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Fallensword VR!

06 April 2022 - 22:57

Hello, :)

I have started a project using VR and the Fallensword website. It is currently private and for personal use. However i have decided to make it more public and help other guilds build a VR that has their guild interests playing on loop. 

The VR i am working on has/ will have the following;

 - Recipes of items and their relevant creature in some kind of order along the walls of the VR.

 - Halls of fame with nominated players of your choosing and their accomplishment Plaque underneath.

 - A constant stream of your guilds interests playing on a large screen in the common room, e.g; Conflicts, Titans, Relics, Log, Chat, Recruiting and even individual player screens of lead relic defenders displaying active buffs.

 -  Fallensword News updates aswell as tavern rumours.
 - Guild Adviser Displayed either on loop or updated at any time of your choosing.

 - Guides of gear required for each level

There are many more ideas i could implement, if you leave them below and i find them doable i will include it. Below are the Cons of this idea.

- You must have a device, or a member of your guild to have a device to run alongside your primary device. Meaning you need 2 computers or use your computer to stream the guilds interests in the common room. I do not have a work around for this i apologise.
- I would be setting up the hall for you meaning any information on plaques, halls of fame (or flame) is known by me and access to guild streaming is also possible.

They are the Cons of owning/ running one of these VR rooms if you want those features. 

Here are other tools that are available; Voice-chat, Character modelling, world modelling, Private portals to leader rooms, Advertising items and services, Displaying items for sale in BP or by the guild, Viewing forums, streaming videos and music, Quest guides, Composing charts, SE spawn locations, chest locations, Frag/item requests, guild notice boards, community boards and i forgot to mention the whole time your in there you can access your personal Fallensword account to play.

P.S no VR headset required you can play on an old laptop! (i7 3000 series+)
(Pic below for example)
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New Leveling structure Post EOC?

25 March 2022 - 09:09

I have an idea to increase leveling roadmaps. Currently when EOC is extended there are usually 50-150 Levels added. What if the creatures went up in levels of 5 instead of levels of 1? 


Example; Level 5020 Area has creatures level 5025 that you fight until level 5026 then on to the next area making it 50 levels per portal rather then 10.


The Pros -

1. Higher level ratios (250-750 level roadmaps)
2. More chance of running into chests per EOC area
3. Difficulty increase in sets of 5 levels rather then 1

The Cons -
1. The level divide
2. The players will struggle to EOC

The other adjustment for balance -
(Since the level roadmap would be subjected to mass level increases the following should also be included to balance the changes.)
1. Adept Learner 1000 Potion introduced to the game
2. A buff that increases XP based on the level difference to a maximum of 5 levels (level 5000)
3. A Buff that increases/reduces the stats of the OPPONENT based on the level difference. (lower level = higher stats)
4. A Full Epic SET that grants bonuses like temporal shift +5 per piece +10 for set and half the stam/stam gain as current epics (Relic defending balance) This set per end of roadmap would be perfect. 
5. Finally a buff that increases XP based on what level you are. (Example: level 1-100 100%xp increase per 100 levels, 95% at 100-200 upt to level 1900 where it stops at 5%.)
If you have suggestions leave them below. This is all i could come up with to balance the levels, push the level roadmaps and balance relic defending all in 1 hit. The creature required to slay in order to recieve the 'epic items' Should require a group of 10+ fully geared and buffed player in a group. This will ensure the gear cant be heavily farmed for atleast 5 years +.


17 March 2022 - 14:24

Would HCS allow fan submitted art for creatures? I decided to give it a go (make a creature) and its rather hard. Here is a draft i made. I spent 10 minutes doing this on a trackpad on a laptop and is used as example only ;p

Player run games of chance

09 March 2022 - 02:12

If raffles are allowed does that allow player run games of chance? :D

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