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#888968 Legacy's Future

Posted by Raiden on 09 September 2014 - 21:24

In total; I've played this gamer for almost 5 years now. My first account being around for a year and my current account, Raiden, almost hitting 4 years (~87 Days now until 4 years.) 


I've enjoy every aspect of my path of this game, and it's stuck out far more than any text-based game I've played. I've made friends on here that I am more than thankful for knowing. Aside from that, I've enjoyed leveling up and finding new ways to better myself at the game. 


While I don't participate as much in the sake of the game as much as I did before, I still love knowing the fact that it's a thriving community of people who have been around for longer than I. Simply amazing that to this day Legacy's playerbase is full of Veteran Members.


I'd donate anything I could to see the life of this game brought back to what it once was. Legacy is something I'm happy that I've stumbled across 4-5 years ago, because it's provided me the experience of a fun, unique game with a spectacular playerbase.



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