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#907736 New Suggestions

Posted by Rolantis on 08 December 2014 - 05:02

Game Content


I noticed recently that this game has a lot of recycled content.  Such as the vanity pets, vanity, and hybrid weapons.  New models is always a refreshing experience.

- Mounts
Currently I've been very satisfied with the new horse mounts being implemented to the game.  This was a big improvement for Eldevin.  They fit perfectly in the game and I have been waiting for them since I joined the Eldevin World.  Though, I wanted to suggest hopefully that we can see other animals being added.  (*Ex. Bears, Boars, Calgorns, Lions and Yetisaurus)

-- Mount Addons
I think it would be nice to incorporate a crafting system for their armor.  The materials should be hard to obtain in dungeon mode dungeons meaning they would drop less frequently.  Coupled with rare gathering materials when combining.  This could possibly expand the market on mounts.  Bound animal mounts can also upgraded.  Though they will continue to be a bound mount.
(*add some sshots later*)

- Prestige Vanity
I'm glad to see players currently wearing the prestige gear.  When I started playing it was kind of non-existant since people was working on getting it.  Though I would like to see some more sets added to the game. Maybe two for each Faction. (*Ex. Crimson Macabre[Exalted], Infernal Empire[Exalted] and Racketeers)

- Vanity Pets
They look nice and all but I feel they could be much more.  Possible having a system where each vanity pet gives you a 2-5% stat boost due to the rarity of the vanity pet. This would bring more appeal to the vanity pets and also this would boost the trade value for them.  Also, it would be good to have some type of quest to have a starter pet for new players so they can understand what they can do.

Game Mechanics

- Dungeons
Bochdaen Tomb recent update killed the dungeon mode version.  You rarely have anybody willing to run it since you guys slowed down the skeletons.  This dungeon was by far the hardest level 45 dungeon and also the most funnest to run.  I suggest to restore the dungeon mode skeletons back to the speed they were before.  You can leave the story mode ones slow since that was the problem from what I heard.

-- Dungeons Levels
I really wish you guys would've spread out the levels for each dungeon.  Instead of every 5 levels I thought it should of been every 10 levels.  I suggested this before the steam update.  Kind of defeat the purpose of running a dungeon when you can just skip it.  Ultramus who gave a good suggestion for how the dungeons should of been spreaded out.  Though we both felt it might be a little to late for this now.

Level 5 - Othalo GuardHouse - since you can solo this one
Level 10 - Boondocks
Level 20 - Vault and Odhar Scar
Level 30 - Garai Coliseum and Secluded Valley
Level 40 - Temple of Three and Terenul Rosu
Ascended - Rumbles Grotto and Bochdaen Tombs

--- Story Mode Dungeons
Even though I really would of liked regular dungeons with champion mobs and champion bosses.  The bosses will have more hp and a few skills possibly.  I think this game is getting to be more like a singleplayer game instead of a mmorpg.  I believe the story mode dungeons was made due to people not getting runs.  I think this was the easy fix to the real problem which is the lack of tanks and healers.  Gotta find some way to make those classes especially tanks more appealing.

- Friends List
Please look into updating this feature.  I know you guys added some good things to it but, I would like if a person added me to be one of their friends that it will send me a notification to accept or deny them.  Doesn't seem right people you don't know can just add you without you knowing or knowing who they are.  Also, i have seen Mongo's topic about showing friends alternate chars.  I really agree with him.  Adding friends other chars takes up space in friends list.

- Quests
Been replaying on my alt. character and thought the quest system could use some work.  I know most of this have been already posted.  Sometimes the location (?) mark don't send you to the right locations.  Also, not all of the gathered quests show the amount of items you have collected.

- Servers
The servers have improved alot since the beta hardware rendering.  Though more optimizing would be great.  Had a few server crashes here and there.

Thanks for reading would love to hear feedback from the community and staff.

#883123 3 Different Ideas.

Posted by Rolantis on 31 July 2014 - 20:55

Only thing encouraging in this shot is the open world I'm seeing with the new graphics acceleration.  As far as the superman cape I'm really against it.  It's bad enough we have a carpet, rocket and wings for mounts that I feel do not fit with the game.  I wouldn't mind if this was used as a [GM] mount.  But, this shouldn't be released for the players.  Regular cape would be fine as vanity or you could be able craft one onto your current gear. 

#859177 Questbook Help

Posted by Rolantis on 01 April 2014 - 12:42

This topic should be stickied.  Thanks for posting this.

#857149 Eldevin Army/Mage Quests

Posted by Rolantis on 24 March 2014 - 07:03

I have to agree that it's very confusing when you choose both.  Just up the exp and have players choose only one.

#850836 My Suggestions

Posted by Rolantis on 21 February 2014 - 12:28

Not sure if any of these ideas I'm getting ready to post has been posted or not.  Would like to say that I'm really enjoying this game and like how the devs listen to their playerbase.


Click Spoiler to see description.

Updated suggestions will have a star beside them.


Important Suggestions

Auction House - On Hold
Camera View Angle - In Progress

*Levels - Not Implemented

Guilds - On Hold
Guild War Structure - Not Implemented

Hardware Acceleration - In Progress

*Stand-alone Client - Beta


Game Suggestions

Barbershop - Not Implemented


Mounts - Not Implemented


Loot Pets - Not Implemented


Portal - Not Implemented


*Toolbars - Not Implemented


*Weather Effects - Not Implemented



Gear Suggestions

Enchantment - Not Implemented

Long Bow/Crossbow - Not Implemented


*New Vanity - Not Implemented


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