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Game isn't working

23 June 2021 - 06:47

I can't get on the game at all.  (I am not the only player surrefing from this problem.)



The game loads, but when I fill in email and password I just get dots going round in a circle, and pressing the play button simpkly says I am not logged in.


Also if i go to the forum I am logged in but, if click on the webpage for the game, the toplist or any of those pages it shows me not logged in.



This problem has been coming for a while as players have commented in game, for the last few weeks/months, that they were suffering with a lot more lag and random disconnections than normal.




I know I posted the comment above is in another topic post, but that was made in the "Disscusion" section rather than bug report.

I realise the chance of a response is just as unlikely but I would like the problem sorted, so dont want to see the reply of "it wasn't seen, and therefore fixed, due to not being in the correct section".

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