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08 June 2021 - 23:45

Hello and no the devs have said before they wouldn't shut the game down well cause they have couple others that have even less people playing and this is what I use for graphics options when I'm playing, for me it the best setup but maybe not for others.

In Topic: This game was so fun

17 January 2021 - 14:35

I agree, there is just something about this game that always draws you back to it or for some to at least see how its been doing.


The outcome of the game could of been a lot different if the devs continue with updates that were at least 1 or 2 a yr, that would of held ppl around and at least give them the reason to stay around. Plus with the way some ppl's support tickets were being handle that didn't help the cause either.


The game is still fun to play and there are still enough ppl to make it interesting.

In Topic: What videos are you watching?

21 December 2020 - 21:12

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