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GvG - The Rejuvenation

13 June 2022 - 03:45

I’d like to take a moment to proceed with laying out something of a change, or changes, to the way that GvG currently functions that isn’t a mentioned overhaul. In doing so, previous ideas to address GvG and its intricacies were taken into consideration when compiling ideas.



  • Updated RP Packs

  • Notification System + Prep Time for Incoming Conflicts

  • Offline Time for AFK Targets Reduced 7 Days -> 2 Days

  • Level Ranges Expanded; +25 Levels Every 1,000 Levels Gained

  • GvG “Seasons;” 3 Month Intervals with Achievement


I reached out to a few people in the GvG community to gather ideas and data to help with the way that GvG functions to come up with something that could inject some life into an otherwise stagnant aspect of FS.


The general consensus to GvG is that “whoever initiates is guaranteed AT LEAST a draw” because the idea is to rush the opposing guild and hit those targets who are offline in Epics and have zero or close to zero chance of fighting back. In doing this, the defending guild has to hit back into targets that are now buffed up after they’ve all utilized potions to nearly guarantee, at the very least, an unresolved combat.


The first proposed change to combat this would be a notification system; the game could send an “Admin Guild Mass” PM to all members notifying them of the incoming conflict. A separate idea could potentially be to enable notifications for incoming conflicts the way they are now for when opposing guilds take relics. Anything that helps notify individuals of incoming conflicts would be better than the way it currently functions. “The Guild ‘Minions of Mirkwood’ has initiated a conflict against you! You have X hours to prepare for incoming hits!” of which the “X” hours COULD count towards the 24 hour conflict timer, or it could be its own separate timer prior to the 24 hour window.


Another issue that was a general consensus is that if there’s a target who’s offline for a few days, then they were likely one of the prime targets. The idea here would be to decrease the inactivity timer for targets. It’s currently a seven day timer, however, most have said to decrease it to 48 hours and under.


The last general consensus idea was to have some GvG level ranges expanded more. Similar to how the PvP ladder scales and works now based on level, the idea would be to do something more in line with that as well. While leaving the lower brackets as they are (50-300, 301-699), the idea would be to have scalar level ranges to provide more activity. 700-1000 (+/- 100), 1001-2000 (+/- 125), 2001-3000 (+/- 150), 3001-4000 (+/- 175), 4001-5000 (+/- 200), 5001-6000 (+/- 225), etc. The minor change in level scaling would provide a boost in activity in the middling ranges that are barren at the moment provided the compression at the bottom at the “race to EoC” at the top.


The RP packs need to be updated, and there are other ideas that could inject more life than Epics currently do. Crystalline gear across all the levels available in FS, perhaps some niche potions that are distributed to each guild member at the time of purchase, etc. Having the items available as consumables that aren’t just a “one time purchase” here also helps with the demand of gaining RP as well.


The below are the RP Packs that have been brought up in discussion:


  • Enchant Pack - 100 RP

    • Move Levels to 200; Change to Contain ALL Enchant Buffs (No Cursed)

  • Fortune Pack = Stays Same

  • Mastersmith Pack - 5 RP = Mastersmith 200

  • Titan Pack - 300 RP

    • Titan Doubler 200

    • Light Foot 600

    • Avert Gaze 200

    • Teleport 200

  • Leveling Pack - 300 RP

    • Stalker 400

    • Sacrifice 350

    • Overkill 350

    • Animal Magnetism 400

  • Defense Pack - 300 RP

    • Avenger 300

    • Stalwart Heart 300

    • Healer 300

    • Fortitude 300

  • Bounty Pack - 300 RP

    • Anti Deflect 400

    • Spell Breaker 300

    • Retaliate 300

    • Undermine 300

  • Buff Provider Pack - 20 RP

    • Buff Master 250

    • Guild Buffer 250

    • Extend 250

    • Buff Enhancer 300

  • Fighter Pack - 200 RP

    • Fist Fight 250

    • Critical Strike 250

    • Side Step 250

    • Riposte 250

    • Sharpen 250


In addition to the minor quality of life type changes mentioned above, another change mentioned would be the resetting of the GvG rating every three months or so akin to the PvP ladder with the reward being a simple guild achievement displaying “1st Place in a GvG Season” with the reward potentially being an additional relic slot, or base stamina gain so as to incentivize actively pursuing 1st place repeatedly to keep others from achieving the same.

The ability to provide individuals a competitive aspect to partake in while being rewarded for doing well, coupled with multiple opportunities, over time, to climb and attempt to make the most of a “fresh start” at the start of the three months will also help inject that liveliness into an otherwise humdrum aspect. We already have the resetting of rating present in the game, as mentioned, so transitioning that into the GvG area seems like a relatively easy and feasible way to go about helping bolster individuals’ pride in their ability to conduct themselves at the pinnacle of guild activities.

While there will be more feedback, I’m sure, from those who have a vested interest in the GvG aspect, hopefully this can serve as a basic backbone moving forward.

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