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In Topic: Titan Design Contest 2022

10 September 2022 - 05:09

Name: Kurma
Classification: Magical
Lore: Kurma also known as Akupara, is the mythic World Turtle that carries the world on its back. At times, Kurma grows weary of his burden and chooses to manifest his essence as a gargantuan tortoise that roams the world. When that happen, a great imbalance follows in the form of natural disasters, earthquakes floods and sometimes eclipses, said to be caused by his enormous shell. Kurma cannot be harmed by mortals, as he is eternal, but if struck with enough force he will vanish and manifest himself in another place. He will continue to do so until he regains his sense of purpose by the pleading strokes of many warriors. Only then will he return to carry his burden at the foundation of the world leaving a small part of his essence behind. 
Physical Description: Gargantuan tortoise 
Remarks: Based on Hindu mythology. 
Suggested stats: Kurma should have huge Armor and HP. He does not Attack on purpose and he is very slow, but nevertheless can cause great crushing Damage as he moves about.
Suggested Epic item: May be a shield/armor made of a dropped gem that is part of his essence.

In Topic: Storybook Forest Returns!

27 June 2022 - 13:39

Thank you for the swift fix Grim.  :)

In Topic: Storybook Forest Returns!

27 June 2022 - 00:56

Hello all,
There is a problem with the new seasonal quest at level 1600.
Inventing using the recipe for 'Queens Purified Choker' can fail,
leaving you with no way to get the quest item 'Queens Corrupted Choker' (it is not bought or dropped). 
It is then impossible to complete the quest.

In Topic: Ruby Tier & Quests!

28 September 2021 - 15:36

Well, apparently I did not killed the right kind of spiders and you were very quick to de-spawn them. Is that means that I'm barred from all the other quests ?

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