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#990193 Fallen Sword Client - Top Rated Leaderboards

Posted by Egami on 16 February 2018 - 23:52

Any improvements for the game itself going on? 


(I could send a CV and we could talk payment about making a list.) 


I'm kind of worried that the game itself won't be up to par when the actual game gets done. 


I mean, can you imagine a whole bunch of new peeps thinking like I do?


In any case, I want to applaud JC for the work.


As I see it, faster the app gets done, faster HCS can get back to the game itself. 



#990029 WAKA WAKA GAME!!!

Posted by Egami on 11 February 2018 - 18:44

42 <=== know it's not rolling, but I've been told this is always the answer, lol.

#989635 Daily Quest

Posted by Egami on 23 January 2018 - 22:42

Can confirm that LF works. Just did a walk 300 tiles DQ. I bought LF and only used 277 stam and was able to complete the DQ, as it should be, with no issues. 


Good thing I didn't spend that gold for nothing. 

#989599 Daily Quest

Posted by Egami on 22 January 2018 - 18:15

Yesterday I did a kill mob DQ.


Think HCS went back and broke it as none of the hits where conserve activated counted. 


I see zero logic in breaking buff functions just because it's a DQ. 


Buff descriptions become misleading and it will hurt all players in game who rationally assume they have the stam to waste. I had to kill close to twice the the amount of mobs required because of not being credited for kills. 


The counter also "correctly" counts the number of kills until you go to collect it. Major bug. 


Can Hoof please chime in on this? 


EDIT: Added the original HCS announcement below so we can see how this was never discussed, wasn't part of the plan nor should have been:



Hi all,


We've just released a new major feature - Daily Quests!


Each day you play, you will now see a new Daily Quest in the right-hand sidebar. If you complete the quest before midnight UTC (Server Time), a collect button will appear at the bottom of the box which you can click to receive the reward. Note also you'll gain progress in the Daily Quests medal that was recently added for each Daily Quest you complete and collect the reward for.


Once you collect the reward, the Daily Quest will disappear from the sidebar until midnight (UTC) passes.


We hope you like the initial release of this new feature and we're also planning to expand it further in the future with a larger variety of quests and rewards that can be generated.


Note: The Daily Quest (and reward) isn't the same for every player every day.


~ The Fallen Sword Team


#989571 Daily Quest

Posted by Egami on 20 January 2018 - 22:35

Don't believe what you read in the GC. #fakenews


Conserve activation on PvP DQs also still counts, as it should, on a hit. 


It's all about sources ,oP

#989251 FSH 15.22.1 Build - Greasemonkey no longer supported

Posted by Egami on 06 January 2018 - 16:18

Thank you Pointy. 


So, for starters, until this, I had no idea you could just go to Scout Tower. Told ya I was noobing, lmao.


I used the Spoils of War link cuz it's the quickest access from any page. Ie, get you wanting to see that, but was never what I used it for. 


So, yeah, think a sidebar link to Scout Tower directly would be cool and perhaps more logical. (I just favorited it in my browser).


I do like the "exclude Land of Elements". 


At the actual time, I was more thinking in terms of specificity. Ie, the possibility of putting what specific Titans you want to see at the time. Prob a game name ranking. 


Something of the sort of a listing for each Titan that you could set a rank list to see. You could input Titan names in order as a priority... So I don't know... something like you want to see Colossal first, Epidemicus second, blah, blah vs. current default. 


However, perhaps it would be easier (?) from a programming standpoint to switch that to a general click between "Seasonal Titans" or "Normal Titans" first. (going with your "exclude" idea)


Don't know if that helps elucidate what I was thinking, but happy to give further details if I can, lol.


Thanks for keeping it live Pointy! 


EDIT: Obviously this is mostly coming off the Seasonal stuff. But the background thinking I had way before was for when we're targeting something specific for a Guildie. 


Ie, a guildie is hitting a level where an item would be useful. We'd like to see when it's around, securable or not. Not sure if that clears up my thinking/thoughts above or not. But that's the idea. Ie, a way to see what you want according to circumstances. 

#989248 New Medals for 2018?

Posted by Egami on 06 January 2018 - 12:26

Platinum, then Bitcoin, then... lol. We've got quite a few more we need just for Annual Service, hehe. 

#989231 Quality of Life

Posted by Egami on 05 January 2018 - 19:42

Nice post Toreth.


Such "negativity" in the responses. 


I doubt this post will be deleted or locked because HCS appreciates constructive criticism. 


Hope HCS looks into it and objectively analyzes why that "negativity" is there. 

#989158 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Egami on 02 January 2018 - 21:54

Always thought Titan Hunting was supposed to be "Guild thing". But hey, that's what admins have said and since we're the only Guild to have all 5 GAs... yeah, I get all those Guilds having issues out there, lmao.


Anyway, let's hear a shout out from all you level 225s that have completed the quest! You rock! 


I do have to say though that I don't mind so much about Titan Hunting on Seasonals no longer being about Guilds. 


Makes zero logical sense of course, but hey... so it rolls. Hopefully will knock down the prices a bit... Yeah, one could hope.*chuckles*


So, read somewhere at some point that this was a test run (hope it was in this thread... if not, please let me know where I should copy/paste this response to, though since this is the Titan announcement, figured it was best).


My two cents for HCS:


1) I've thought the spawn rate on this was ok. More or less normal seasonal. Of course, this random personal secure thing along with the quest requirement have def exacerbated the issue.


2) Communication should have been way improved in presenting it to the FS Community. Hope that's improved in the future. 


3) I still don't get why other seasonals were changed to make a personal secure possible. But that is just me. For the record, my major confusion is: Are we giving up on that idea that Titan Hunting is a Guild Activity? 


4) I don't think 225 was the right level to introduce this experiment. Maybe FS players have really evolved... but, well, yeah. I know you've been getting a lot of crap for focusing way too much on EOC, so it's cool to see lower levels have a new Xmas quest. I would have split this somehow instead of throwing all the eggs in one basket. 


Ah well... that's my two cents. 


Hope HCS evaluates the feedback and, now that an entire year is ahead, has the time to improve. Word has it things get busy at Xmas. 350+ days and counting! 


Prosperous smacking! (o0

#988736 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Egami on 23 December 2017 - 03:39

Yes  but the question is, If your guild has not secured the titan by doing the quest you also gain TKP if you place top 5 So in effect you gain 1x bound quest item and also 1 x titan drop.

Ah, if you place top 5, no idea. But still not too sure why that's an issue. 
If you don't secure, you don't gain the drop. If everybody gets the bound item... that's the quest. If part of that leads to the "item"... then they are on cooldown for 7 days. As I understand it... those Guildies doing the quest won't add to TKP. 

#988719 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Egami on 22 December 2017 - 22:05

The cows have left for the weekend, I imagine,  and in all likelihood won't be available except to release the boxing day related activities.  Traditionally they are not here until after the New year so that they may spend the holidays with their families.  Of course somebody will keep tabs on the ticket desk.  


Not 100% true. They do pop in to flick the switches on stuff and I'm 99% sure even on the holiday weekends in the past. Not saying they should, but as I recall, they do. 


Boxing Day is a holiday in the UK (and quite a few European countries), btw. That's Tuesday the 26th this year. <===Thought that was important to say since, as a yank, I had no idea what the heck that is. Actually, still have zero idea and don't care, lmao. 

#988709 The Forest of Yule returns!

Posted by Egami on 22 December 2017 - 21:28

No more force spawns on this Titan. Hunt it if you want it. It holds value when there are less in circulation. There should be effort put into this if people want to have the item or complete the quest.


Seasonal Titans have always had a "higher" spawn rate. Hope that continues, as it always has. ,oP

#988197 Double XP Incoming!

Posted by Egami on 10 December 2017 - 02:01

2 simultaneous things going on here:


1) Change the launch date.


2) Get FSP for the launch date.


My thoughts:


1: NO.


2: Don't care, though I expressed my support for that. 



I'll have a chat with BigGrim about it on Monday, but yeah I think the majority of players would prefer to receive their Christmas Special Offer purchases before the event. We were just trying to avoid running it over Christmas day  :)


Sounds like that is responding to 2 on a positive note.


Maybe we could do 2 x 48 hour events this year instead? That might actually give more people a chance to take part (i.e) 48 hours starting on Friday 22nd shortly after the Christmas Special Offer is delivered and then maybe another 48 hours between Christmas and New Year. Thoughts?


This has to do with 1 and I'm 100% against. And what's more... if 2 solution above is decided upon, then it is NOT necessary.

#988189 Double XP Incoming!

Posted by Egami on 10 December 2017 - 00:27

If we can stop counting on the 8 (9) votes for and 13 votes against, that would be wonderful. It's not statistical in any capacity. 


100% completely agree. And based on that same logic: why is this even being discussed or considered? 

#988168 Double XP Incoming!

Posted by Egami on 09 December 2017 - 18:43

@Toreth... fully agree with the FS Forum being an incorrect outlet for game decisions. That's my point from stage one. 


Josh and Lahona seemed to argue against extrapolation which I fully agree with.


So, we're stuck with what's here. I don't see HCS properly posting an in-game poll on this with less than a week to go.


The real idea behind those "stats" I posted is the fact that there is zero reason to be discussing a date change with respect to the 2XP launch date. 


Hoof posted and then disappeared. Can only assume he'll come back at some point and read through all this. 


Money... for me that's fine that it runs the game. It's funny cuz some peeps often accuse FS of being PTW. To me, that's an utterly ridiculous idea. Nobody in my 10 years+ of FS experience has "won". 


Well, I could say that BotDL has won as being the first and only Guild to complete all 5 GAs, but that would just be a plug (come join! lmao). But yeah, won? Won what?


I do agree that the cows need to buckle their legs to the money. But some limits have to be placed somewhere or integrity gets lost.


I'm not too sure that the 9 voting for a change in an officially announced launch date are the only ones who pay in game. One of them has already contacted me and openly said they don't care. What that player is most worried about is the donation date on the special offer being cut short. 


A good number of players (ok, honestly, a few) have suggested that they are NOT going to buy the offer because it will arrive after the event. 


Way back at the beginning, I suggested allowing an option to choose a delivery date and the option of bringing that forward to the December 15 start date. Heck, I can say that in the past, I donated to the offer to then distribute FSP as Xmas presents. I have also received Xmas presents from donations.... that to me is the "point". 


Now, I'm thinking to not even bother. The offer is, like the ad says, the best ever. Seriously, have peeps looked at those pots? And yeah, forget about the pots. Forget that you get one free for every $30 bucks... forget about the Allegiance Tokens. We are talking twice as many FSP for the same dollar amount. Are donators really gonna pass that up?


I'm skeptical. 

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