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In Topic: Game Update 1.3 - Region Map + Weekend Extermination

27 September 2016 - 11:30

What's with the light blue shading over troop numbers in deploy window and in facility overview? Looks crappy.


Hey Zath, could you post a screenshot? I've had a look but I'm not seeing what you're describing.


EDIT: We've found the issue. It appears to be affecting iOS devices only. We're working on a fix now and we'll plan to have it sorted in the next update.

In Topic: The silence that slowly destroys a dream of community and hope

14 September 2016 - 10:39

In regards to territory capture times, my alliance has been able to get capture times down to around 5.5 hours by increasing deployment size, specialized drop ships, research, and hero stats


This is correct! The more troops you commit to a Content deployment, the faster they will capture the tile. 


It has occurred to us that this could be more obvious, and we're still open to adjusting capture rates if players are still finding them a drag. What are everyone's thoughts on this? We want to hear it!

In Topic: The silence that slowly destroys a dream of community and hope

13 September 2016 - 10:56

Hey there! We've heard the players asking for more game features, and we're working hard on several plans that should be a lot of fun and make competition between Alliances more rewarding! The next major addition will be the Missile Silos, and the Region Map is a stepping stone to some exciting new events further down the line, as mentioned in this thread. 




(Which we'll be able to update with some more details soon!)


We are discussing how we can continue to improve game balance, and we'll consider your points about Alien spawns and contest time too. Thanks so much for your feedback!

In Topic: Development Update

07 July 2016 - 11:24

even though there's free (or maybe even stolen) resources and assets (sounds/music is all that I have found) in the game.

We did license some sound and music files which you may have heard in other games, as they were non-exclusive. Nothing we used in Eldevin was stolen. Every asset was either created in house or licensed from appropriate vendors.
We're really sorry to disappoint all our loyal, long term players who have stuck with us all this time. We'd like to think that everyone who paid into this game, including our founders, received a lot quality play time and enjoyment out of their investment. However, despite pouring a ton of effort and pride into the game, it hasn't achieved what we needed it to in order to support the development time required. We have reached a point where we have to invest in other projects too or there will be no more Eldevin for anybody.
As Hoofmaster already said, we'll still be having the Summer Event and continuing to support the players. We'll post more news when we have it!

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