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In Topic: Minor bug?

Yesterday, 17:31

k, thanks y'all :)

In Topic: Minor bug?

Yesterday, 16:38

Are Guild Locked potions? Or just Composed Potions?

~ Grim


spooky potions from halloween - these are the potions i bought ... in the other folder:


HhTtklh.jpg (manage backpack)


i see these in my backpack, not the mysterious one 


refreshing the screen brought the images back:


In Topic: Minor bug?

Yesterday, 16:18

bought some spooky potions some weeks ago, then right-clicked to send them to another backpack folder - this is my main backpack today:




this is what i see now when i click "manage" backpack (same folder)

6dCUA48.jpg a mysterious invisible spooky potion

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06 December 2019 - 23:38


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06 December 2019 - 19:58


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