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In Topic: Proposed Loyalty Update.

16 September 2021 - 14:50

Not sure when/if the new changes are being implemented but my recommendation on the second round of changes is to swap the token price of the AM/Cons pot with the BM pot (or match the token price of 1k). AM 450 with conserve is nice but we already have plenty of alternatives and similar potion choices (both from donation chests and global participation). BM 500 is a more powerful and rare effect and I think the token cost should reflect that. 

In Topic: Proposed Loyalty Update.

08 September 2021 - 19:43

I agree with pretty much everything silents0ul said. Distil 250 is a big red flag for power creep, big no-no in my opinion. Even at that price BM 500 alone is already useful for both PvP and long hunts. The AL, Lib, and Conserve pots are insanely good and you could introduce them at the cost of people never using donation chests ever again. Even if you reduced all the stats to 750 like a christmas box it would kind of kill the demand for epic chests. Personally I would stick to keeping the core levelling buffs (outside doubler i guess) inside various donation chests.

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