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The Grand Ball [Connected to The Great Battle]

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#41 gothador_vampz

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Posted 10 May 2005 - 00:05

Prince Sargtlin peered over his shoulder at the closing palace gates before pulling the hood of his cloak over his head.

While walking at Prince Aero's side, Sargtlin's gloved fingertips twitched slightly with cautiousness. Sargtlin overlooked the surroundings waiting for any sudden movement, hands ready to grab for the twin daggers and go to work.

Without looking at Sargtlin, Aero noticed his cousin's prudence and spoke softly
“Do not fear for out safety cousin, nothing shall happen within Shiva’s palace.â€

#42 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 12 May 2005 - 04:53

Shiva sits on her throne watching, amused by the comings, goings and the circles of intrigue of her guest, when a servant approaches and quietly whispers in her ear.
Her expression swiftly alters to one of disgust before adorning one more pleasent.
Rising majestically from her throne, she calls out,

"Dear Guests, soon we shall gather for a feast upon this night of merriment, but before we do, perhaps I might entertain you a little more with a tale?"

The crowd applaudes their mutual agreement.

Holding her hands out she starts to speak. “My tale takes place in the not too distant past…â€

#43 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 04:32

Chapter Four

A shadow cast it’s dismal presence over the village that day and seeped into the souls of the people, but none were as overcast as the general Kalos. He sat within his abode alone and silent, neither speaking nor single tear shed over his loss. He held within his strong hands a lock of silver hair, all that he had left of his beloved.

Azrin came to see him, two dawns after the Silver Wolf’s passing. His eyes observed the untouched food, his nose reeled against the scent of stale sweat and unwashed clothing, but nothing affected him more as the sight of his friend so lost and alone. “Brother, it wounds me to see you this way,â€

#44 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 04:52

As Shiva paused in the story a servant walked up to her and whispered in her ear again.

Frowning slightly she whispered back to the servant in harsh tones...

Turning back to the awaiting crowd she spoke..

"It appears that the dinner problem is slightly more extensive that at first thought, Please forgive the delay..."

Someone from the gathered audience yelled " No please, please continue your story..I think that we are all willing to wait. It's such a small incovienence."

Most of the gathered guest agreed.

Queen Shiva's just smiled and nodded.

No one noticed the ice ogres and snow elven gaurds headed to the kitchen..

#45 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 22:07

Chapter Seven

Though the Prince tried in vain to turn Kalos from this path, sharing the wisdom of the elder with him, yet the madness born within his heart would not be calmed. Azrin was weary, his legs caked in mud and his feet blistered. He paused to catch his breath as Kalos chose their next path. Azrin paled. “Kalos,â€

#46 mamori



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Posted 23 May 2005 - 15:55

Mamori leaned against the cavern's wall, listening carefully to Shiva's tale. To bring a mortal back to life is a dangerous business. Thinking back to his own world, mamori remembered a certain plant which was able to produce crystals of great value, their unique structure enabling a skilled shaman to perform powerful healing spells, as well as restore or grant mystical abilities.

There had also been a rumor that by combining the power of 12 pure crystals, the plant's protector would be capable of restoring the dead to life. However, since on average only one stone of said quality was produced every 10 years or so, it had never been tested. at least not that mamori had been informed of.

Most other methods Mamori had studied left the body in a state of continuos decay, or the simple reanimation of the vessel. But to bring someone back from the other side, there was only one other way he had heard of. These were powerful magicks, and only the most barbaric beings would consider the ritual needed.

Mamori was just happy to be among those who, even if the vessel lost, could return to the physical plane with time, though undoubtedly changed. His kitsune soul enabling him to travel across both the mortal and spirit realms.

As shiva continued, mamori took notice of an ice elf passing by the chamber's entrance, a strange feeling coming over the nogitsune. He would have investigated, had he not noticed the ice queen's guards head towards the kitchen. "fool must be up to something."

looking through the crowd, mamori caught site of his fellow cult members, all listening intently to the story. he also caught site of two dark elves, presumably, one was Aero. "I'll need to keep an eye on those two."

#47 gothador_vampz

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Posted 24 May 2005 - 20:34

Sargtlin observed the glorious cavern of ice while listening to Shiva’s tale. His eyes overviewed the surroundings once more then to those who stood within the great room. Many members of different kingdoms stood listening to the tale.

Relating to the tale, Sargtlin knew how it felt to do anything for those who he loved most, and on that thought the feeling of guilt overwhelmed him. Memories of those who he has killed in the past pricked his mind with fine needles of jeer. He knew how it felt to lose those closest to him, but he also knew how it felt to take those who were close to others away forever. Closing his eyes and shaking his head slightly, Sargtlin realized that was then and this is now. Now he is a different warrior and it is a different time.

After opening his eyes slowly, slightly sighing and running his gloved thumb over the handle of the dagger form of Despoil, Sargtlin glanced over at Aero for any reaction to Shiva’s tale.

Aero stood straight and strong with his hands collapsed behind his back, looking directly at Shiva.
Sudden movement and caught the attention of the two Princes. Watching guards move towards another part of the castle, Sargtlin received a sudden feeling as if someone had tied his intestines into many knots.

Sensing Sargtlin’s displacement, Aero asked softly without looking over at him..
“What bothers you cousin?â€

#48 gothador_boogieknigh

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Posted 27 May 2005 - 17:31

Boogie Knight continues with his task in the kitchen. Acting like he belonged there would trick a casual passerby, but he didn't know how long the ruse would work.

Ice ogres and snow elven enter the kitchen, in their eyes an eagerness to kill something.

Boogie lowers his head, watching them from the corner of his eye.


#49 gothador_aero

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 03:37

Aero looked oddly at the bird that lighted on his shoulder, as other guest and Prince Sargtlin stared on in confusion…

“Well it seems as if someone really wants my attention, the Ice caves isn’t the type of realm you’d find pidgeons, do you think cousin?

Sargtlin stared at the bird as if it were a demon attacking them; “No.â€

#50 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 03:44

Shiva glanced at Prince Aero as the pigeon flew away before addressing her audience again,
“Now where was I? Ah…. I remember… “

Chapter Nine

The blazing golden sun had touched the horizon in the west melting softly against the azure sky, the clouds aflame for a moment before the Life Giver quietly retired. Night spread over the vast dark forest, pierced by tiny stars in the distance. A dark moon had risen unseen. Spring scented breezes calmly wove in amongst the trees offering a sense of peace, a false hope within the forest.

The Elven Home village was feeling secure for the raid that had seen many a life forfeit had been the turning point. Now it was the Elves who sought the encampments of their enemies and annilated them.

Those who watched the night for portents had also taken it upon themselves to watch the forest for approaching foes. But they were not as their lost kin, the Night Elves and saw the dark moon as just an anomaly, nothing more, just as they were not trained scouts and failed to notice a former General as he stealthly slipped through the defences and silently invaded the Palace.

Azrin stood in the darkness of his unlit room watching Kalos as he made his way through Elven Home, through the window. The Prince waited patiently, sipping vintage white wine from an ornate chalice as he did so. He had waited many a night for the General’s return, regardless that deep in his heart he believed Kalos would never return. And yet as he saw Kalos make his way, he knew in truth this was still true.

Kalos made not a whisper of sound as he slipped into the private rooms of the third born Prince. “Have you returned to us?â€

#51 gothador_kalak

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Posted 05 June 2005 - 23:27

A creature that resembles a large winged bipedal lizard alights near Mamori, and opens its mouth, dropping a letter on the ground.
It then looks at Mamori and waits expectantly.

#52 mamori



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Posted 06 June 2005 - 04:56

looking at the strange creature, Mamori picks up the note and reads it to himself. "unspeakable one?"

again looking over creature, Mamori removes the whistle and places it within his robes. "very well then, ill have to meet with this person as soon as the ball has concluded."

quickly leading the byakhee to where the other creatures which had brung the other guests were being taken care of, Mamori couldn't help but be somewhat weary of the reason this person was doing this, and how they knew he was pursuing Aero.

Re-entering the ball, Mamori arrived just as Shiva had begun to speak once more.

#53 gothador_seraphim

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Posted 09 June 2005 - 01:49

Chapter Eleven

They fell upon the unprepared foe at dawn, archers loosing their arrows as deadly rain upon the awakening orcs and goblins. The latter fell where they stood, but the former simply roared in rage, their eyes berserk as they flailed about searched for the source of their pain.

The sword wielders descended upon them, agily moving about their targets as their blades cut flesh in an elaborated dance of elf and steel. The orc’s began to fall. The numerous goblins retaliated, surrounding each elf with at least five of their kin, thrusting their wicked-looking daggers at their foe as the elf tried to block against them all. The arrows whistled through the air once more, each aimed precisely and true, felling the goblins and freeing their victims.

Breathing heavily, after the battle, letting those who were once beneath his command claim the fleeing remnants of the hoard, Kalos shed his helmet and gazed around. He flexed his arms for it had been some time since he had worked those particular muscles. A warrior appeared at his side, face still masked by a large guard. “Some battle, don’t you think, beloved?â€

#54 Kayla



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Posted 10 June 2005 - 08:45

Kayla watched as graceful couples moved elegantly around the cold floor in rhythmic pattern to the melodic music of the orchestra. It was almost an ethereal scene as the ladies were led by gentlemen partners in age old ritual that she could neither understand nor hope to join. Sure Luaq had taught her the basics of this dance and others, but in her mind’s eye, she could see herself a note of discord in the perfect composition. Thus quietly, she waited, aside from the dancers and the small gatherings of cult members as alliances were formed, strengthened or broken within webs of careful words or careless actions.

She assumed Seraphim was among them, making the presence of the Knight’s felt in his way as she faded, she privately hoped, into the background. After awaiting the orders of their Captain, they had finally departed for Queen Shiva’s grand ball together, leaving the Captain behind. Her mind wandered back a few hours and back to the Temple.

She had been late, she had thought, arriving there beyond the hour she had promised to meet the Captain and Seraphim in the foyer of the Knights Quarters. Kayla had appeared in her rooms, flushed and out of breath. Fortunately the dress she was to wear was waiting for her upon her undisturbed bed.

As was a woman’s prerogative, Kayla had decided she could not find what she truly wanted to wear at the Ball and so had gone shopping. She had found the perfect dress… or at least, she sighed it would be perfect if it was not to be displayed on dark elf warrior mage who lacked elegant form or gracious figure to wear it to it’s best.

The under-dress was of ivory silk, moon birds delicately embroidered upon it in the same colour. It tightly embraced her chest and waist before falling like liquid pearl to her ankles. The over-dress, which was securely laced down her spine in lilac ribbon, was a deep amethyst purple. Also in silk, with wide straps covering skin between her shoulders and collarbone, it flowed over the ivory revealing a form fitting bodice and full skirt that split beneath her waist to part widely and reveal the pale skirt beneath. Her shoulders remained bare, but upon her upper arms, attached to the bodice, sleeves began that swept down her slender arms pinned by broaches rather than thread. The ribbon that was tied at the base of her spine, fell in two long lengths to the base of her dress. Upon the side panels of the bodice, a network of tiny crystals glittered in the candlelight. There was a slight amendment about the dress that she had argued over with the tailor, for without armour and weapon she would have felt as naked as if she wore nothing. And so to the far side of the underskirt was a slit that spread from ankle to thigh, so a quick brush of her skirts would reveal a short, pointed sword strapped to her leg. And yet it was unobservable to any who admired her dress.

About her waist she had clasped a belt, which followed the top line of her skirt, of platinum with amethysts embedded in the metal. A matching circlet adorned her brow and two amethyst earrings sparkled within her lobes. The only item that perhaps was questionable that she wore, was a platinum chain and pendant about her neck, which dipped beneath the fabric of her bodice and nestled against her skin above her breasts. Her colourless hair had remained wild and free about her shoulders, for she had, had no time to pin it up. After throwing about her shoulders a fur-lined hooded cloak, she had descended to meet who awaited her.

An icy breeze brought her back suddenly to the present. The cavern was now warm with bodies, yet still an occasional white wind caressed the skin of the guests with it’s bitter touch.

Kayla had never felt so out of place and yet worse, would she one day soon find herself in such a position as their gracious hostess, the Queen Shiva, though to a smaller audience in the future? Though she could pray it would not be so, and wryly she considered that at least one who heard her prayers would not only ignore them but go out of her way to ensure the day would come, she knew her role within her house would one day bring her to such an eventuality. A sigh escaped her lips, one of reluctant acceptance.

As she turned to admire the dancers once more and more so the varied and glorious gowns of the stunning women who wore them, she noticed a man walking through the elegant clique. Couples parted to allow him through, frowning and glancing at him with disapproving stares as he interrupted their careful steps to the music. Yet he seemed neither sorry nor concerned of what they thought. He continued on his path, disrupting the ritual, one goal in mind and with sudden clarity, she realised he was moving towards her. Like a deer staring at the lethal end of a hunter’s arrow, she felt frozen, the chill in the air nothing compared to the intense gaze upon her. Her eyes widened as his dark slender fingers reached towards her, beckoning her.

Her lips parted to protest, but he placed one finger upon them and shook his head. Taking her hand in his, he led her onto the dance floor, his commanding presence parting the way for them to take their place in the formation, where they waited with the other couples for the next dance to commence. The orchestra began to play, but the music was drowned out in Kayla’s ears by the loud beating of her racing heart and the whirling thoughts in her head.

The dancers began to move and Kayla felt her mysterious partner begin to lead her. Her soft lavender eyes met his single ameythyst one for the other was covered by a silver cloth patch.

The two elves blended perfectly into the refined motions of the dance. Men led their partners with practice, confidence or ease. The ladies, many having seldom relented to being at the mercy of another, allowed themselves to be led in beautiful harmony, each footstep delicate, each twirl with grace. Kayla felt caught in a dream not of her own making, unable to tear her gaze from his, unable to free herself dream the spell he seemed to have woven about her. And yet though a persistence small voice in her mind screamed at her to flee, she found herself trusting this man’s lead regardless.

And then the perfect moment ended as another dark elf male broke the display, stepping to one side of Kayla’s nameless partner and whispered urgently to him. He nodded sharply in return, then turned back to the drow Knight he held. He said nothing, but kissed her hand, sending a shiver down her spine before melting away into the crowds. Breathless, she stared after him for a second, before retreating from the dance floor.

#55 mamori



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Posted 05 July 2005 - 03:30

Watching the drow he had assumed was Aero cross the room to meet with the previous host of the chaos lord he has fought not too long ago, mamori was a bit surprised to see her again. the last time she was equally unaware of his presence. soon however, another drow had pulled him away. strolling past kayla, mamori whispered “don’t become too attachedâ€

#56 gothador_aero

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Posted 13 July 2005 - 03:19

BoogieKnight stood watching the dark elf couple dance as he set the tables. He had changed roles while in the kitchen and was now playing the role of a server. When a scowling Drow lord unknown to Boogie drew Prince Aero from his dance partner, he knew that from Aero’s face it was time to make his move.

Grabbing a passing Hors D’oeuvres tray from a startled snow elf he headed towards his intended prey.
But unknown to BoogieKnight a pair of malevolent eyes stared from the shadows and had come to the same conclusion. It had taken him most of the night to gain control of Bifrost. The spell that he used to become almost immaterial also allowed the Qualyn to merge and control the object or host creature they chose. Seeing Boogie headed towards Aero the Qualyn shifted to the side and using a simple spell to cause him to stumble spilling the tray of goodies to the floor. As others rushed to help clean up the mess the assassin strides purposely towards his target waving his hand he spoke
“Prince Aero…I have word for you…â€

#57 gothador_vampz

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Posted 13 July 2005 - 06:43

Sargtlin glanced down at Aero long enough to hear his faint voice...
“S-s-so c-c-cold…â€

#58 mamori



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Posted 13 July 2005 - 07:38

Finally returning to the ball, Mamori makes some slight adjustments to his hastily re-adorned robes. Expecting to find the ball in mid song, he instead found it in quite a bit of disarray, including a dead ice ogre, and several of the cavern’s icicles laying upon the dance floor.

“well what happened here i wonder..’

moving closer to Aero and his drow companion, Mamori could help but feel a bit disappointed, after all, HE had intended to kill the Drow prince, and by the look of things, someone may have beat him too it, or at least would take some of the challenge out of any attempts. Though, peering at Aero’s companion, he may have a challenge yet...

#59 gothador_icegirl

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 13:33

RevBlood hollared up, "What the heck is taking you so long Ice... COME ON WE ARE LATE ALREADY."

IceGirl had just finished the last minute touches to her hair stepping back to take one last look at herself. ahh indeed perfection as always,she mumbled to herself. She looked extremely elegant with her soft blue satin gown. The bodice fitting to show off all her curves and the skirt flowing down meeting the finely placed lace at the edges. The sleeves matching the lace on the gown flowing down her arm to her wrists. She left her blue hair flowing down her back in beautiful ringlets softly falling.

As she stepped to the top of the stairs she saw RevBlood standing their waiting and not looking all that pleased. Making her way down each step she noticed how different he looked all dressed up. This was not what she had expected of him since he never dressed up so the sight of him was a bit shocking.

RevBlood, dressed in a black tailer made suit and white shirt. A vest could slightly be seen under the jacket to match that of her own colored dress. His hair had been neatly combed back and his shoes shined. He looked as if he was the richest man in he world.

"Well you definately dress up well Rev." Ice said with a smile as she passed by him heading straight for the door. She turned back to him, "You might want to bring a coat or something I believe it is extremely cold where we are going."

Rev annoyed with her attitude as if he was late just gave her a look and went out the door opening the door to the carriage. "I believe I shall be just fine."

It was a long journey there and the closer they got the colder it became. Noticing how Rev was trying to hide the fact he was shivering IceGirl decided to pull a bit of magic out.

"Oh God of Ice, bring us the warmth to provide us survival thru our journey." she chanted and soon the carriage began to swarm with warmth.

"The dont call me the IceGirl for no reason." she said with a smirk to Rev. The rest of the journey went on with Rev explaining whom those who might be at the ball were and what they looked like. He wanted to make sure that Ice had everyones names before they entered.

Her eyes widened at the beautiful site before her. The castle looked so huge and inviting. A man opened the door reaching out for her hand to aid her from the carriage. "I am afraid the ball has already started so just go in."

She turned waiting for Rev, "Better late then never right boss." He just looked at her and growled loud enough for her only to hear, "Would have been on time if one of us didn't take so long to get ready."

"Well then Rev i suggest you work on your time prep then huh" She let out with a chuckle. "Women have for centeries needed time to prepare for such an event as this. I am sorry for my lack of consideration on your part."

Rev extended his arm to her and she slipped her hand thru holding tightly. Unsure of what to expect she wanted to stay close to him.

As they entered Rev pointed out Shiva. "That is Shiva over there."he said softly in her ear. "Come lets go indroduce ourselves."

OOC: sorry this was so long

#60 Kayla



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Posted 17 July 2005 - 13:47

The words upon the strange individual pierced through the dazed state that had descended upon her whilst gazing into the lone eye of a drow stranger as he led her to dance. Softly spoken they were as effective as an icy shower and caused her ebon-flesh to pucker as so. Lavender eyes beheld the speak as he drifted off into the crowds, widening as broken memories revealed to her who he was.

He looked different, it was true from when they had fought, she as the unwilling puppet of a being beyond her understanding and he, perhaps as just one who had stepped into her path and had refused the subtle touch of the mind demanding submittance or death of him. She wondered what he wanted and what exactly had he meant by his words. Obviously they were a warning, but a warning to whom? Was he or someone else meaning harm to her?... or to the one with whom she had danced?

Her wide eyes glanced around for the prasmatice one-eyed drow, for Seraphim her good friend, or even for the speaker himself in order to ask the truth behind his words. She saw none of these, so wandered without aim, weaving between nobles and warriors alike, none of who she recognised even in the vaguest of memories.

The crowd thickened before her, only disappaiting momentarily as a flash of sharp thin metal came to close for the gatherer's comfort. She used that brief moment to slip her slender frame through the unyielding mass. And then she saw that these people were surrounding two battling drow, one, she realised, was the unknown man, who had disrupted the dance between herself and 'One-Eye'. A frown descended as she wondered where One-Eye was now? Her answer lay to one side close by, crimson blood oozing through his ashen fingers as they clutched his chest.

Her feet took off before she could frame thought, slipping around the two fighters and to the dying dark elven man. She knelt beside him, unconciously brushing her loose hair behind her upswept ears, before she placed her hands just above his wound and cast her healing spell.

Almost instinctively she knew it had done little, but given One-Eye but a breath or two more of life. Still, she tried once more, pauring more of her will into the spell, but before the last word trailed from her lips, with the thunderous clash of steel peeling to one side, someone pushed into her. Her hands fell upon One-Eye's and upon his open wound. She felt drawn into the spell, drawn in by her own will, sliding with the magic into the wound. Distantly she noted how icy cold the blood upon her hands was, but as she sent her thought forth saw that the froaen death had not yet reached his slowly beating heart.

Warm him, she thought instinctively, heat his blood.
But too much could kill him, she replied to herself.
He is dying regardless, do nothing he will die for certain, do something he could die, but it is not guarenteed.

Slowly her magics sent a weak blaze through his body, but the wintery poison swept through more rapidly that the fires could manage. The flames became warmer, yellow and bright to her senses, enough to hold at bay the chill toxin but for a moment.

Do something quick, he is about to draw his last breath.

And then she risked his life with a thought, sending a last wave, an inferno of burning heat through his blood vessels, his temperature soaring to a point where she thought her gamble had surely caused his death. However the dire melted the deadly icicles in and around his heart and slowly it began to beat once more, gaining rhythm at a steady pace.

Drawing deeply air into her own lungs, Kayla came back to herself, whilst sending a final sweep of healing into him, cleansing him of the last of the poison and sealing his bloody wound. Without ceremony, she collapsed, exhausted beyond reason, onto the One-Eyed Drow.

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