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Spine Chomper Assault!

13 September 2019 - 16:04

Hi all!

A wretched rattling of teeth on Spines heralds the return of the voracious Spine Chompers!

Blue Spine Chomper (Legendary)

The Blue Spine Chomper lives underground in remote locations, awaiting its prey. As it senses the tremors above the ground, it bursts its head above ground, stripping the victim of its flesh, keeping the spine as a trophy.

Level: 5+

Venom Spine Chomper (Legendary)

This rather vile Chomper is very fast, propelling itself along on to heavily muscled legs. Once it catchs you, it envelopes you with it's poisonous tongue and will swallow you whole before coughing your spine out to add to its collection!

Recommended Level : 56+

Red Spine Chomper (Legendary)

The Red Spine Chomper, like its blue cousin, keeps the spine of it's prey as a trophy. However its mouth acts almost sawmill like in the process, with you being the tree.

Level: 150+

Green Spine Chomper (Legendary)

The Green Spine Chomper, when idle, appears like any other mushroom. However as its victim approaches, it spouts blazing green fur and proceeds to consume its prey whole. With no remorse.

Level: 275+

Clockwork Spine Chomper (Legendary)

The Clockwork Spine Chomper is a creature from an inventors fevered nightmares! Some strange fellow was enraptured with the Spine Chompers as a species and sought to replicate them artificially. This Clockwork Spine Chomper is the result. What the Inventor did not expect was the level of success he would achieve! The Clockwork Spine Chomper powered up and immediately ate its creator! It has created more Clockwork Spines as it has eaten its way through anything it catches, meaning there is a small horde of these mechanical monsters on the loose!

Level: 525+

Dawn Spine Chomper (Legendary)

Dawn Spine Chomper is a Chomper that decided it liked to hunt first thing in the morning, when prey tends to be a bit fuzzy headed and potentially easy meat. Why its appearance has begun to mimic a cockerel is anyones guess.

Recommended Level : 750+

Sludge Spine Chomper (Legendary)

Yet another of the frankly odd Chomper species, the Sludge Spine Chomper makes its home in swampy areas. One would have thought the thick mass of fur that covers a Spine Chompers body would make Swamps an unlikely place to find such a creature but once again, the Chomper finds a way to put it's surroundings to good use. The sludge in the swamp coats the Chomper making it hard to see as well as making it's thick coat even thicker and considerably more foul. It has learned to use it's disgusting fur to trap any weapons it's prey may be wielding and disarm them before devouring them messily.

Level: 950+

Electro Spine Chomper (Legendary)

Electro Spine Chompers are energetic and excitable creatures that are electrically charged from within. The air around the Electro hums with static and hair stands on end. The Electro generates massive amounts of electric lightning that it can spit from its mouth in order to fry potential enemies, some Electro's have even learned direct the lightning using their tongues!

Recommended Level : 1310+

Dark Depths Spine Chomper (Legendary)

The Dark Depths Spine Chomper is a peculiar new strain of these beasts. It does not have the shaggy pelt of other Chompers, instead having a rough shark-like hide. This allows these aquatic creatures zero drag in water, making these dangerous predators even more fearsome.

Level: 1880+

Feathered Spine Chomper (Legendary)

The Feathered Spine Chomper is somewhat like the Dawn Spine Chomper in that it is an avian offshoot of the species. This feathered fiend is flightless but has huge leg muscles and is known to be exceptionally fast. It still has the trademark maw full of fangs and the desire to collect the spines of those it devours!

Level: 2575+

Invader Spine Chomper (Legendary)

A cabal of Wizards have been peering behind the veil, trying to determine if there are more plains beyond this one and the Shroud. What they saw has unhinged them and somehow manifested as new breeds of Spine Chomper! The Mage Tomonishi brought the Invader Spine Chomper into vile existence!This peculiar Chomper descends on its victims slowly, in a jerking fashion from above.

This new breed is unassailable unless their attacker has a Shiny Silver Coin. Luckily, before all the Mages were devoured, the Cabal made sure these mysterious self replicating coins appear at Brother Giles stall at the Cathedral of Ways!

Level: 3050+

Chomper of Gluttony (Legendary) (NEW)

A new strain of Chomper has appeared! They appear to exemplify one of the seven evil attributes! The Chomper of Gluttony is a vast blob of a creature. It devours all in it's path and is surprisingly fast for such a gigantic lump!

Level: 3425+

Chomper of Greed (Legendary) (NEW)

A new strain of Chomper has appeared! They appear to exemplify one of the seven evil attributes! The Chomper of Greed attacks everything it is confronted with but unlike the Glutton, it devours its fill but still kills everything else, as it covets ALL spines and collects vast piles from it's unfortunate victims.

Level: 3800+

Chomper of Sloth (Legendary) (NEW)

A new strain of Chomper has appeared! They appear to exemplify one of the seven evil attributes! The Chomper of Sloth is a slow, foul smelling creature. Crawling through the muck of it's haunts, these monsters are stealthy simply because they move so slowly, no on sees them. That's until they surge into motion, with the screams of their victims cut mercifully sort. After the meal, the Chomper returns to it's sloth-like posture.

Level: 4175+

This event will be available until 16:00 hours Server time on Monday the 16th of September.


~ The Fallen Sword team.

Double Composing XP XLVII

10 September 2019 - 15:47

Hi there everyone.

Today we are having our next Double Composing XP event! For the next 48 hours, until 16:00 server time on the 12th of September, XP gained from making Composing Potions shall be doubled, so get those potions brewing!

We hope you enjoy the forty seventh Composing XP Event!

~ The Fallen Sword Team.

Rise of the Wraiths XVIII

05 September 2019 - 10:18

Hi there everyone.

The Elemental Wraiths have arisen from the Light only knows where. All that is known is that these creatures are roaming the Realms, raining destruction on all who oppose them.

The Warriors of the Realms must gather together to rid the Communities of these horrifying creatures!

Elemental Wraith (Level 25)

The latest Global Event in Fallen Sword is now underway! In the Event, the Community must work together to destroy the Elemental Wraiths plaguing the realms.

Each player must earn a personal target for increasingly bountiful Frag Stashes (mouse over the event info on the World page for more details) while also helping the Community to attain the best total kills possible, unlocking the rewards for all.

The Global Event shall be live until 13:00 (Server Time) on the 10th of September 2019.

For each tier that the community completes the reward will be as follows:

Bronze:1 x Global Bronze Frag Stash II
Silver:1 x Global Silver Frag Stash II
Gold:2 x Global Gold Frag Stash II
Crystal:2 x Global Crystal Frag Stash II
Ruby: 3 x Global Ruby Frag Stash II

If you qualified, the reward(s) will be delivered to your mailbox shortly after the event ends. Note that you get the reward for the tier that you have qualified for, for example if the community unlocks Gold, but you qualify for Silver, you will receive 1 x Global Silver Frag Stash. You don't receive the rewards from lower tiers, only the tier you have qualified for.
Also if you are placed within the top 100 event contributors you will receive an additional 2 Global Ruby Frag Stash II chests.

There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community by Egami.

Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

Scavenging Caves!

16 August 2019 - 15:57

Hi all,

The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Scavenging Caves! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!

Felicity Feline Friend (Legendary)

Felicity Feline Friend was once an ordinary girl. She always liked cats and when she came across a suspiciously placed Amulet of a Cat's Eye, she thought nothing of it and put it on. This amulet allows Felicity to communicate with all felines, large or small. With so many capricious, self centered kitty voices in her head, trying to control her, Felicity has gone quite mad and uses her army of adorable balls of psychotic fluff to terrorize the Realms.

Recommended Level : 235+

Recommended Gold : 19,000+

Death's Head Bone Golem (Legendary)

The Death's Head Bone Golem is another of the early creations of the mad Doctor Morbidstein. The Golem is covered in dark runes of protection and is said to be powered by a heart formed from pure necromantic magic that fuels the golem with great power. Many believe the Golem is simply a terror creation, animated and sent off to cause as much random havoc as it can!

Recommended Level : 450+

Recommended Gold : 21,000+

Tree Mistress Zykz (Legendary)

Tree Mistress Zykz is one of the most powerful of the tree beings known as the Hamadryads. She experienced the destruction of her forest home and her Hamadryads by humans and since that day took on a gloomy aspect of decay and doom. As much a danger to plant life as animal life. Wherever Zykes travels, rot and decay follow, an ability that threatens the life of the world and one that must be extinguished...

Recommended Level : 750+

Recommended Gold : 27,000+

Xind Imperial Demon (Legendary)

The mad Sorcerer Xinderoth discovered the Magic of Xind, a potent form of magic that has many properties, including being able to imprint your will to create anything from Xind. The existence of the Xind Imperial Demon and its great power of destruction proves that once again a powerful force has risen up that can control this magic with great skill but who remains hidden behind their demon for now...

Recommended Level : 820+

Recommended Gold : 29,000+

Gargantuan Phoenix (Legendary)

The Gargantuan Phoenix is usually a rarely seen Beast, preferring to stay away from Mortals. Recently, unknown, though presumably dark, forces have been forcing the great birds out of their lairs. At this injustice, the Phoenix have decided to lay waste to all mortals for their arrogance.

Recommended Level : 1230+

Recommended Gold : 37,000+

Wily Minions (Legendary)(NEW)

Wily Minions came to the realms innocently enough but in their naivety, soon fell under the pall of the Shadow Lord's dark agents, who corrupted every member of the clan. These minions have been imbued with the darkness of the Shroud, granting strength only the greatest of warriors can best. Beware, for they will corrupt you in their never ending quest for dominance.

Designed by : zizzwyly

Recommended Level : 3100+

Recommended Gold : 45,000+

Additionaly, the following potions are dropping from normal Cave creatures :

Watch Your Back Brew, Potion of the Canny Gather, Flask of Death, Potion of Unbridled Aggression, Titan Hunters Lesser Brew & Fast Track Draft.

These creatures and potions shall be available until 13:00 on Monday the 19th of August 2019.


~ The Fallen Sword team.

Legendary Event!

09 August 2019 - 15:57

Hi all,

The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!

Burzzthak the Corrupter (Legendary)

Burzzthak the Corrupter is an Emissary of the Shadowlord. He has been sent to both turn powerful Beings from the Light as well as gift three of the Dark Ones mortal champions and has been tasked with the Destruction of the Cathedral of the Ways. This would hamstring the forces of all that is Good and Right in the World from mobilizing against his Lord.

Recommended Level : 5+

Cerberus Hound (Legendary)

Zeal is a three headed demon of fire from ancient times. Every few thousand years the Hound is released upon this world by it's demonic masters to wreck havoc and bring pain to the feeble mortals.

Recommended Level : 50+

Wolfman of Morbidstein (Legendary)

The Wolfmen of Morbidstein are one of the Doctors first truly successful creations. Combining the intellect of man with the cunning and senses of the wolf, he sends them out periodically to hunt for fresh material or artifacts that will further his nefarious schemes. The Wolfman is a truly fearsome foe, who attacks in a furious charge of rending talons and slavering jaws.

Recommended Level : 110+

Samael (Legendary)

The demon known as Samael has returned to the world via a unguarded portal to the other realms. He hates all life and wants nothing more than to destroy it. This most powerful and evil entity must be sent back to the realm it came from before it completes its plan for a lifeless world.

Recommended Level : 160+

Malahas (Legendary)

The noble Malahas is, or rather was, a guardian spirit of the deep forests. She too has had her essence corrupted by the coming of Burzzthak and where once she protected, now she destroys, slaughtering all before her, forest creature or human. Will you step forth to try to subdue this poor wretch and protect her from herself?

Recommended Level : 375+

Fallen Anteros (Legendary)

Anteros was once a creature who would fly around, spreading Love and Goodwill. However, with the coming of the vile Burzzthak, he too has been corrupted. Now, with his newly barbed arrows, he is spreading Hate and Mistrust everywhere he flies! Do you have the Fortitude to stop this twisted innocent?

Recommended Level : 590+

The Demonic Gladiator (Legendary) (NEW)

For years a lone warrior has waged war in the Colosseum, doing battle with all who would accept his challenge. This poor soul dreamt of glory and immeasurable power. However he has recently become a laughing stock amongst his competitors, having been beaten relentlessly again and again. Driven mad with hopeless desires unfulfilled, he turned to the path of darkness and now serves the Shadow Lord, hunting down all who humiliated him and destroying them in welters of blood and gore!

Designed by : Josh1404

Recommended Level : 990+

Valgotic Golem Engine (Legendary)

The Valgotic Dwarves have not been idle since the destruction of the abominable Doom Maw. Further refinement of their considerable Golem technology, the Golem Engine is a formidable addition to the Valgotic arsenal. This monstrous defensive golem reacts to attack by replicating itself, though this does weaken each new Golem as whatever demonic entity is originally bound to each newborn golem splits the demons soul fire. The blazing red runes in each golems skin glows a little duller. This is seen as an acceptable means of fuelling these new Golems as they have to bind less demons to their original golem stock!

Designed by : UrzasRage

Recommended Level : 1180+

Khimaira (Legendary)

Another 'Sire of Monsters', Khimaira is the primogenitor of the various Chimera that inhabit the Realms. It is the oldest and most powerful of it's vile race. This huge beast has the front third of a lion, the middle is of a goat, with a goats head rising from the center of it's spine. Both heads are skeletal and putrid! The final third of the body is draconic in nature with a tail terminating with the head of a snake which spits poison! Both the goats heat and lions head are capable of spewing torrents of fire! This is a huge and horrifying beast!

Recommended Level : 1425+

Grumpy Groosifoo (Legendary)

Grumpy Groosifoo is a half human, half demon creature from the Shroud, engineered by the Shadowlord himself. He was supposed to be an unstoppable warrior but the human nobility in the creature was hampering Groosifoo's killer instinct. In a rage, the Shadowlord brought the demon to the fore in Groosifoo's mind and unleashed him into the Realms, where the Grumpy Groosifoo has been tearing up trees and devouring anything he crosses. Few Warriors who have survived combat suspect the noble human side of the creature's character is struggling to reassert itself again...

Designed by : Groosalugg!

Recommended Level : 1975+

The Evil Little Coffin Dodger (Legendary)

The Evil Little Coffin dodger was born centuries ago, but died when only a small child. She never was much for doing as told, so when expected to stay in her grave, she didn't listen. She loves animals, and the fact that they usually die from all the attention she gives them isn't much of a problem in her eyes. She will put her cold white arms around the neck of anyone in range, so you'd best watch out, or the next breath you take might very well be your last. She is an evil little coffin dodger, but it's not that she avoids graves, she loves dancing on them! However, she will NEVER sleep in one.

Designed by : bilops

Recommended Level : 2075+

Abominus Rex (Legendary)

The gargantuan horror known as Abominus Rex appeared without warning, tearing through any who appeared before it. Who created this undead monstrosity is not known (and given the unpredictable nature of Abominus Rex itself, likely never will be), all that is known is the beast's unnatural vitality means it shrugs off many wounds and is all but immune to certain attacks. It's thick hide protects it and any attacks that get through are as likely to glance off hardened bone as they are to do damage.

Abominus Rex must be stopped!

Recommended Level : 2400+

Byaphros (Legendary)

Byaphros is a strange beast. The upper body of a man with a truly monstrous face which, from the waist down is actually the front legs and chest of a horse terminating in a vast, powerful fish's tail. This is a vile and malicious creature who will rear out of water near prey and to the surprise of all, will chase his target onto the land before beating them and dragging them back into the soon to be bloody surf!

Recommended Level : 2880+

The Cerulean Queen (Legendary)

The Cerulean Queen is a demonic creature, always lurking behind every choice made by the souls wandering the lands of Erildath. She is always trying to influence the bravest of heroes to succumb to their deepest desires. She has been known to walk the lands, tempting warriors to give into their blood lust with the promise of great rewards. Little do they realize, her rewards are best used for their guilty pleasures.

Designed by : KitiaraLi

Recommended Level : 3025+

Calagroo the Unchecked (Legendary)

Calagroo the Unchecked is a vast draconic beast, horrendously powerful and wreathed in green fire. Once locked away in a magical void due to his destructive ways, he has broken out through sheer bloody minded determination! Now he has renewed his quest for supremacy over all of creation!

Designed by : Groosalugg

Recommended Level : 3275+

Prince Tyler (Legendary)

Tyler is the son of Emperor Sidd and Empress Tinny, born after the Emperor left to join the Shadow Lord. Tyler was brought up solely by his mother who instilled her values of peaceful and anti-aggressive behaviour. However, he saw his Mother's slide to darkness thanks to the corruption of the Emperor. He set out to stop this and confronted his Father, who deceived him into accepting his signet. Upon touching the signet, the Prince joined his Father in Darkness.

Designed by : siddy246

Recommended Level : 3600+

Additionally, the following Creatures have appeared in the Scavenging Caves!

Heartless Shade (Legendary) (NEW)

The shadows crawl beneath the Castle Morbidstein. Are they heartless creatures, or simply incarnations of darkness? No one can provide the answer. One noticeable thing is that they appear to be emotionless, striking down any who get too close with casual indifference. Further study should unlock the mystery of these creatures and where they came from. Fortunately, there is no shortage of test samples for they are multiplying underground endlessly.

Designed by : SoraXKairi

Recommended Level : 450+

Recommended Gold: 21,000+

Vorik Hydra (Legendary)

The Vorik Hydra is one of the greatest of its kind and the devourer of many heroes that were sent to kill it. Now few dare enter its dwellings deep in the Vorik swamps as none return from the quest to kill this immensely evil monster. The consequence is that the Hydra has grown hungry for the meat of man and has been forced from the confines of its stinking realm though hunger and set out on its own quest to devour all humans it finds...

Recommended Level : 900+

Recommended Gold: 29,000+

Ira Heketoro (Legendary)

Various stories have been passed down through the ages , though none create more excitement and fear than the story of Ira Heketoro. Legend speaks of an ancient forest where the mythical Taniwha Ira Heketoro lives and protects a mysterious stone of uncanny strength. Only the strongest and bravest of warriors would seek out the ancient forest. Few have ever returned. Those who return, while battle scarred and weary, possess treasures imbued with strength and spirit, enough to make many a brave man run in fear.

Designed by : Evilbry

Recommended Level : 1600+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Deaths Hood the Defiant (Legendary)

Deaths Hood the Defiant was a notorious Highwayman of prodigious skills. He was a bane to all cruel Highborn Nobles or unscrupulous Merchants and Traders. He always wore a black hood with a stylised skull face beneath it. Eventually, his luck ran out and he was caught in an ambush and murdered most foully.

This did not stop him however. His vengeful spirit has returned in defiance of his murderers and he preys on all traffic on the Highways. He has made only one change to his recognisable appearance. The skull face beneath his hood is no longer a mask!

Designed by : robinhood2

Recommended Level : 2400+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Ultra Hustler (Legendary) (NEW)

Ultra Hustler is a skillful trader and dealer. This is due to his subtle telepathicpowers. It is said that he was born in the poorest realms, raised in squalor. While this forced him to make dangerous deals to survive, he became a a canny and shrewd dealer! His fortunes changed when he came across a mysterious spirit. The Spirit asked for aid and Hustler bartered and haggled. His prodigious wheeling and dealing resulted in the spirit joining Hustler and granting him his telepathic power, making his hustling all the more potent!

Designed by : 1hustler

Recommended Level : 3000+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Mirky the Malevolent (Legendary) (NEW)

Mirky the Malevolent is a vile little backstabber. He hides in water or bogs, his fur looking like floating weeds and scum. He waits for even powerful foes that are well versed in combat, as he knows how to strike at weak or exposed joints in armor!

Designed by : EpicPiety

Recommended Level : 3700+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Mirky drops recipes that use older gear. Auctions for that gear have been cancelled and returned to the sellers.

These creatures shall be available until 14:00 on Monday the 12th of August 2019.

Finally, the issue with the Guild Advisor has been fixed. The Advisor will start updating daily information as of tomorrow.


~ The Fallen Sword team.

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