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Today, 04:50

gone way of track here folks ,if they dont defend or attack why should they get tokens ,yes its not there fault that no one else joined ,but dont see why anyone gets tokens ?

I can't say you don't have a point there..... 


This is one of the reasons I always thought the Ladder was a bad idea.  Simply because it has too many serious limitations and flaws like this one.

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Yesterday, 19:57

i know in the past one could hit off-ladder to qualify, also bounties were permissable.

before the ladder, all pvp (except arena and gvg) qualified for pvp ranking. this was for prestige. reward ? unclear. the top rankings went to higher level players. this was seen as unfair, so the ladder was introduced.

by the hit ladder first method, just exchange 10 stam hits on-ladder, do the rest off-ladder. remember to blame the cows for the "DQ for pvp."

as to 100 stam off-ladder hit for smasher medal, i don't know.

Before there was a ladder, yes, any hit other than arena or GvG added or subtracted PvP ranking.  But that changed (for the worse in my opinion) and the Ladder was born.  PvP rating can only be exchanged there, between 2 players that are both in the same ladder tier.  !00 stam hits generate more PvP rating than 10 stam hits, so it's kinda dumb to just do a 10 stam hit there. 


IDK if it still pertains, but when I was on the ladder, if I hit somebody on the BB that was in my ladder tier, rating was transferred.


Prestige is a different story, and is similar to what constitutes eligibility to be counted for a DQ hit... In the case of Prestige, all bounty successful bounty hits give 1 Prestige.  Successful Normal or Ladder hits give 10 Prestige, but only if the target has been online in the past 7 days and  XP loss is applicable (does not have PvP protection),  and that will only count every third day.  


With a DQ hit, Ladder and Normal PvP hits count as long as the target has been online in the past 7 days and as long as some XP was lost.  Many times I have not gotten credit for a DQ because conserve kicked in.  Bounty hits do not count for a DQ, but recently Ladder hits were added.


Smasher ticks can only be obtained via the Ladder or the BB, which is why some players ALWAYs 100 stam bounties.  So for regular PvP, the only reason to 100 stam anyone would be to intentionally "hurt" them or to steal their gold.  



Neither GvG or the Arena are included for any of this obviously.


For those that do not know, PvP protection only protects your XP, not your gold.  Also, if you take a swing at somebody outside of GvG or the BB, whatever time is left on your PvP protection is forfeited.



The rules for all this are a bit all over the place as you can see.

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Yesterday, 17:17

to OP's post: are these guildmates on the same rung/range of the ladder ?

to the rest: i was under the impression at least one pvp (non-arena) activity is required to qualify for tokens, not just being on the ladder. they don't hit each other because things can get messy fast, like deleveling. of course top ranking is important, so some ladder hits will happen. most hits are off-ladder, a "DQ for pvp" may just be a hit to qualify for tokens and get gold.

Since Ladder hits aren't eligible for bounties, are you referring to the levels that are inevitably gonna be lost if actively participating in the Ladder?  Cuz in order to get PvP rating at all, these hits must be exchanged via the Ladder only at least in my understanding i.e. a bounty hit, a GvG hit, a hit on anybody NOT ON THE LADDER shouldn't count toward Ladder progression since no rating can be earned or lost unless it's another participant in your tier that you have hit..... And higher stam wins.  So EVERYBODy uses a 100 stam hit..... 

If Player A and Player B aren't exchanging hits, and not in the same guild, then this is just blatant manipulation, same as the rumored PvP rank fixing of old that made us have to have a ladder to begin with.  This type of thing is as low rent as those that had used the Protection exploit (good on the cows for FINALLY fixing that).


I no longer participate in the Ladder simply because the back and forth of 100 stam hits seemed counter-productive to me and I wanted no part of it....

But rather than sit idly and waste space there, I opted out once I got my Bronze Dominance Medal and was done with the whole thing.  


Wasn't it supposed to be fixed that with a few logical exceptions, (such as the guild thing) that tokens can't be earned without taking at least 1 LADDER hit?

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Yesterday, 01:31

imho, beginning to look like a wishlist.

so my wish is for chest item selection box be enlarged. my device showed a small selection window without ability to see/select from all items.

It's that way on a PC too, hon.... And when I only had a phone, 9 times out of 10 I would end up selecting a potion when all I wanted to do was look at it, I stopped using them after a while, and when I bought my laptop I had about 30 global chests to choose from.



Back on track though:

Sorry we stoled your thread acti, but yeah, I'm don't think this is a good idea, and I tend to agree with Tilley.... Does this mean the sky is falling?


Also, wonder what the cows will think about it...

In Topic: global chests

29 November 2020 - 23:25

No to the above.

I would be in favor of making the global chests stackable though. It would save everyone a fair bit of BP space.

I rather like the ones that contain 10 potions of your choice.  They should all be this way imho.  


As for the frag chests, stackable would  be extremely nice to see as well

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