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#988520 Rebuilding the Wiki

Posted by pinkdude on 18 December 2017 - 05:57

Sorry to bump this post. I quite like the wiki and think its very useful. I am not sure what happened to erase 4 years of work. Could somebody explain? I've been going through the pages and its very easy to fix them from an image standpoint.


A bad image looks like this: "http://huntedcow.cac...tiles/7_49.gif"

A good image looks like this: "http://cdn.fallensword.com/tiles/7_49.gif"


I've fixed a handful of pages towards the beginning of content in a short amount of time. Essentially, I just edit the source, copy it, paste it into a text editor and execute a find and replace.


find: huntedcow.cachefly.net/fs

replace: cdn.fallensword.com


Then paste it back onto the page. It's very easy and quick. Would this be helpful to anyone if I began to fix the wiki?


I am also thinking that there is a chance I could make a bot that goes to every page and executes the find and replace instead of manually doing this. PointyHair could probably do something like this fairly quickly. He should definitely take over if he wants to. I am just finishing up some exams but could look into programming a bot if he does not have the time to invest. I'm studying to be a software engineer but have no done any web based programming like this before so it should be a fun learning experience.


Also, can anyone from HCS let me know if this sort of automation is frowned upon? I know having a bot play fs is bad, but can I try to develop one that would fix the wiki?

#935404 Rise of the Wraiths V (Global)

Posted by pinkdude on 12 June 2015 - 14:20

You are welcome and yes they do drop Stashes. They drop Wraith Frag Stashes.

Doh! I wasn't seeing any log messages so I figured these were one of the creatures that didn't drop anything. I completely forgot about the hide notification option. Whoops

#919596 What DON'T you like about PvP?

Posted by pinkdude on 14 February 2015 - 23:25

And your aggrieved bad attitude against PvPers is precisely why you think you have a problem. You don't. Just play the game. You alluded to the fact that I had previously done something egregious to your character. I haven't done anything against anyone that is illegal by the game's rules. Whatever happened to you(or your guild), you probably earned it. I don't have to justify my game play. I didn't design this game. I would drop you or anyone else I wanted to drop by myself if I could. I can't. The game mechanics don't allow it. You're complaining about the semantics of the term PvP instead of learning to play it.


I am not in a gang, I am in a guild. Get it straight!! Stop using offensive terms. I protect and defend players who are in my guild and also allies/friends outside my guild. Why don't you? Why doesn't your guild protect you? Does your moral compass prevent you, or is it that you or your guild are incapable? Or maybe both? That is not my fault, but yours. I am not a bully! I am an affective PvPer who has played the game for years. I will continue to drop anyone I want for any reason I want without harassing them. Maybe if an aggrieved player like yourself stops putting themselves into positions of vulnerability, aka attacking others, they can stop feeling the victim. Yes, that is how the game mechanics continue to work.

This is why I'm not a fan of PvP in its current state. So only a select few can participate in PvP? All others should stop attacking because then they will become the victim? 


What do you suggest they do when they are attacked? Just accept it and try to outlevel their attacker? Because, afterall, they wouldn't want to put themselves in a position of vulnerability by attacking.


Those who take pride in their smashes are almost as big of a farce as PvP as a whole. I am not referencing all those who take pride, just those that are well connected and have large amounts of players for backup.


"Well it's not my fault I make friends. Maybe you should make friends to defend you" <---- A very common statement I see on these PvP threads. And frankly, I am dumbfounded by its popularity among PvPers. I have friends on this game and I'm sure other Non-PvPers do as well. "Why don't you get them to defend you?" I could. But its frivolous. My friends and I "care" about levels. It doesn't do us any good to gang up and attack the PvPers. The PvPers lose XP (that they don't care about) and now they can drop me and my friends all 5 levels (that we care about). I might as well just tough it out and hope it stops. 


"Theres PvP Protection. Why don't you just purchase it?" PvP Protection is expensive. Not everyone has the funds to protect themselves while they try to outlevel their attacker. imo, its the FS version of extortion. I am paying gold to protect myself from PvPers. Doesn't sound quite right to me, but I'll accept it as the alternative is being constantly attacked. 



There is a gang of PvPers (Gang is defined as a "group or band") that control PvP. They are essentially untouchable. Players are taught from a low level to never attack X guild or Y player because they will be constantly harassed by his/her friends. How is this a conducive environment to encourage those to PvP? Why would I want to participate in PvP if I can't target certain players because of their social rank? This is why, imo, PvP is dead. 


Until this PvP oligarchy can be controlled or removed I do not think PvP will ever thrive. 

#917784 bring life back to the game

Posted by pinkdude on 01 February 2015 - 00:10

Guild tagging is very much a double edged sword.


It's great for low level players who can experience the game without investing by joining guilds with gear for them


It's bad for gear prices because 1 or 2 items suddenly replaces the need for 200-300 items.


As a different idea to the above, instead of limiting the NUMBER of items that a guild can tag, perhaps limit it by LEVEL ??


So, those that are starting out in the game and still low level (say, perhaps L500 and under) can still have access to guild tagged gear, but guilds CAN'T tag any equipment above Level 500 ?


BUT, there's more than just the price of the gear to take into account here .... forcing players to have their own gear opens up a whole new can of worms where they are also forced to get more BP slots. Is that necessarily a problem ? - no, but I'm sure that the howls of protestation would make it seem so.


Just throwing this out as an idea - limiting guild tagging won't affect me now, but it certainly would have when I first started out in the game. I was using mish-mash gear until I joined a guild and had access to better gear (well, better for the most part - I still found some better permutations than the tagged stuff LOL)

I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about how this would affect the game (other than the obvious increase in value of LE items). From a quick glance, I like this idea. Yes it would cause complaining from those who are used to using guild gear to hunt. But It would also make hunting harder. Not everybody would have access to the best hunting gear. Alternate setups and buffs would need to be considered. If this isn't considered, those with hundreds of BP spaces will overfarm the items and there will always be a surplus of new gear


I doubt this will be considered, however. It is a HUGE change to the game mechanics. One can dream though  ;)

#916992 Rather than new skills why not make current buffs more powerful, or both?

Posted by pinkdude on 26 January 2015 - 00:36

Not opposed to this happening for certain buffs. Would give the higher levels a small advantage again and reduce the gap between potions and buffs

#916991 Possible Loyalty Potions?

Posted by pinkdude on 26 January 2015 - 00:32

RP packs are all fine and good, but they have to be scheduled, and not always available.... And many, many guilds just do not participate in pillow fighting (yeah, mine does, but still, this is supposed to be for everybody, not just a select few, right?).  

I want more gold on my time, and I don't want or need to rely on my guild GvG master's schedule.  


I want more gold while I farm for commons and rares for composing.  I want more gold.    If you don't want more gold, you don't have to buy.... 



I don't believe so. This is mainly for the donators. It would take nondonators months to get enough log in tokens to afford most of these pots.



As for the big objection. As stated before, my big objection is notion of more gold coming into the game. HCS have developed numerous ways to sink gold. Why negate some of the progress that has been made? If you want more gold you can strictly hunt, donate and convert into gold, merchant, farm commons. There are plenty of ways without an increase to TH and Merchant, imo

#914626 Booster pack giveaways

Posted by pinkdude on 10 January 2015 - 17:50

Am I correct to assume only one booster pack per account? Regardless of the different sites offering the pack?

#908540 Monster gold?

Posted by pinkdude on 11 December 2014 - 01:14

That doesn't make much sense what is the point of capping it


So people up at level 2.4K aren't earning 100k per kill  :P

#905833 Composing Questions

Posted by pinkdude on 30 November 2014 - 01:01

Hello there. With the recent introduction of new buffs to composing, I am trying to update the wiki (and update every page that I can find).


If anyone can help me fill in the information it would be greatly appreciated. Right now I know which level each buff starts on. If anyone knows can they post the starting buff level? And the increment that it increases each composing level. The wiki still needs the following



Smashing Hammer







Armor Boost

Mighty Vigor

Severe Condition



Lady Luck

Encouraging Talk

Buff Enhancer

Brute Strength

#894942 Number 1 Trophy?

Posted by pinkdude on 17 October 2014 - 02:03

Hrm. I dunno what to make of that. I've linked the thread to Zorg. Hopefully he'll know what's happening.


~ Grim

Hey there. I tried some of the stuff cyrus suggested.


I cleared my cookies and cache, uninstalled FSH and Greasemonkey. Then uninstalled Firefox. Reset my computer. Then installed the latest version of FireFox. Trophy is still there (not a huge issue. It just keeps reminding me everyday that I am, in fact, number 1)

#892761 A Titan, LEs and Caves, oh my!

Posted by pinkdude on 04 October 2014 - 20:08

Thanks for the event. The titan artwork looks AMAZING, by the way!

#892098 Number 1 Trophy?

Posted by pinkdude on 01 October 2014 - 01:20

Did you download and modify the HCS imagepack?

Nope. I don't play around with any of that stuff. I'm too afraid something will break. What's really strange is that the sword is back now. The Trophy only appears sometimes when I log in.


I doubt it has anything to do with it. But anyone with the trophy/non trophy, could you comment which banner you have and which server you are on?


I am on 24 right now with the sword. Both times with the trophy have been on 26.

#889743 Leveling... long time...

Posted by pinkdude on 15 September 2014 - 13:40

The BIG question remains though:  Will the ultimate EOC be finding that mysterious Fallen Sword?

 Off Topic: I thought that was given up on a long time ago? Not trying to offend any of the devs or anything but.. This game has a storyline? Seems to me its just, kill monsters, level up, "hey stranger kill x monsters and I'll give you a weapon".


On Topic: I am all for Gutie's idea. Why is there so much resistance to it? "I did it the hard way so everyone should have to"? If nothing is done soon to increase the playerbase, there will be no game. Then you are just sitting at the top of the leaderboards on a dead game. That sounds like a whole lot of fun :rolleyes: Its not a win button. A win button would be having new players level to lvl 10 (to get a minor understanding of the game) then jumping straight to level 1500.

#889565 Which HCS game do you play the most?

Posted by pinkdude on 13 September 2014 - 21:59

Legacy- Doesn't get a poll option


Legacy- gets most votes



#888964 Server down ?

Posted by pinkdude on 09 September 2014 - 20:51

Thank you!

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