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#939349 Proper tuning to shields...

Posted by HuMoR on 20 July 2015 - 02:09

rare lvl 45 shield 463 block..
heroic 45 shield 463 block
fabled 45 shield 463 block...?

lvl 47 fabled shield only 478 base block O-o?  yet the jump from a lvl 43 rare shield to a lvl 45 fabled is like 28?

ok..so every single other class in the game,the base stats go up depending on rareness,making rarer items better state wise and attribute wise,so why does this not stay true to templars?

rangers...crossbows go up...
mages essences go up...
wars 2hs go up
sins 1hs go up...
then shields the true prime wep..it doesnt >_>

I guess what I'm saying is....give these shields a buff? :)

#939139 throwing wepons.....

Posted by HuMoR on 17 July 2015 - 01:34


#939107 Release All The World Bosses From Their Cage!

Posted by HuMoR on 16 July 2015 - 23:21

World bosses are by definition bosses who are outdoors. They can be attacked by an indefinite amount of players, though only one group will be able to loot the boss

Raid bosses are bosses which require a raid to defeat

by those bosses mentioned above,you are required a set level,and they are locked within an area,thus by definition making them...raid bosses,not my definition..the MMORPG definition...just because some noob can alter it to appease ones self doesn't mean its true lol...

Those are by mmorpg definition not world bosses...I should also mention that some aspects of the wiki on this game are a bit corrupt and same with other aspects that have been fixed more recently.


raid is a type of mission in a video game in which a number of people attempt to defeat a boss monster or consecutive series of bosses. The term raid itself stems from the military definition of a sudden attack and/or seizure of some objective.[1] This type of objective is most common in MMORPGs, and usually but not necessarily occurs within anInstance dungeon. In RTS games like StarCraft, the term is used differently; see Raid (military).


Raiding originated in the class of text MUDs known as DikuMUD. DikuMUD heavily influenced the game EverQuest which brought the raiding concept into modern 3D MMORPGs.[2] The largest and most popular game to currently feature raiding is World of Warcraft.[3]

#939085 Discrepancy between armor classes

Posted by HuMoR on 16 July 2015 - 21:44

this is fairly pointless,because no matter what you cater to one group...pve or pvp...just give each individual class a decision upon equipping the set on whether they want all life/mana/or mix....and there is a reason for this,being that certain builds can use certain aspects to better them. example being warsins that drain all mana in 4 attacks lol...this would give them the ability for 2 more attacks before needing to pot or basic for a minute. etc...

(Also this would bring actual value to end lvl crafting) especially if you could rework armor using 1/4 natural prod resources to reroll the extra stats of their choice. when equipping the set could be labeled (Health set) (mana set) (mixed set) that way when you reroll or rework...it is bound to the set type you chose.

#938769 Sirunax Void Buggy Map

Posted by HuMoR on 13 July 2015 - 12:26

velda...im gonna yank them toes off your body and feed em to sirunax voidlings!

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#938129 asv boss bugged

Posted by HuMoR on 05 July 2015 - 16:18

I can explain 5 of the possible ways of causing this :D to a Dev 

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#937687 Again

Posted by HuMoR on 01 July 2015 - 01:37

I will say it again,as I did before..

Make fulmination....a self/friendly cast move,it really doesn't get the decent use it deserves for being current end game mage attack,casting on self makes it fairly useless in any dungeon run,and only useful in mage vs melee class fights in pvp....so 25% of the time overall it has a use...which makes 3 points in that part of the tree,useless as well.

so...let us cast on self by not targeting friendly before casting,or let us cast it on a teammate...thanks.

#937685 Pure Talents (level 50 end of tree talent)

Posted by HuMoR on 01 July 2015 - 01:26

I'd agree as long as those examples listed above don't go live lol...no offense,but those are legit the worst ever haha XD

double haem,double bb XD they can just be removed,and the hybs can remove it even quicker lol,not much incentive aye ;)
double mael,that will cause more deaths in the game where wars cant pot in between all the damn spinning due to not being able to walk out of it or end it early/

for mages...a better end tree talent would be  a new attack altogether,that would be able to be cast on an enemy to reduce their defense or reduce their attack.
Rangers a new end talent as well would be better as a new attack entirely,that could be similar to the mages plasma,but when being attacked it causes you to drop your movement speed while being damaged 2% per attack while up 15 seconds plasma max,and a decently slow cd.
Wars,idk id imagine a new move where they can teleport would be good,but the problem with this is,it would make them too OP so I dont think that to be an amazing idea...maybe a temporary boost to dmg or new ability to slow enemy? like a global AOE where if the enemy is 20m away they are slowed by 25% if 15 away maybe 15% if 5m maybe 5%.
Prophets..hard to say,maybe a crit boost to heals on all friendly teammates that are below 70% life if speced all the way,90%
Templars 5/10/15% more threat gen or dmg boost
sins....could care less,let someone who enjoys the class give an opinion on it,

#935628 punish mages and rangers who use shields

Posted by HuMoR on 14 June 2015 - 16:43

I'm amazed this thread got bumped XD an entire year later and you still want op nerfs so your class can be easier then it already is....it isnt going to happen no matter how hard you put your thoughts into it,or how often you bump it...its a far from balanced solution you are asking for...

Edit for add:I'd stop attempting the bumping of very old irrelevant threads that just lead to trolling/flaming/baiting.

#904836 Eldevin Arena

Posted by HuMoR on 26 November 2014 - 02:43


#904793 Thieving Thought Out

Posted by HuMoR on 26 November 2014 - 01:35

Again im not having a fight with you. And yet you want me to start it?
Not one single human beeing always have valid points or thinks of everything in a perfect way.



it was fixed way before you edited your post twice :)

because it will bring more enjoyment to this thread?  you edited it during...lol and it was fixed once. i do actually enjoy the opposing views..gives me a fun interactive way to shut down with all the negatives of every aspect pointed out..ofc it isn;t thought out perfectly..but when its thought out with more negative then positive it is fairly clear that someone should point that out and not...kiss butt to make it seem like a good idea...

becomes worse when they try to change the OP to make it seem like something is desired that isn't desired. His defense is not solid,if his intention was for that he wouldn't have updated making the actual purpose worse off for the game.

#904531 Thieving Thought Out

Posted by HuMoR on 25 November 2014 - 15:56

You're right, in regard to it needs to be thought out. That's what this whole post is about. We're figuring it out, stating potential problems, and suggesting new ideas. This is the idea development stage, we are simply laying out the foundation to begin building this project.


I work also, I have a job running my own business, and I am in charge of over 35 different people. I do not have kids or a wife, but I do have a family and friends. I know how it feels to work for what you have, believe me. But honestly, it is irrelevant and off topic. Our personal lives has no play into the game itself, if you put money into the game that you do not want 'stolen' remember this is a game, and protect your items. You have 5 items that you can protect at all times, and you can throw the rest in the bank.


*Please any further comments be descriptive with your suggestion, worry, complaint, or idea to think about; so this doesn't become a spam filled post.





Erm the general idea of being able to pickpocket another player is just a bad idea in general. 

reasons why...

new player comes into the game..starts buying stuff,then robbed...quits game...
in pvp..you're busy fighting and boom you get pickpocketed...
in a dungeon run you're busy rotating and someone pickpockets you...
you're dead Im sure the pickpocket option would still be there for that as well....
you get dc'ed in a process and lose a bunch of items due to server lag/dc

this idea..is just plain stupid in all honesty..thieving would be good for this game..if using on npc's...or extra little minis..picking a player in general areas..is pretty....damn stupid..I feel this thread is basically...a reason for f2p players to get free gold/ep from paying players..so i vote...ummm NO put the time or pay up.

#904516 Thieving Thought Out

Posted by HuMoR on 25 November 2014 - 15:33

I am sorry Kevin but not every players has gazillions of gold in their pockets, right now I have only like 5 gold total in my money, where will that put me if someone stole that from me, it takes a lot of work for newer players to make money without a AH or guild, so sorry but no way, I am totally against this silly idea of stealing and reaping off the money very hard earned from other players. That is a lazy way to go about making money in this game, if stealing is allowed it should be only under the premises that whatever is stolen it is only a duplicate of what you have on you and no the real thing.

I have more then gazillions :)

also..I pay for the game..i'll play it however I choose to,If I want to go afk..you can deal with it and not do S%#$ :)

#902229 Make auto loot useful to be an appealing supporter perk

Posted by HuMoR on 19 November 2014 - 17:14

meh..im just gonna throw this out there.....they should have went about it in a different direction regarding pets..you can take a pet into battle not a mount,so the pet should have a few options,instead of sitting there crapping on my shoe,or licking its tail it should be either picking up my loot,or blocking hits every now and then,or engaging in attacks or even skill perks...no reason that pets as costly as they are should be soo cosmetic...look at my owlbear and such spentlike 15k pres on both of those pets and they just crap on my shoe...

all pets should have an adjustable tree where you can have pets go a different direction,and be limited on points bought with gold!

so a familiar can have x points where x is the amount of lvl by 10 tiers you are on that character so...
lvl 1-10 char= 2 points 
11-20=4 points 
21-30=6 points
31-40=8 points
41-50= 10 points..
(when all 10 points are spent,your pet gains the ability to loot everything for you automatically,and yes make the cost be in gold by a pet trainer in the pet shop in eld city. Why gold? because gold needs value in this game,and the game needs more gold sinks that are beneficial.)

now there are different splits in this tree...
combative branched into offensive and defensive
skilling branched into extra gains or extra exp or quick decomp(basically it instantly removes that item or a chance of removing item for instant exp that's directly related to the tier of the item.)
also...the extra perk branch...
now this branch is weird...will contain mini game perks and pvp perks...that could obviously be voted upon by the community.

This idea creates a brand new gold sink,and incentive towards spending on it until one day...houses arrive.


#901359 Remove the 60 day respec...

Posted by HuMoR on 16 November 2014 - 18:10

I see your point...


Then maybe have the EP cost be level based so it does not break the bank the lowbies:


Level 1-10 = 20ep

20 and under  = 40ep

30 and under  = 80ep

40 and under = 160ep

Over 40 = 250ep

1-20= free because thats how people test the waters and fundamentals of what a class needs...
1-20 free
41-50= 225-250 

Also,to be limited on a single character to 1 build with a pay for change or 2 month wait is quite a bit excessive especially for a classless game....

2 builds are a need and a 30 day wait at max...60 days...in 60 days you could lose a f2p that might be interested in paying due to long ass wait periods.

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