying all the time?


most likely you need to repair your gear, as it gets damaged in battle. go to the round building with the wrench on top to repair, for a credit cost (use your overview map to find the nearest one)


on your data sheet (character page) hover your mouse over a piece of gear to see its' current condition (durability):


in this case, even though a stat may be listed as 100 when you hover your mouse, it's actually only 89


later in the game, there are repair kits you can buy - to repair without going to a repair center


there IS a "death penalty" if you are killed. you lose some xp and some credits


when killed, you wake up at the pyramid building, where you go to heal, for a credit cost




i have a blueprint to invent an item (like a mission item, needed to complete a mission). how do i invent it?


in your backpack, click on the blueprint to "learn" it, it disappears from your backpack.


actions ---> view blueprints to now see the blueprint. click on it to see what's needed



under "items required" section:


"mission items" are creature drops


"parts" are usually sold in the store on that level


"resources" are creature drops



under "components required" section


components are extracted from "resource" items


resource items are creature drops


when you get a resource item in your backpack, click on it to (hopefully) get the component you need


extracted components have their own section,  under the backpack section on your profile page


actions ---> transmute ... you can "transmute" 2 unwanted components for 1 wanted component for some credits


once you have everything you need, go to any assembly building 482.gif and enter it = takes you to the "view blueprints" screen



click on the blueprint


the option is there to "invent".....not all inventions are successful  :( 


invented items show up in your mailbox (pink text on the left side bar) click on the text to collect


your mailbox will "hold" the item for 60 minutes, after which it's gone


***on your "view blueprints" screen, you can create different folders to store learnt blueprints


create one for "old missions" and "move blueprints" there...you'll probably never need them again


you can create more folders for other stuff






how do i choose a class?



you don't need to choose right now, though you DO have to complete the crawling corruption mission to choose


you can stay a clone until you decide later, and you don't have to go back to the skill instructor to choose - thank him and move on. the first class-specific gear is level 10(?). Some stay a clone for dozens of levels deciding



when you DO decide:


go to skills




click on the class of your choice




which brings up the skill tree for that class


to the right of the skill tree, a side bar says "[select a skill on the left panel]"


select the one at the top - the primary skill


the side bar changes, to show that skill description. underneath is the option to "add (skill) points"


add 5 skill points, then click "add points"


you then get a dramatic log message saying "you are now a (whatever)!"


you get a new "skill power" bar


you get 1 skill power per kill, modified by the intensifier buff/stim (x2 or x3, etc). 


skill power is needed to cast the class-specific buffs on that page ... on yourself, or others of the same class (you can't cast a soldier buff on a mutant, for example).


skill power "decays" by 5 each hour



***go to upgrades --> use crystals. an option to reset and change your class is there...first one is free






which class should i choose?



tl;dr ... soldier or mutant (mutant weapons need no ammo! your radioactivity is your ammo)


cyborg - best damage and cool stuff, but needs lots of skill points to use all that cool stuff - leaving less points available for leveling skills (the core skills)


purist - everyone else buys their ammo at the store, with one click ... purist ammo is your "mental strength", stored up in empty "mind shards" (bought at the store). Even with that skill maxed out, there's a 50/50 chance to successfully charge your shard(s). There are horror stories of purists failing to charge their shards 5 - 10 times in a row You can save yourself this hassle by not putting any points into / using purist weapons



or read more in centurions' thread (keep in mind it was written when the game was alive and active)







where should i put my evolution points?



each new level you get 2 evolution points - to add to your stats. the left side bar will pop up a message when you level "you have 2 evolution points available". click on it, or go to "Evolve"



my opinion:


put 1 in damage and 1 in attack for now


a rough suggestion of what your points should look like over time


50% damage

20% attack

10% health

10% armor

10% defense


different classes might suggest different numbers, you'll get a feel


***go to upgrades --> use crystals. an option is there to reset your points. first one is free. The game is easy enough in the beginning, you shouldn't feel a need (if any) to reset till you're maybe level 1 or 2 hundred






how do i get more skill points?



*only way to get skill points is to complete missions


*you do not get skill points for leveling, only for completing missions



**there is a total of 2,200 skill points in the game. there are a total of 440 levels. 2,200 divided by 440 levels = 5. so, on average, you'll gain 5 skill points per level


**there is a total of 190 missions. not all missions reward skill points




character ---> skills ---> view skill guide


to see an alphabetical list of all buffs and stims

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Posted 13 September 2020 - 15:36

help links, guides, information https://forums.hunte...showtopic=74240




buildings....not all buildings are on all maps, and some look slightly different:



forgelevel.gif = needs real-life money to use



482.gif assembly building, entering brings up your "view blueprints" screen


172.gifstore .... buy stuff here


703.gifengineering - increases stats listed in the "bonus" section of your gear forgelevel.gif


481.gif repair center - repair your gear here


520.gif   augmentation building forgelevel.gif


Any item capable of being augmented is graded automatically as one of the following: PerfectExcellentVery GoodAveragePoor and Very Poor. Perfect meaning the bonus stats are maxed out on the item



519.gif  bank your credits here (can only bank 20% at a time)


43.gif portal to other locations in the game...some entrances to nearby levels look like this

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Posted 16 September 2020 - 15:58

core skills


go to skills



brings up your skill tree




core skills are available to learn by anyone. you learn a skill there by adding skill points (earned by completing missions) to a skill.


you can buff yourself by clicking the head icon (not the glowing map icon shown)



also, on players' profile page, there is a link to "cast skills" on them


core skills use energy â€‹which replenishes each hour (gain per hour) 






skill power



after choosing a class, you get a skill power bar



you get 1 point (of power) per kill, modified by an intensifier buff/stim (x2, x3, etc)


skill power is used to cast skills from your class' skill tree


***skill power "decays" by 5 each hour




class skills




go to skills and click on your class



brings up your class skill tree


you learn these skills by adding skill points to them


class skills use class skill power


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Posted 18 September 2020 - 19:40

It's a great guide you're putting together.  But I have to ask, who is it for?  Does the game still get new players?  It's not even listed on the Cow's main page.


I still believe this game has great potential, with two fairly large upgrades.  Most important, import the key features of the old Sigmastorm Helper.  And to expand the potential audience, the ability to play as an app as well as in the browser.  But I don't see the Cows doing either.


Of course, if you wrote this just because you wanted to, that's the best of reasons.

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Posted 18 September 2020 - 20:06

we still get new players


sometimes the question(s) are not easily answered in chat - if you see any, refer them to this thread


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Posted 19 September 2020 - 19:13

i hate having to run back to the repair center all the time



once you get to level 6(?) there are repair kits available to repair your gear, in the shops




the kits repair 25% of the damage, so if a piece of gear says 68/100, it will "repair" it up to 93/100


you have a choice to buy 1, or 25 at a time - each "stack" of 25 takes up 1 backpack space, which counts down as you use them....ammo works the same way


*if you have 2 stacks, one says 16/25 and one says 3/25 (taking up 2 backpack spaces) there is a "combine" option on your profile page to make 1 stack of 19/25...ammo works the same way


click on the repair kit on your profile page to use one, or use the wrench on the map (the red cross uses medical kits the same way)







PvP levels



some levels have a red bar instead of a green bar ...................here.......v



on these levels players within 10 levels of each other, up or down, can attack each other. you'll get a warning before entering a PvP level. 


the shops and pyramids are safe spots




slaughterfest .... click actions --->  Slaughterfest! for more info

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Posted 19 September 2020 - 19:29

weapons / ammo



when you buy a weapon from the store, or "loot" one from a creature, it comes fully loaded


hover your mouse over the weapon and read where it says "ammo"


n/a means it uses no ammo


"damage type" shows the type of damage it inflicts...also what kind of ammo you need to buy to reload it. 


***reload your weapon when ammo runs low! your weapon will reload automatically during battle (if you have a fresh clip in your inventory), but you "lose a turn" reloading...giving the creature a free chance to hit


*** if you run out of ammo, any future combat rounds are as if you're not carrying a weapon (you lose the stats from the weapon)



one ammo type is slashing ... which uses 259d719d1ce.gif ... this ammo is not available in stores - must be invented, using level 9 creature drops and  258ea8225df.gif edged discs , that you can buy in a store. since you must run back to level 9 to replenish your ammo, weapons using slashing ammo are not recommended



starting on level 280 there is venom ammo 54342e1f360d.gif you must also invent (blueprint is for sale on level 280 map...the elite map?). less hassle to invent, since you're farming a drop 54352ff793bb.gif fairly common above 280....radioactive creatures. that drop is listed as a mission item, so use mission finder to increase the drop rate



"damage caused" is affected by enhancements and resistance as shown on your profile page


creatures also have enhancements and resistance...shown by clicking the "view entity" link icon_action_view.gif

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Posted 20 September 2020 - 16:05

class notes


In the beginning:


recommend putting the minimum 5 points into the primary skill, then 1 point into that class' healing skill (all classes have a healing skill, for soldiers it's called bandage)


with that 6 points, others of the same class can cast class buffs on you


*mutants can't cast mutant buffs on purists, soldiers on cyborgs, etc. core buffs can be cast on anyone


with 1 point in healing, you can use your class skill power to heal yourself



to heal yourself: click skills ---> your class --> the healing skill


an option is there to "activate on self" 


you can put more skill points into healing if you want....recommend you save those points for something else





the first piece of class gear is on level 9 - desert path (mouth): a weapon, for each class


the blueprint to build that weapon is for sale in the store on that level, you then need to farm the items to build it (creature drops). one of the items needed for the blueprint might be for sale in the store


that store also has better weapon and helmet add-ons for sale


you build stuff at the assembly plant right next to the store ... or any assembly plant on any map.  when you enter any assembly plant, it brings up your "view blueprints" screen


the number of points needed to use that weapon is 5, in your primary skill, which you already have


the first class set is on level 10 - desert path (straights)


the blueprints are in "the desert locker", a cave with a store (check your overview map)


the number of points needed to use the set is 5, in your primary skill




opinion: you don't need any these items to be happy or successful


the stats for class gear are a little better, and sets have the assassin skill , which reward a little more xp per kill. But measure that against walking around the map hoping for the right drop you need to finish inventing an item.....an item that will be outdated in some levels


my choice:


"living off the land", ... wearing whatever i could buy at the store on each level, or loot from creatures, and saving my skill points for core skills. i kept a bank of points available, for later on when i found awesome class items i really wanted

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Posted 20 September 2020 - 20:46

I'm trying to get a drop from a creature:


mission item = use mission finder


resource item = use scavenger stim


find item = helps with both (increases the overall drop rate for everything, including any other crap the creature drops)


mission finder and scavenger stim, used at the same time, will cancel each other out (not totally but, you'll have better luck using one at a time)


**Actions ---> trade hub : at the bottom is "special" , a section that sells different stims, including a level 400 scavenger stim

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Posted 21 September 2020 - 04:46

level 16 - Taulin city - Taulin City is a hubbub of activity with different peoples going about on their daily business.




a spaceship @ 1,4 takes you to an asteroid orbiting the planet. a (level 16) mission there rewards 1658 xp and a piece of body armor you'll probably throw away no skill points


ZEDs' merch shop @ 8,1 sells blueprints to legendary gear


a Taulin city guard @ 6,2 needs your help


Kuo Shens' treasures @ 4,8 sells blueprints for level 100 and 150 stims


Kiliks' boutique @ 3,4 sells  wacky useless gear with zero stats, only good for wearing while offline...and taking up backpack space when not worn


the market @ 3,7 sells stims you won't find anywhere else, including a level 100 intensifier




to easily get there, whatever your current location (you have to be above level 16):



***click character ---> config



at the bottom, there is an option to "instant teleport back to Taulin rad lands" for 25 energy. click that


you get 

INFORMATION ALERT You use the Instant Portal - you are now in the Taulin Rad Lands.



click ---> "world" <---


brings up the "master realm map" for the Taulin Rad lands


the option to enter Taulin city is there



when you've finished your business there, a portal is @ 5,7 to take you back to your area...but...

There are only portal entrances roughly every 3 levels...you might have to go to an area below your current level and walk a level or 2


click "resources" ---> "official guide" --> "areas"


to see how close you can get




you need to get to level 87 


you would choose

Orbital Station 1313                                   (level)    81


click "travel here" - next screen is the "master realm" map for Orbital Station 1313


your current level map might be there. if not,


using the areas section of the official guide, pick the area closest to 87...you can't travel to an area higher than your level

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Posted Yesterday, 18:12

allegiance tokens


you get 5 every 24 hours...IF you log on every day. if you're gone for 10 days, you don't get 50 tokens, you'll get 5


upgrade ---> loyalty


brings up the loyalty rewards page




best value:


micro generators: for every 25 points of the "skill" of the generator, you'll gain 1 point of each stat in the "bonus" section of equipped gear, for every level you are above the gears' level 


also, the limit of the gain is for every 25 points


the loyalty section has a level 75, and a level 100 .... so a gain of or points in each stat, if you are in fact at least 3 or 4 levels above that gear


if you use a level 100, and you are only 1 level above one piece of gear, you only get 1 stat gain...for that piece (when you get 4 levels above that piece, you'll get 4)


starting at level 200...might be 201? there is a level 50 for sale in the shops




repair drones: repairs your gear by 50 points (repair kits sold in stores only repair 25 points) 


an expensive option to the repair kits sold in stores....you'd probably be dying every battle if you're letting your gears' durability fall by 50 points




descriptions of the last 2 are in characters ---> skills ---> view skill guide

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