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10 September 2022 - 19:49

Name: The Outer Horror

Classification: Magical

Lore: Descending from the cosmos, The Outer Horror consumes reality as we know it. Little is known about this abomination, for the unlucky few who witness it are driven mad by the relentless flow of seething visions that penetrate their minds. With its great psychic eye and innumerable crushing appendages, it lays waste to entire realms with ease. Where this monstrosity came from or what it seeks is not known. Some say the Shadow Lord summoned it from another dimension to terrorize the realms, others say the Shadow Lord himself fears this entity, it’s powers outside his comprehension.

Physical Description: A flying mass of writhing purplish-blue oily tentacles with a large orange glowing menacing eye in the center. It is shrouded in dark energies and blackens the skies.


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