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#938970 New Achievement: What a Glorious Day

Posted by D4VYJONES on 15 July 2015 - 18:08

How about "God, Gold and Glory"?

#937834 Pure Talents (level 50 end of tree talent)

Posted by D4VYJONES on 02 July 2015 - 10:34

Players who invest all talent points in one talent tree becomes worthy to wield the orbs in Tower of Noctis that represent their respective class. When all 5 orbs are activated, a void hole rips open sending them onto an epic journey.

#915811 FEAR BUG

Posted by D4VYJONES on 17 January 2015 - 11:03

lol  :D


#912947 MAGE NERF

Posted by D4VYJONES on 31 December 2014 - 06:43


mages and healers are op!!!!!!!11
magic users will always kill people who use dumb daggars and shoot sticks out of bows!!!!!!!!!!!!111111



#908609 Talent Feedback / Suggestions

Posted by D4VYJONES on 11 December 2014 - 08:52

Assassin utilize the power of blood sphere and is the master of blood magic.

I would like to suggest an assassin ability called "Sacrifice" that transfer a portion of HP of the caster to the selected target. It takes  1 or 2 seconds to cast and transfer the HP over a duration. I imagine its animation to be like dogma but red in colour.


This ability may level the playing field in pvp scenario. It would be handy when there's a lack of prophet in your team. Besides, It could also encourage templar to participate in pvp battleground as their massive HP bar instantly turn them into a portable hospital/ blood donor! :D 

From pve aspect, this could lessen the burden of prophet in dungeon. But keep in mind that the caster's HP is reduced after casting this ability so it can only be used tactically.

There could be a assassin talent that upgrade this ability called "Blood Ritual". When player unlocked this talent, Sacrifice now transfer a portion of HP from the selected target to the caster instead, with reduced casting range.

Good idea?

#908186 Idea for Level 50 Ranger Set Design

Posted by D4VYJONES on 10 December 2014 - 02:44

While Hercules is famed for his giant war club, let's not forget about his bow. Hercules owned a bow that shoot arrows like no other, for it would sure to deliver death as the wounds they left couldn't be healed. Each arrow was individually dipped in the venomous blood of the legendary Lernaean Hydra, making it a mighty weapon indeed. Hail Hydra!


Hercules uses his bow and arrow in numerous occasions:

220px-Mosaico_Trabajos_H%C3%A9rcules_%28He shot the Stymphalian birds in his Sixth Labour.



Hercules about to kill Geryon with an arrow to the head in his Tenth Labour.


King Eurytus of Oechalia once promised his beautiful young daughter, Iole, to whoever could beat his sons in an archery contest in which Hercules won. All these suggest that Hercules is as skilled with ranged weaponry (bow and arrow) as he is with melee weaponry.


Hercules is a master of archery, conquerable by none!


Last but not least, lion head-dress comes from skinning, which falls under the category of leather making. Ranger uses medium armor while warrior does not.


#907975 Idea for Level 50 Ranger Set Design

Posted by D4VYJONES on 09 December 2014 - 13:26



1397146773_herc1.jpg :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

#901616 New Player Feedback

Posted by D4VYJONES on 17 November 2014 - 16:32

Some new players complain that after buying Arcane Disc mount with their hard earned 1 gold, they realize that they need 5 gold to buy level 1 riding skill to use it and feel ripped off. There should be a sentence that reads "You need riding skill to ride  a mount" at where they can buy mount.

#897021 Moar PvP Maps Needed

Posted by D4VYJONES on 31 October 2014 - 06:45

A map that is made of many small rooms. This should give melee player an edge against ranged player.

#858382 Special buff for dungeons

Posted by D4VYJONES on 28 March 2014 - 14:28

Hello, I want to suggest adding a set of optional buffs for dungeons.


Nowadays, level 40 players don't queue for dungeon to find a group. They use it as a quick teleport to dungeon after forming a group. This is because a group require a templar, a prophet and the rest mainly dps class players. Without templar and prophet, a group cannot run.


Recently I face a little difficulty in finding a group for Ascended Secluded Valley (ASV) and Terenul Rosu (TR) dungeons. But luckily ASV can be run with the absence of a pure templar. We managed to complete the dungeon with difficulty (but fun).


However, I think only ASV can be done without a templar currently. This got me thinking... If we get a buff, maybe we can do it, and then I was inspired by the group buff we get in The Vault (level 15) dungeon.


I suggest adding an option to buy buff that work for a limited time and only work in dungeons. Some example of them can be:

1. +20% defense, -40% damage

2. +30% healing, -50% magic

These are just some examples to show that the bonus gained is less than the stat you forgone. So this means unless situation called for (no templar or prophet  and daily quest is going to reset soon), players probably won't buy these buff. therefore, this will not affect the demand for templar and prophet. Also, this may encourage players to try hybrid build. Maybe these buffs could be bought with gold to create a gold sink, or bought with token dropped by monster inside dungeon.


In conclusion, I hope that we can run dungeons more frequently. I haven't run TR for 2 days. I hope that one day, everyone will use the group queue to find a group instead of only using it as a mean to teleport to dungeon.

#858088 Economic Stimulus Program

Posted by D4VYJONES on 27 March 2014 - 15:06

but botter will become rich ...

#854888 To3

Posted by D4VYJONES on 13 March 2014 - 05:21

You can use weapons with lifesteal to increase your survivability too...

#854564 LOOT WOOT

Posted by D4VYJONES on 11 March 2014 - 13:05

I really want to see 2v2 and 3v3 gladiator-style combat, and PvP gear - ala WOW.

HCS could add an option to queue as spectator too. It will be fun to watch other fights from arena cages. xD

I have some ideas to make pvp more diverse. The arena in Nidaros is abandoned after the quest, I think we can make it a class only arena. Remember when the guy let you choose a weapon, if you choose bow, your opponents will also use bow? A level cap can be added too.

Another kind of arena can be added above Garai Coliseum. There are stairs we can get up to if we don't enter Garai Coliseum dungeon. An entrance can be added there. For this arena, you move from room to room. Sometimes you fight players, sometimes you fight monsters or boss, just like the second boss of Garai Coliseum, until last man standing.


A weekly event can also be added, there will be a big ship at the dock. If you want to board it, you need to pay a fee/ticket (as a gold sink). The ship will sail to a battleground, one large map connected with many medium and small maps. There could be fortress for all kingdoms. Once entered, you cannot chat and automatically be removed from group. Everybody will appear in vanity set, just like in Dragon Battle! So nobody knows who is facing who. Players will get assigned to different kingdoms: Fire, Ice, Light, Dark (Infernal Empire), Nature (Eldevin Kingdom) or Blood. If you died, you respawn as another random kingdom's soldier? Every player will get a different quest objective, for example CTF, TDM, Domination. But since you cannot chat to find a group with same quest objective, I think it will be fun? It has to be completed before event end. The quest reward is 1 bound repair kit (useful after world boss fights). This can encourage players who never tried pvp get a taste of it too.

#838748 Reputation

Posted by D4VYJONES on 09 January 2014 - 06:46

I don't know what does reputation do currently. I heard that it is required to wear their vanity set.


I suggest when you reached maximum reputation for Eldevin Army, you will unlock a shop that sell Eldevin Army Prestige set (bind on pick up) and a small buff that last for 1 hour. They can be purchased with either gold or reputation token. Make the buff special so that when player die, it will not be removed, just like exp potion. I imagine the buff will be very useful in battling world bosses. It should be convenient but not overpowered, even if it give very tiny stat increase will do.


I recalled that when I first entered Academy of Varuna, I was told that they possess powerful healing ability and can summon strong familiar. This give me an idea for the buff for Fellowship of Varuna: a tiny healing over time buff. But this is just a rough idea and I don't want it to affect PvE and PvP much.


I got this idea from another game.

#837224 My way to improve game

Posted by D4VYJONES on 04 January 2014 - 01:22


2. Weekly mini active events, best if u need whole party for them or some ressorces to bring profit to hard working crafters  :)

Is the daily and weekly quests not enough for you? There are too many stuffs to do already!

3. Forum events with small reward system.

Keep in mind that not everyone visit the forum.

4. Daily login bonus with random bufs like killing exp, gathering or simple gold coin. Duration of this buf shuld be based on character level(lower lvl bigger bonus).

Again. Is the daily loyalty reward not enough for you? Do not be greedy.

5. Mentor system to help low lvl player's and hold them in game  ;)

Mentor system is not necessary. Our community is helpful when new players ask question in World chat.

1. Remove npc what sell ressorces

If you are referring to the fish, I agree. But how can NPC not selling fish at harbour? I suggest increase the price of fishes instead.

If you are referring the animal skin/wood sap etc, I disagree. This will drive possible player away from the game. I suggest increase the price of these as well if you want changes.

2. Remove potions from shop 

If a new player suggest to remove potions from shop, I understand. But you! You already experience the game enough and certainly know that there's a difference between bought and crafted potions. Yet you are making this stupid suggestion. I suspect that you make this suggestion simply because you no longer require the potion from the shop. Next time please think not just for your own benefit before making suggestion. Thanks.

1. 1 vs 1 arena system. After teleport to arena its should remove all bufs// blessing player got. Fight to 3 wins, also we should put rating board.

2. (hotfix)  balanced combat, length. Put some pvp resistance.

3. Good daily quests at Trapper's Atoll ( open pvp map ) to give some open pvp fun for us ] : >

It's always funny to see players who rarely PvP gives suggestion on PvP. I'm going to bump my old suggestion regarding PvP battleground:


There can be 2 options. 2 types of pvp battlegrounds. One with level bracket, the other with no level bracket. The one without level bracket reward slightly higher exp and valor, just slightly. Players will choose to queue in the one with no level bracket because lack of player.

Also, when queued in group, you face other players who queue in group only.


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