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#995127 what to do ...

Posted by UrcK on 05 January 2019 - 05:35

 With all these skills points left over after i maxed every skill in all three trees ? ... do i just collect them until level 6k or whenever the new skills may be released.


Or do we come up with a new way to spend them on things already in the game ?.. like convert them to ladder points or arena tokens or whatever better idea i'm sure one of you will offer.

#991555 Instant Portal

Posted by UrcK on 20 April 2018 - 04:21

i can not port either in the world map or in the prefs instant port.. im on PC


Edit: have now checked with several machines and browsers .. i turned off FSH/TM still nothing.. 


this is NOT on my end !! 


Edited 2x: i tryed old map and port and was able to get to krul .. but still unable to port on new map at all..

#977256 The need for gold

Posted by UrcK on 28 February 2017 - 23:16

Perhaps if not an increase in gold somewhere along the line .. surely we all could agree that we need to remove the diminishing returns on gold after EOC like we did on GXP..

#977254 The need for gold

Posted by UrcK on 28 February 2017 - 22:50

So all these EOC players who are sitting on over 25k worth of stamina or more. Should have Creatures paying out more gold. Instead of actually spending those huge stamina banks, to kill larger numbers of creatures to get the gold. Whereas somebody of my level with the little bit of stamina that I have has to kill as many creatures as I can. To get larger amounts of gold. I mean, I'm sorry that you're waiting around for content. But I don't think that's a reason to pay you two or three times as much as what you're making now. So you can burn through all that stamina that you all are sitting on. To make an exorbitant amount of gold.

Reading many of these threads painfully discouraging :-(



You do understand that beyond EOC each level you earn a smaller and increasingly smaller amount of gold ? we are forced to continually hunt for next to NO gold ...rendering spending the large stam bank NOT profitable ...

#977121 The need for gold

Posted by UrcK on 25 February 2017 - 00:40

As i read the posts .. no one seems to be addressing the real problem here.. that you do not see any gold increase after level 300 all the way to EOC .. yet the cost to survive and maintain skyrocket ..







#971328 #1 player discussion

Posted by UrcK on 31 October 2016 - 21:11

okay .. lets petition for a medal for most max stam.. but #1 player isnt spose to be based on who spent the most on stam bank

#971157 Halloween Legendaries!

Posted by UrcK on 30 October 2016 - 20:40

Thank you for earning me 100 fsp .. i had a bet this would happen :)

#969226 Frustration

Posted by UrcK on 21 September 2016 - 15:03

can you throw a SE in there .. its almost 1000 levels since we had one..

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#969123 Frustration

Posted by UrcK on 19 September 2016 - 20:37

 Don't forget the 'special' questline for L3K .. and 4+ years and we havent gotten the next step in the Epic Questline either ..

#965080 Double XP Event begins!

Posted by UrcK on 01 July 2016 - 16:58

please explain how is it possibly fair to drop more content after so many exhausted their resources to get to EOC then you drop more content ? (cause i will explain how its not if need be)

#956135 Not sure if this is intended ...

Posted by UrcK on 30 December 2015 - 08:03

 .. but the one handed axes that take up 3 tiles in the BP will not chop trees..


 I really hope that this gets fixed so that they can.

#952638 Oidhche Shamhna IV

Posted by UrcK on 04 November 2015 - 01:27



Folk just had other priorities. The overall kill count was up somewhat from previous Halloween globals, but it's MEANT to be a challenge after all.


The first year results :-


30.10.2012 halloween_zpsb54673eb.png Oidche Shamhna I 67,559,336 Ruby


The 2nd year results :-


29.10.2013 halloween_zpsb54673eb.png Oidche Shamhna II 66,255,625 Ruby


The figures for last year werent on the wiki unfortunately, but as you can clearly see - the kill count WASN'T unattainable - we just chose to focus on other things this time around.

Care to factor in the decrease in the player database?

#952627 Oidhche Shamhna IV

Posted by UrcK on 04 November 2015 - 00:08

This is one of my biggest beefs with THIS particular event .. BigGrim has promised in the past that we would have hidden targets so that the people that did more than minimum but not top 100 would not feel so jilted... it was just untrue.

#921297 Quit setting us up for failure ..

Posted by UrcK on 24 February 2015 - 15:57

I love ya hoof .. but fixing it for Darksun after 99% of the community misses out on Ruby Cuts will be a huge slap in the face ...

#921292 Quit setting us up for failure ..

Posted by UrcK on 24 February 2015 - 15:27

Ruby Cut are the most coveted chests in the game .. to dangle them in front of the whole community then say their work wasn't good enuf to earn them if you didn't have a huge stam bank is  sick and twisted.

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