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In Topic: Next Game Update...

10 July 2018 - 03:02

I sincerely hope that the buff market will be addressed.  There are still no FSP offerings coming up in search, only featured packages on the left appear.   I have modified my FSP packages to gold so they can still sell, but others are probably unaware of this anomaly.

broken again,,, or everyone took down their packages at once

In Topic: Buff market

08 July 2018 - 03:41

+1 would be nice to know what we are buying

In Topic: Double XP Event now LIVE!

06 July 2018 - 17:47

Just pointing this out,, most players dont,, or cant read news flashes particularly the end times for things. Perhaps its time to announce the event ended since its still on top of front page :)

In Topic: Separatists' holiday

06 July 2018 - 17:45

OMG Really

And i thought the wickerman event, with the burning of the Cathedral. Was an inside joke. Remembering back in the day when they're servers caught fire and the game was down for a week LOL

Yep,, that is why the mini quest involved a pile of gunpowder under the cathedral XD

In Topic: Separatists' holiday

06 July 2018 - 01:00

Pretty sure Guy Fawkes Day is widely celebrated here,,, ya know on Nov 5th with wickerman,, related quests items, and all that. Which makes sense since its a holiday in the UK. Was just trying to make a small suggestion id seen in years past but never implemented. Of course we can do Bastille day, Austrailia day (or Anzac day,, btw why is there a Western Austrailia day but no Eastern,,,, and you talk about segregation :P )

,,,,, Showa day, defense of the fatherland day, Eid Al Adha, Tiradentes day, cinco de mayo, talk like a pirate day or anything really. The post was just coinciding with a US holiday but im all for presents or events of any type.

And the title of the post was intentional, I think it would be amusing to see an event where the ungrateful serfs of the realm try and rebel and we are called in to stop them and keep the commonwealth together :P

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