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24 February 2021 - 20:43

While generally I prefer to be the "counter-argument" type of person, I'll bite first here. I voted "no," and while those before me have listed a few reasons, I'll either reiterate or put my own perspective here instead.


If you want to "hold" a relic as it currently is, you have to work as a guild to do so, and I think with your proposal, that wouldn't change. What would change, though, is a simple move of who the "lead defender" is based on either an "elected" or "appointed" position, but then I would have to ask why that would be necessary. As it stands, the highest level player is the "lead defender," and rightfully so, in my opinion. In what way could the highest level player being the "lead defender" be a negative outside of them wearing Epics all hours of the day? Your highest level player has access to ALL of the gear available to them not to mention the best possible stats given access to their potential Level Up Points which would then be inflated by the buffs and potions that affect them.


From my perspective (and only mine), this seems like a guild-only "strife" and not something that affects the game as a whole as most everyone else seems to have coped or figured a "work-around."


There are a couple of "fixes," for the lead defender, though, and both are rather easy, again, in my opinion:


  • Have the Highest Level Player Wear Appropriate Defending Gear Instead of Epics
    • This seems like the easiest solution as it only requires a simple change of gear, not to mention it maximizes your potential as a guild for defending the relic
  • Have the Higher Level Players Who Wear Epics Move
    • Again, a fairly simple fix, and while it may decrease the defending stats marginally, if you want to defend effectively, higher level players can move over to different relics.


I haven't put much thought into potential other "fixes," but these two were off the top of my head. The "strategy" and "interest" are moot here as holding multiple relics already has the defending guild suffer stat penalties as it is. There isn't really "strategy" involved if you can just run "Reign of Terror" with some of the potions and swing into a guild holding 4-6 relics. It's ALMOST an "easy-button."

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