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Official Stance on Profanity

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 15:22

Ok, it's come up a few times now so hopefully this will be useful reference for Hunted Cow's official stance on profanity.


We want to keep Eldevin a friendly place for all ages, the game and forums being rated 13+. At the same time, we recognise that we have plenty of adults who play too and for that reason, we have an in-game swear filter. It's in your options panel in game, and it's turned on by default. If you don't like seeing profanity, leave it turned on.


That being said, use your common sense if you're going to use profanity. The swear filter is designed to catch most common swear words and offensive language but it cannot catch everything. If we programmed it to block every possible combination and variation of bad language, nobody would be able to say anything. If you find something that gets past the filter, it doesn't mean we're ok with you using it. If in doubt, report the loophole to check with us.


We also don't tolerate being directly abusive of other players, or the use of discriminatory language ever. It doesn't make a different whether you use profanity or not, or whether the other person uses their swear filter or not. Don't harass or abuse others.


So, to sum up, here are the guidelines:


  • If you don't want to see profanity, use your swear filter and if you want to use profanity, use common sense.
  • Don't deliberately miss-spell words or use innuendo to get stuff past the swear filter - it's not there as a personal challenge.
  • Don't use homophobic, racist, sexist or any other kind of discriminatory language in the world or realm chat ever, swear filter or not. 
  • Absolutely do not insult, berate or harass other players whether you use profanity or not.
  • Don't carry on obviously sexual or lewd conversations in public - if you want to have an adult conversation, make a private chat channel or take it to another form of chat outside of Eldevin.


We're still working on the report function, and we do recognize how important it is. In the meantime, reporting anyone being abusive or deliberately trying to offend or upset people and we'll do our best to sort it out.


If someone is attacking you personally, you can use the Block feature to ignore all their messages to you, which will also hide anything they post in the world chat. You can do this by going to your Social panel, clicking the Block tab at the bottom, and entering the name of the player you wish to ignore.

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Posted 18 May 2015 - 08:46

In addition to everything PhurieDae mentioned I'd like to reiterate the forums rules relating to language and profanity.


We don't have a swear filter on the forums. As a result of this we don't allow swearing of any kind here. This is intended to be an environment for younger players as well as everyone else. We also don't appreciate sexual references or innuendo.


In short, please keep the swearing, sexual references and innuendo out of these forums. We will start moderating peoples' posts if we find them to be flaunting these rules.

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