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PvP Skill-tree

04 October 2015 - 12:40

Welcome everyone!


PvP Skill-tree, why?

  • Cause the game needs more aspects / alternatives to attract more people as not everyone crave for the same kind of perspective

But we already do have lots of aspects? Super Elite Hunting, Titan Hunting, Leveling, Questing, PvP, Arena - you name it

  • Or do we? as most aspects requires buffs which is only to be achieved through the Leveling aspect this leaves us with the prime aspect to overrule any other.

This leads to the point of the publication of this topic.


So how would it work?

  • The PvP Skill-tree would be quiet diffrent from the leveling one as we are familiar with now. It won't require a specific level to be achieved through hunting but build on the fundament idea build on PvP points (which are temporary - will come back to this later)
  • It's a dynamic system that requires activity to develop and to keep sustainable.
  • You'll need to do some "leveling" to unlock the diffrent skills as you know it from the leveling one. But if you unlock it once it will stay unlocked no matter how many levels you lose.

How do I unlock these skills?

  • The idea is based on PvP points earned through diffrent kind of PvP aspects and spent to achieve the ability to cast specific buffs / blessings / skills - you name it
  • Skills will be linked just as you see it in present one. Offensive (Attack skills and Damage skills) and Defensive (Armor skills, Defense skills and HP skills)

Offensive linked attack-skills could be as followed: Rage > Fury > Dark Curse > Keen Edge > Coordinated Attack > Balanced Attack (each step requires PvP points sacrificed to Gurgriss to being blessed with the ability to cast these, the amount of PvP points require to unlock each step will increase slightly as you climb the links)


Defensive linked defense-skills could be as followed: Evade > Rock Skin > Auro of Protection > Constitution > Flinch > Nightmare Visage > Balanced Defense > Barricade > Coordinated Defense > Golden Shield > Dispel Curse > Shield Wall > Defensive Aura (as stated above same procedure would be used)


Specialized linked enhancement-skills: Empower > Demoralized > Undermine > Bastion > Side Step > Degrade > Sharpen > Retaliate


That's looking all good - but I've spent tons of FSPs to get acces to these skills through hunting!

  • That's why these skills in the PvP Skill-tree are "temporary" caused by the dynamic mecanism to prevent it from being introduced to just die out a few weeks later.

How would that be?

  • As you unlock the skills doesn't mean you can cast these yet. You've just unlocked the skill bank. If we decide it would cost 20 PvP points to unlock "Rage" as you purchase the skill you'll be handed the skill bank of '0/30 cast of Rage'
  • Skills will be available in the Temple of Gurgriss whom you'll need to sacrifice PvP points to in return of blessings as skills. You sacrifice X PvP points to achieve X Skill cast of your choice these will be added to your bank
  • PvP points cost per skill will depend on which kind of rank the skill is as 'Rage'  would be considered as a '1st Rank skill' it will be slightly cheaper than Defensive Aura which would be considered to be a '19th Rank skill'

Wouldn't this lead to players skipping leveling to just earn skills the easy way without requiring specific level to cast any skill on the PvP related skills on the PvP Skill-tree?

  • As for the fundamental idea of buffs/skills would be to have benefits for playing actively and getting better / more specialized I don't see this would be a problem. As stated above the skills at the PvP Skill-tree would require stamina usage to achieve these PvP points just as leveling takes stamina it would flatten out most advantages. If you want the skills to be yours unlimited you would still have the desire to level-up to achieve the skill permanently by reaching the required level.
  • Players would keep on leveling up as items too are linked to the Leveling aspect with increasing stats to have a better shot at diffrent PvP aspects such as Bounty Board or Ladder the desire would stay healthy.


Upgrades which could be added if this idea is implemented:

  • +10 Skill bank (choose skill)
  • +1 Blessing per day (maybe add some kind of limit of sacrifices to Gurgriss to prevent missuse of some kind)


What did you like?

What did you dislike?


Let the community know your oppinion!

Alittle all-around thinking

26 September 2015 - 07:40

I've been reading through the forums for the last past weeks and gathered some ideas from other players POV on the game for diffrent aspects of the game which I would like to publish in this tread.


PvP / Bounty Board / Ladder:


- Bounty tick for every hit on the Bounty board to reward everyone who takes part in this aspect of the game. Lately there's been discussed what the solution to the Bounty board could be and as I see it I think it would engage more players to try out as even if they could only get 7 hits in they atleast got something out of it (besides the experience doing it)


- Legendary set reward from the Ladder (LOW durabilty / HIGH stats / bonus) These would be "unrepairable" by the original blacksmith but would take PvP points to repair which would require you take part in some kind of PvP to have this kind of gear available for your use - should probably be bound?


- PvP skill tree which would stand out from the level-up skill trees by require the same PvP points as from the idea above - not much new rethinking have to be done as it states we already have plenty of skills (PvP only) and you could simply choose to add skills used in Leveling and PvP at both kind of skill trees to make them available for both aspects.


Titan Hunting:


- Team work required to hunt down Titans maybe even between guilds? It's getting well-known that it takes too little to even solo a Titan (I know it's a game but come on how many times does David defeat Goliat?) this result in alot of epics flowing the game (sure you can try to handle it with recipes and all but what would prevent it from creating same problem when the epics from recipes will get less desireable again?) I don't think much can be done to the current titan base but atleast for the future generation would be great to see some strategy / teamwork being needed. As we as players gathers us together why wouldn't these giants do so too? Enhancing eachother with mightiness and devilish spirits.



I will try to update the tread over time as new ideas may appear.

Please leave feedback whatever your POV may be as we're all a part of the development.

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