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New Player Feedback

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#61 Major Lag

Major Lag

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Posted 15 November 2014 - 04:46

as a new from steam player, giving feedback, greatly enjoy the game so far.

only issue is I notice at times quests get confusing as it needs more info on where to go who to see where.

have had to keep wiki up, and would like it if quest text larger and easier to read, I play large monitor and find myseld squinting to read text in eldevin, not in other games.

I also would like to suggest an option to lock bags to inventory slots, as I mistakenly picked up bag instead of item in it

and it made all my gear inside disappear :( asking around i found it happens to others, this shouldn't happen.

#62 wingstar7


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Posted 15 November 2014 - 13:59

Hello, my mmo experience comes from aardwolf, uo, eq, daoc, ryl 2, wow and lastly tabula rasa =( with some other random lesser known mmos in between. I have always been a casual player without much commitment to the communities.


I had no problem going through the tutorial, although I wished the whole time that it will be over soon. Is it possible to have a separate mode of 'comfortable' tutorial where users are given just the summary of  game mechanisms? For example, "Most plants which allow harvesting are outlined in green" with "You need to be of certain level to harvest products from plants in higher level area" hidden under 'more' tag. 


Coming from late 20s/early 30s age group, I tried to get a friend (fellow ex-uo player) to play the game, he couldn't make it through the tutorial.. But I'm pretty sure he will enjoy the game if he can skip the tutorial and get to do whatever he wants without the pressure of tutorials. (that's what I sold him)


I would also like to praise the developer for the very well designed game, I really like the game because it feels comfortable right away. I keep thinking that this game is the culmination of all the devs mmo' gaming days. Congrats.




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Posted 17 November 2014 - 16:32

Some new players complain that after buying Arcane Disc mount with their hard earned 1 gold, they realize that they need 5 gold to buy level 1 riding skill to use it and feel ripped off. There should be a sentence that reads "You need riding skill to ride  a mount" at where they can buy mount.

#64 Richgar


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Posted 06 May 2015 - 17:04

Death's Door should be explained so that players know not to turn in a bunch of quests and lose 75% of the xp.

#65 Voyance


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Posted 31 May 2015 - 00:03

Hello, I'm new to the forums and new to the game (Lv17). I've been playing this game with my brothers and we all started at the same time. Here are our concerns so far...


- PvP: It's very uninspiring for us noobs. I like how they standardized PvP situations by providing a huge boost per level below 47. However, I feel this is not enough to be competitive IF the intention is to level the playing field across all levels. First, higher level characters have access to a larger variety of skills from talents and buying them. Second, they have MUCH better equipment. IMO the boost should be a bit larger than it is IF the intent is to level the playing field.


- PvP 2: As it is now, there aren't any considerable consequences against PKers killing skillers. Skillers are already at a disadvantage of losing resources they worked to gather. In addition, the skillers are most likely to be in the middle of an animation while skilling and get caught in a stun/snare move resulting in an almost sure death. Not to mention, skillers can't seem to use boats/deposit tokens when under attack = they have no choice. An initiator of an attack at TA should have a debuff for 30 seconds where they lose half of their gear durability if they die AND they lose durability 3 times the usual rate when attacking.


- Talents: Allow players to preview talent skills. I do not know what detonate is and I'm scared to waste my valuable talent point in it. I suppose this could be done with a little button to show a generic character doing this skill on a dummy or dummies to show AoE.


- Gathering: Allow players to swap out "rare" materials for regular ones. A shop should be set up to do this with a 5 regular :1 rare ratio.


- The Vault: A shop for Vault Relics should be set up to sell the Lv15 set items.


- Set Items: Set items should show set effects when hovered.


- Stuns against bosses: they do not work for crap. Bosses should still be affected by stuns but they should only be 25% of their original duration + they have a longer immunity after suffering from stuns. Characters built around this are


- World Map: I wish it moves along with the character instead of having to open/close it over and over when travelling long distances.


- Playerbase is too small, I'm afraid for the game's future if this keeps up. Seriously, it's rare to see 150+ players online.


- Chat commands: The "/?" should list more of the commands excluding those from riding, emotes, and pets.


Overall, I've liked the game so far. My brothers love it even more. Keep up the good work!


P.S. It's been a pain in the butt to try to login and post in the forums. For some reason, it just keeps on logging me out when I enter the Eldevin forum.


EDIT: I forgot to address the things you wanted to know from the front page


Nothing was that hard to pick up when starting out except for a few skills. I'd rather the tutorial quests for ALL skills to also be available at Othallo. The map icons took a bit to master completely. Quest icons (excluding gray ones) should also have a toggle to show up on the world map. The void realm was pretty cool but I'd very much rather do the "extended" tutorial before doing the void realm. For the most part, the tool tips are clear. I can't think of much issues.

Edited by Voyance, 31 May 2015 - 01:15.

#66 Thuum


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Posted 11 June 2015 - 13:01

I have found, by inviting my friends to play, that some of them play for 5-10 minutes and find the game boring, and never play again, but i also have found that the game is really laggy towards the beginning of the game, especially if you don't change your video settings. This was the case for me and many of my friends and my brother.

#67 Thuum


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Posted 11 June 2015 - 13:04

Also have a warning at the beginning of the game to make sure people pay attention to the Infernal Siege Tutorial, because i didn't and i had to restart once, and i specd templar when i wanted to be mage and i didn't know i could spec  anything else. But i am mage now so all is good.

#68 minddrag



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Posted 03 July 2015 - 02:52

I loved this gave when I first started it... I had posted acrudyon of mmos but this one was so good and ik its weird but they were best graphics I have seen... Also I love forestry and the forests were very well done... With my expertise bow if it was hard


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#69 Massitha


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Posted 03 April 2019 - 08:38

oo a thread for new players, nice. most of my mmo experience is from WoW and Runescape but I've played some other random things like Forsaken World as well. Personally speaking, I feel like there's a strong Neverwinter Nights influence, which I love.


1.) What was hard to pick up when you first started playing, why was it hard and do you have any suggestions to improve this


The only thing that gave me any problem (not really though) was understanding professions and how they related to which class you wanted to play. I'm a Prophet, but I also love skilling, so I was working on Armorsmithing and Leatherworking, when I could have just focused on Tailoring. Eventually I want all my skills maxed so it didn't bother me, but I could see how it would be confusing.


2.) Did you get stuck anywhere?


So far no. Before I understood how the Questbook/stories really worked, I thought I was stuck, cause I felt like I had completed that area so to speak, but then I realized and it was fine lol.


3.) How was the tutorial (void realm) for you?


It was ok, did it's job.


4.) What are your opinions on the "extended" tutorial, i.e.: Othalo and the basic quests (Basic Melee, Basic Archery, Basic Magic)


This is where the real tutorial starts and where you learn a lot in a short amount of time, without it seeming like it's bombarding you with HERE IS HOW YOU DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS. So, imo, it's a fantastic tutorial because you integrate story and skill, as to where the void tutorial is essentially a backstory setup with a side of tutorial. 


5.) How are you finding the current tutorial tooltips, are they clear enough?


Probably won't ever turn them off, they are helpful.

#70 Xudo


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Posted 23 June 2019 - 20:43

Im new steam player. Found your game while searching "steam world of warcraft like games".
My MMO experience in this genre includes primarily wow. In additiona I tried archeage, ryzom, LotRO.

Current level 11. I have passed "Homecoming" and "learning the craft" quest groups. It was first day I have played, so I write while impression is fresh.

What was hard to pick up when you first started playing, why was it hard and do you have any suggestions to improve this

I had to ask for help with "My supplies" quest. I went down to lower levels of cave and tried to find supplies there. Actually, they was near entrance. Not sure if it needs fixing at all.

Did you get stuck anywhere?

I didn't.

How was the tutorial (void realm) for you?

No idea what is "void realm". Introductionary quests are clear enough and give information gradually.

What are your opinions on the "extended" tutorial, i.e.: Othalo and the basic quests (Basic Melee, Basic Archery, Basic Magic)

I have got so many skills from quests, so it was not clear when I should start to buy skills from trainers for money.
I'm playing tanking character. My first death was from 2 Giant Sewer Slug when I pulled them together at level 9 or 10 knowing only Vindicate (from melee skills). Second death was from 2 Rabid Plagued pulled together. Though, I did my revenge later, when I learned Bloodbath.
I think I got too much xp from introductionary quests. All quest in log have lesser level than my characters level. This way, healing potions which I get as reward from some quests become useless. They restore 125 hp when my character has 1660.

How are you finding the current tutorial tooltips, are they clear enough?

They are ok. Didn't notice anything related.

Overall impression is: good job, but it is more like regular RPG.
Though I'm not sure that story mode for dungeons is good solution for low population. There is no need to cooperate with other players because of it. I think it is OK to get stuck on quests, which require group to complete. One can assemble a group or ask player with higher level for help. Both things will improve social part of the game, which is good.

There is LFG button, but it is small and practically invisible. I found it by accident at 11 level.
"Current average wait time" always shows 1 hour. It is obviously incorrect. I was in queue for 3 hours without interruption. I think it is better to show number for relevant level. If waiting time on 10 level is infinite, then it is better to show this. This way, players will start gathering by themselves or ask other player of higher level for help.
There was some players of my level, but I think they don't even notice that I queued to dungeon.
Are there some announcement to all players of same level that party is gathering?
I don't like the fact that there is one NPC which sells scrolls for all skill trees at once. It breaks immersion. There are already quests for some initial skills. It will be great if you make quests for other skills too. There are not much of them anyway.

I like your version of professions. I have chosen skinning, foraging, farming, prospecting and cooking, armorsmithing and weaponsmithing.
Sometimes skinning is weird.
First example is Ham from wolves, sandcrawlers and even from sewer slugs. Thats entirely different beasts. Why do they have same meat?
Second example is quest "To Roshaven". I need to gather 12 Sandcrawler meat. Quest item drops as regular loot from sandcrawlers. But when I skin them, I get Ham. I think it is good idea to put sandcrawler meat to reward of skinning. It don't drop from each crawler, so little benefit for skinner will be neat. There are a number of other quests requiring animal parts, which not always drop.

I spotted bronze depozit once. It is weird too. Bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin. It can't be found naturally as ore deposit.

Other weird thing is that dragon travel from Roshaven to Eldevin City costs 26 copper, but opposite route from Eldevin to Roshaven costs 5 silver and 86 copper.

I'd like to finish on positive note. I like the story. It is started with cliche "I don't remember the past", but it is OK for MMO.
I like animations and general look. Troopers scared of skeleton archers are great. Other minor animations are good too.
You have nice music too.

#71 Xudo


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Posted 25 June 2019 - 19:26

Spent another 2 days, trying to gather parties and run low level instances. I have completed The Boondocs, The Vault and Wrath of the beastman.
Population is generally low, but a bit higher in the very beginning because people tend to try this game and quit.
If you look at achievements, then you'll see that only 7% of players reach 10 level and only 3% of players reach 20 level.
Sometimes I was assisted by high-level player. Sometimes I have assembled group of other people. At the end of day 2, I tried solo "story mode".
If you don't like hardcore gameplay, then you need low-level dungeons only to complete story quests. I think that easiest way to complete them is to find high level help.
If you hardcore and like to overcome difficulties with same buddies, but you came alone. Then you'll be lucky if you find 2 other players. None of them will be specced as pure healer. Though, mages get healing spells too.
Finding a party of same levels is not optimal strategy anyway. There are dungeon-only resources needed to craft final piece of dungeon-related set.
This is the only reason to group for dungeon. Note that rare resources drop only if party size >= 3 player.
All dungeons can be passed alone in "story mode". You will be asked at entrance.
More than that, you'll get same loot as in "dungeon mode". Only difference is quantity. 1 item per player per boss.
With proper skill, you can farm items in story mode and sell them for gold. This is more profitable than crafting.
Crafting is mostly boring and leveling it takes much more time than leveling character. I have to admit that you get better gear from crafting than from questing.
In the same time, crafted items are generally worse than dungeon loot. Keep in mind that you can get dungeon loot solo and it will probably be more interesting than digging or growing plants.
I was specced as tank, but it seems it was bad idea. Best class for low level dungeons is ranger.
You are faster than mobs and than bosses which attack in melee. The only problem are archers and mages.
If you spend attribute points in ranged combat, then you'll get better defense against ranged attacks. This way, you'll need to kill enemy mages first, then archers, then melee.
Other way is to level mage. He can heal himself and good in ranged combat. Order of killing enemy mobs is archers, mages and then melee.
Best professions to level are Alchemy and Cooking. You'll always need consumables.
You need Foraging to gather resources for Alchemy. Cooking mostly requires Farming, but there are some recipes requiring Skinning and Fishing.

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