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#992841 Few ideas to make listing on AH easier

Posted by Egami on 13 July 2018 - 21:20

Prefer the 1 hour default for many reasons. But, to be concise, a pref to set the default would satisfy everyone.


Losing items in mailbox happens to all us noobs (note that I'm included in that "us"). I'm against changing that. That's called "risk". 


Except for game downtime, which I hope HCS takes care of, that risk is personal and manageable. To help... lower your prices so your stuff sells like hotcakes. Yeah, yeah, I know how you'll respond. Again, risk is personal and manageable. Cow turds happen. 

#992460 Game isn't working.

Posted by Egami on 20 June 2018 - 22:05

Sounds good. Last time there was an issue after office hours I seem to recall hoof coming online and fixing it.


Wondering if anyone has the means to get in touch with any admin before tomorrow.


One could hope with the app that they'll hire 24/7 support (or just "on call" at least) for emergency situations.


I'm just hoping they extend buffs, mailbox and AH times. 


Reserve stam since this is unannounced downtime would also be relevant, especially considering the GE going on. But... whatever.

#992341 Double Xp Event - Forecast

Posted by Egami on 13 June 2018 - 23:13

My guess: not going to happen this year. App has priority, lmao. 

#991800 AH filters

Posted by Egami on 08 May 2018 - 00:15

"grants buff" filter is now fractured, alphabetically...can any one else confirm?


I've also noticed this fracture in some of the letters in the guild A-Z lists 


I'm busy... holiday in the UK (where I am not). Hopefully HCS will respond to this efficiently tomorrow. 


Oh wait, maybe my bad... this post was from a couple weeks ago. Odd this hasn't been responded to by an HCS admin. 


Is it fixed? 


I don't know. Maybe file a support ticket? 


I get confused a lot but highly suggest that any little issue, you file a support ticket for.


BG tends to point us that way.

#991783 Tiered Steamwork Cuirasses

Posted by Egami on 05 May 2018 - 19:58

Just like they did when the inferno and ward were introduced as well. Nothing ever stays the same Next it will be oggy or skally boots.


Indeed... I'm still not sure why a level 300 needs so much stam gain, but I'm lmao at this inclusion.


A little concerned about the seasonal Titan detriment, but honestly don't care.


Personally, and just take this with a chuckle, I think it sucks that I need to think about changing my Ridged Legion Breastplate.


All in all, exactly what you say: a great lesson for those looking for long-term profit.


Already been commented that the T5 was at 2k FSP and has now dropped to 350 FSP. That is exactly how the world works.


Keep it rolling! Prosperous smacking everybody! (o0

#991774 Tiered Steamwork Cuirasses

Posted by Egami on 04 May 2018 - 20:56

Am I wrong in thinking that all the other Epic armors just went out the window? 


Well, Fawkes and Krumper are lower level at least. Pretty pleased that those milk pails just lost some value for that really special cow armor, lol. 


Noticed the Gurgiss stam gain armor just got matched in price with lower levels being able to use it and more stam gain. 


Just glad I've already warned everyone about resale value... for like... almost 11 years, rotfl. 


Prosperous smacking peeps! (o0

#991739 Titanforged runes

Posted by Egami on 03 May 2018 - 23:23

Don't think Titans need extra incentive. 

#991737 Fallen Sword App Beta (v0.3.0)

Posted by Egami on 03 May 2018 - 23:14

Was said by Hoof that a blocking of colors would be included in this update.


Has that happened? 


Noticed it's not in the list and don't see it in the preferences. (if anybody in FS sees it somehow... hey, only got one eye here, please pm me in game and thanks. I will def pass it on to all those looking for it). 


Any updated time frame for that? 



Will look to get a new preference for the chat added this week :)


Def looking forward to this tomorrow. 

#991540 Level up points

Posted by Egami on 19 April 2018 - 18:28

duk, this is a great post for "old" players.


So much has changed in game, it's a rough call. I stick to the old ways and just go all damage on advice to the noobie levelers. But this is because I feel it's important for them to learn about stats instead of the whole buff them with everything.


Personally, I also hold on to tons of those points as I don't find them "necessary" and I prefer to have the ability to lose massive levels.


The old school argument, say 9 years ago, was all damage vs. 75% damage + 25% attack.


I was always in the damage camp as suicide hunting is the only way to go and, well... peeps, lmao. (Recently discovered on a conservative estimate that I've lost AT LEAST 117 levels. Could have sworn it was more). 


For gold considerations when hunting, I now use the second a bit and it's def inefficient on a lot of levels.. But, it's handy if you care about your gold cuz NVM will take care of you.


My "intuition" says, steer them to damage, but educate them the same. It's def not as important as it used to be given the alternative options.


For what it's worth.


EDIT: PS... I would have put "other" as an option in the vote. ¯\_(o)_/¯ 


Also thinking this thread might be "more valuable" in "Game Help"? Think it's fine in this section... just... too much noise in this area and think it would possibly be seen more by those that need to see it in the other section. Just my 2 cents. 

#991241 Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (Skills and Buffs)

Posted by Egami on 11 April 2018 - 23:18

Hi Egami,


I'm really happy you like the new skill tree. :)


As for Multi-buffs, there will be an option for this in a later update. We really wanted to give the players the ability to cast buffs on mobile. Making a system to handle multiple buffs on multiple players will take some time, so we plan is to release single buffs for now so the ability to cast them is there.


I hope you understand, and I hope you enjoy using the multi-buffs when we get it working in a later update.


Conix :)


Liked and thanks for the feedback. 


Full-on understand it's a work-in-progress. Hope that came through in the prior reply. 


Prosperous coding JC! (o0

#991231 Fallen Sword Mobile Beta (Skills and Buffs)

Posted by Egami on 11 April 2018 - 17:18

One thing I will point out though is the buff bar in the top left corner of the fourth image. This bar displays all buffs that are currently active on the player and will update at real time, meaning you no longer need to refresh to find out if a buff is still active. If the image is in the bar then the buff is active. 


Very nice addition. Better than the game itself (without FSH) and hope it gets brought back to desktop.


On that note, will there be the option to choose multiple buffs for a single player, set up buff packs and buff multiple players?


Just curious... or perhaps a suggestion if it isn't in the works. 


Prosperous coding JC. 


EDIT: specified "wout FSH" in case peeps were confused. One of things I notice when playing from a device other than home. 

#991080 Helping Veterans, help you

Posted by Egami on 02 April 2018 - 22:32

This almost sounds like a guide to me. 


For the record, do not assume that a person that has been here for a decade knows anything about the game. 


I've been here over a decade and often openly admit I'm a noob. I learn stuff all the time which is probably part of the reason I'm still here.


Do not confuse peeps here for years or those at EOC with peeps that have knowledge about the game. Many have been spoon fed. There are also multiple aspects to FS that are ignored due to focus in other areas. 


Sometimes I think some peeps are out for their own and disseminate false info for assumed personal gain. 


But I sin as an optimist. 


My takeaway from this post is that there could be some improvements to GE announcements. Just as HCS linked to "my guide" to help peeps figure out where to go to do GEs, I believe they should also link to the UFSG on store locations, for example.


Regardless, I think you have to realize that most don't read. They want the reward with no effort. 


I think that HCS has a long way to go to make things more efficient, but even so, you can't force players to be intelligent and read. 


Prosperous smacking all! (o0

#990818 I've Stolen Hoofmaster's Tablet!

Posted by Egami on 19 March 2018 - 21:45



I'd like to constructively request that a beta be released for future app updates that also applies to desktop.


It's been more than two weeks since the last update and there are still bugs present because of that "update".


While I get the push for the app from a biz perspective, this might help to avoid the bad PR. 


Obviously, there will still be bugs upon release because your beta volunteers will miss stuff.


I just feel that "updates" should minimize negative effects to the user experience and be dealt with in a more timely fashion.


Perhaps a better beta evaluation will help minimize negative effects for the loyal player base.


Thank you and prosperous smacking all,



#990330 Maintenance Completed.

Posted by Egami on 21 February 2018 - 15:50

We could do a medal for that, lmao.

#990327 Maintenance Completed.

Posted by Egami on 21 February 2018 - 15:48

Coolio... PS.... I win:



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