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#1006046 DND

Posted by Steve1973 on 01 November 2021 - 20:13

Only just noticed you edited the post Steve, when did that happen? :huh:

It looks like there was a glitch and part of my post was missing so I had to retyped it, then I tried to elaborate the explantaion so it might be clearer to understand while I was at it.

#1006005 DND

Posted by Steve1973 on 28 October 2021 - 18:26

I mean changing things like this can have unintended consequences I don't really want to mess with those mechanics right now and they are harder to test. Take it like you will.


If you can describe in detail what you want fixed I can maybe help in the future. I don't understand the problem atm, so you want people to not be not contactable at all in DND? What is the request?


Why didn't you say that in the first place . Saying "Don't really feel like changing it at the moment" is  a childish and unprofessional answer and doesn't even come close to meaning the actual answer you have now given.


I will try explain the problem simply;-


From what I understand, Fizban is polite, believe it or not, and he doesn't like ignoring people, but being so popular as he is (even when under the influence of stella), he gets alot of messages.

When he is doing professions, he wants to concerntrate on them without ignoring people so he uses DND. The problem is he still gets random messages from people while in DND.



You said that it is intentional that people on friendlist can still message him.


My response was that I am on his friendlist and cannot message him. (so your friendlist intention doesn't work either).


As far as I am aware, most players expect DND to mean exactly what it says, "Do Not Disturb", rather than do not disturb unless your on my friendlist.


I hope that makes sense.

#1005995 DND

Posted by Steve1973 on 28 October 2021 - 12:28

Don't anger this one Steve, he actually does help out when he can on Eldevin... :P

I'm not Thomas, I am aware this moderator is one who does actually help and I appretiate it when staff help, I am simply pointing out that people on friends list can't send messages to their friends on dnd.


With regards to the second sentence. If he had said we will look into it, or something similar (even though it may not be until next year) then thats fine. But saying "don't really feel like" is not a good attitude to take when dealing with a customer who is reporting a problem with the game, unless it was meant as a joke, which is what I am trying to confirm.


Dammit all I can't spell today, this is the fifth edit :P

#1005993 DND

Posted by Steve1973 on 28 October 2021 - 12:08

People on your friends list can still message you yes, this is intended behaviour. Don't really feel like changing it at the moment.

No, people on the friend list can't message them when they are in dnd.


When i log into the game, I always say hello to Fizban, but when he is working on his professions he often goes dnd so my greeting will not send.



"Don't really feel like changing it at the moment" that comment has to be a joke, right?

#1004208 Game isn't working

Posted by Steve1973 on 23 June 2021 - 06:47

I can't get on the game at all.  (I am not the only player surrefing from this problem.)



The game loads, but when I fill in email and password I just get dots going round in a circle, and pressing the play button simpkly says I am not logged in.


Also if i go to the forum I am logged in but, if click on the webpage for the game, the toplist or any of those pages it shows me not logged in.



This problem has been coming for a while as players have commented in game, for the last few weeks/months, that they were suffering with a lot more lag and random disconnections than normal.




I know I posted the comment above is in another topic post, but that was made in the "Disscusion" section rather than bug report.

I realise the chance of a response is just as unlikely but I would like the problem sorted, so dont want to see the reply of "it wasn't seen, and therefore fixed, due to not being in the correct section".

#997710 quest missing patrol part 4 appears as unfulfilled despite being completed

Posted by Steve1973 on 11 July 2019 - 17:20

Are you sure you haven't missed something, The wiki says "Return to level 2 and speak to Hudsen" once you have the sword hilt.



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#979757 Houses

Posted by Steve1973 on 18 April 2017 - 19:05

I hear Otto's wife is taking lodgers, just knock on the door and ask ;)

#972359 TA player kill status

Posted by Steve1973 on 22 November 2016 - 20:33


if you think ta is pvp atm you dont know what pvp is. I suggest you to play some other game and learn it. further discussion is pointless you have no idea what I am talking about.

There you go again,


 I dont know why I bother because you just ignore me and insert your own replies completely irrelavent and out of context  to what I have said. Point 1 was a reply to your idea about fairer farming on TA. Just because this game has a different type of PVP to other games as you like to point out, doesn't mean its not PVP. I have no inclination of playing other games as I am quite happy with this game.


 yes true its the risk pk should have. you want a game pk have no risk at all and find it fair. Its ridiculus. Its not penalties just a risk a pk takes.

This is an unfair risk as it restricts anyone who wants to take part in PVP from taking part in other areas of the game. Next you'll suggest players who do the acane council quests can't do the army quests.


I did not invented the perma death system or pvp system. I am not comparing just pointing the some systems at different games. I never say X game rocks because of Y.  Even trying to mention no longer exist games.

Yes some systems are different, but thats the whole point. you don't have every game the same.

to your second part game rules is not the Gods will  they can change . Its suggestion section and I am making a suggestion which part is wrong? if you dont like the idea then why are you bothering to read it just leave... :)

Yes this is a suggestion page, that is fine and I am willing to accept that this is a suggestion, am also willing to explain why the suggestion isn't valid for this game. If you can't accept feedback from your suggestions then don't make suggestions in the first place.


I wish you all the best with this suggestion even though you choose to ignore valid comments by other players explaining why your suggestion won't work.

#972241 TA player kill status

Posted by Steve1973 on 21 November 2016 - 12:10

You can't really compare Eldevin to other games, as from what I understand after to talking to players who have tried all sorts of games, The only one that comes close to this is Runescape (this is in no way advertising RS by the way) and the players who have tried both say they prefer Eldevin.

If you start comparing games and try to change them to be like another game, you will only end up with two games exactly the same, which it pointless. If one game doesn't have the stuff you want, you simply go play a game that does.


Players who pvp do lose stuff if they play on TA. they lose most buffs, so all the potions and food are lost and they have to use more to rebuff. They also lose any gold or tokens they have collected and half the mats they may have picked up while there. Its bad enough with all the moaning from players who have been killed by a pvp player because they think it is a given right to gather on there, but putting restrictions and loses on the PVP players if they do exactly what the island is made for and PVP, and kill another player, it will only add to more moaning and probably lose players rather than gain any.


Other than duelling arena and battlegrounds, it is the only place players can go to PVP, and it is only a tiny part of the whole Eldevin world, considering players can't enter there until they reach lvl14, it will not have any effect on new players.

#968783 Facebook event Suggestion (Advertisement Idea's)

Posted by Steve1973 on 14 September 2016 - 12:40

Any type of advertising would be great, unfortunately, getting the staff to take part in anything regarding Eldevin may be very difficult, as their priorities now lay elsewhere.


As you can see from Eldevins facebook page, The staff have not posted anything since the guild update last year, not even to inform people when the valentine, easter and summer events start. It is not that they don't like Facebook as the HCS page, is updated regularly, although it was soley about FS rather than everything HCS, and now is only posting about FS and the new game they brought out.



The word "advertising" seems to send shivers down the back of HCS staff, as the moment it is mentioned there is total silence from them, it must be the thought of spending money rather receiving it  :lol: 

#967508 Development Update

Posted by Steve1973 on 25 August 2016 - 18:47


xbox one massively successful, ps4 massively successful, pc gaming, booming. You make it sound like they are on it's knees. Maybe the simple answer is hcs are not very good at running/developing games. shocking as it may sound.


You make a good point.  I am a huge fan of PC/Console gaming and evidently overstated my case.  I draw my concerns from this CNBC  post:






The only trouble with that cnbc post, is its all based on speculation and expectations rather than producing facts and figures to show mobile games have actually passed PC games.



I think that HCS should make other games and be versatile, to accomadate all types of players and  to keep making money, BUT, surely business/common sense says finish one game off first and letting people know about it before moving on to the next, rather than get 90% done then say "sod it lets do something else and leave the players we already have hanging on a thread, we are sure they will hang around and keep paying money until we decide whether we will finish it off or not".

#965934 Development Update

Posted by Steve1973 on 14 July 2016 - 22:33

The only reason I knew this game existed was because I went searching for games similar to Runescape, specifically Runescape Classic. Is there a way to increase the advertising?

That was exactly the same way I found it.


I think the lack of advertising is the whole reason why this game hasn't grown in players, nobody knows about it. You'd think with the surge we got when steam joined, HCS might have actually spent some of the money they were receiving from the new supporters to pay for advertising, but no such luck.


It's now become a vicious downward spiralling circle.

No advertising > no one knows about the game > no new players > the players leaving outways players joining > income goes down > no money to advertise and round it goes again :(

#964193 Development Update

Posted by Steve1973 on 09 June 2016 - 11:08

With such uncertainty generated from the announcement as to the future of Eldevin, especially after time it has taken to get to the stage it is at now. Could this mean less people becoming supporters, or spending real money buying EP if they think there will be no end anytime soon


If that happens, it could have the knock on effect of;


Firstly, raising the ep to gold ratio from what it is now at approx 1:3 or 300 for 1k gold in some cases, to ridiculous amounts of gold to buy small amounts of EP, and maybe to the extreme point where EP no longer becomes traded.


Secondly, buying regularly used items that can only be bought from the shop or other players who already have them and are longer in need of such as sacks, larger bags etc will be extremely difficult :(

#964142 Development Update

Posted by Steve1973 on 08 June 2016 - 14:52

So why isn't this thread posted on the Steam forums for the game? Seems kinda shady, as if HCS doesn't want the Steam community to know that development has slowed down.


Good point. it hasn't been mentioned on facebook, neither the Eldevin game page nor HCS's own page.





#963895 Development Update

Posted by Steve1973 on 02 June 2016 - 22:48

and i am so super happy that i cancelled my supporter months ago! :D

I wish they had told us before I renewed my support in April :angry:


I (and probably plenty of other players) was lead to believe that the lvl50 content would be out according to the official update post on 15 January with confirmation on the 19th January and again on the 1st March and nothing to the contrary afterwards. So when my previous supporter ran out in mid April, I renewed.


If they had told us sooner instead of letting us continue to believe the new content would be coming out (admitely its always later than originally claimed but not that long after so I wasn't overly concerned by the time it had got to May), I wouldn't have wasted my money :angry: , and instead, played for free, which I intend to be doing once my support runs out. If there was going to be an end game within a reasonable time of it being posted I would be continued my support.


I don't mind paying for a product if I know I will get the entire thing. But I wouldn't pay for something and only get part of it.


As the first line of the supporter option says "Become an 'Eldevin Supporter' and show your support for the game!", but HCS can't show their appretiation and their support for their players.


If new players start, I am sure very few will be paying to support it if they know it is unlikely to be finished any time soon. So less income will lead to less incentive for HCS to actually finish the game and drag it out till it dies out on its own :angry:



I am sorry to the other players if I sound harsh. But I started playing this game, September 2014 and have played it every single day since (yeah I know, get a life), even if it was for an hour or so to do the dailies, so I really enjoy it and have become very passionate about it. This news has really disappointed me.

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