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Legendary Event!

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Posted 29 July 2022 - 15:06

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Raggghza the Troll (Legendary)
Raggghza the Troll was long thought to have been killed by the noble knight Sir Defron. However the knight never dealt the killing blow and left the Troll for dead. Unknown to him and the people, Raggghza survives and has now returned to strength and is after the fresh meat of man, his favourite meal!
Recommended Level : 10+
Cerberus Hound (Legendary)
Zeal is a three-headed demon of fire from ancient times. Every few thousand years the Hound is released upon this world by its demonic masters to wreak havoc and bring pain to the feeble mortals.
Recommended Level : 50+
Bishamon Terror from the Deep (Legendary)
The giant creature known in legend as Bishamon the Terror of the Deep, has moved onto the land from the depths of the sea to look for new food as, in it's greed, it has nearly exhausted the local sea coast of fish, whales and seals. The Bishamon eats anything and everything it sees and is causing wide spread famine as well as death as it devours its way over the lands. 
Recommended Level : 80+
Wolfman of Morbidstein (Legendary)
The Wolfmen of Morbidstein are one of the Doctors first truly successful creations. Combining the intellect of man with the cunning and senses of the wolf, he sends them out periodically to hunt for fresh material or artifacts that will further his nefarious schemes. The Wolfman is a truly fearsome foe, who attacks in a furious charge of rending talons and slavering jaws.
Recommended Level : 110+
The Banshee of Dunale (Legendary)
The Banshee of Dunale is a creature who's coming into this plain of existence heralds a great doom that the Banshee herself will cause. What this great doom will be is unknown but it would be wise to send this being back to whence it came before it can complete the task.
Recommended Level : 170+
Kronor the Hunt Master (Legendary)
Kronor the Hunt Master is a creature described in the myths of the local peoples. However it turns out that the hunt master is all to real and has become bored with hunting game and has now begun to target the locals for sport. If he is allowed to continue in his twisted hunt then he will decimate the local community for sure so he must be stopped quickly.
Recommended Level : 225+
Thothmes the Wrathful (Legendary)
After learning all he could from the vile Lustravia, Morbidstein sought out the mighty Thothmes, a Mummy of frightening power. Thothmes saw the hunger for knowledge in the young twisted Doctor and taught him the use of Necromantic Energies and how to bind spirits to items and corpses. He does this as, being immortal, the Doctor could prove to be a useful ally or pawn in Thothmes assault on the disgusting living creatures & humans that infest his domain.
Recommended Level : 364+
The Bride of Morbidstein (Legendary)
The culmination of Doctor Morbidsteins evil pacts and experiments, the Bride is an unholy construct, created from many unfortunate victims (including the tragic Zaria). A mighty opponent, she stands as a testament to a misguided intellect of terrifying scale. She must be destroyed at all costs.
Recommended Level : 484+
Otaktay the Inviolate (Legendary)
Otakay the Inviolate comes from the west river area. He roams the open plains ravaging all that make claim to his land. He is vengeance incarnate for all the wrongs that have ever been inflicted upon his people!
<b>Designed by : JKlundt</b>
Recommended Level : 850+
The Mad Mathemagician (Legendary)
The Mad Mathemagician was a renowned scholar, relentless in his pursuit of knowledge. He summoned a demon so he could learn about the Shroud, but was driven mad in his attempts to communicate with it in the universal language of mathematics. He now spends his days calculating ways to defeat the forces of Light and multiplying the forces of the Shadowlord!
<b>Designed by : kalish</b>
Recommended Level : 1279+
Frackenstein (Legendary)
Frackenstein. No one knows where this beast came from. Some speculate that this was created by an infamous Guild of warriors, though whether this lumbering, undead monstrosity was created from this Guild's enemies or their own honored dead is up for debate.
<b>Designed by : skidoodle</b>
Recommended Level : 1780+
Caldrax the EverFrozen (Legendary)
Born to a race of icy warriors called the Thradrul, Caldrax left his people to explore the unknown world. During his travels, he came across a crystal formation that the indigenous people call the Despair Crystal. As Caldrax approached the formation, it started glowing red, magical energy bleeding from it. 
For Caldrax, the world turned black and he collapsed. When he awoke, he felt naught but overwhelming power. No pain, no emotions, only an insatiable desire to see blood. Caldrax's only urge was to stalk the most powerful warriors in the land and kill them in combat. Submission isn’t enough, he shall paint the lands red with warrior blood. Bloodthirsty and violent, Caldrex is the ultimate opponent.
<b>Designed by : iceman66</b>
Recommended Level : 2000+
Abominus Rex (Legendary)
The gargantuan horror known as Abominus Rex appeared without warning, tearing through any who appeared before it. Who created this undead monstrosity is not known (and given the unpredictable nature of Abominus Rex itself, likely never will be), all that is known is the beast's unnatural vitality means it shrugs off many wounds and is all but immune to certain attacks. It's thick hide protects it and any attacks that get through are as likely to glance off hardened bone as they are to do damage. 
Abominus Rex must be stopped!
Recommended Level : 2400+
The Sky Hunter (Legendary)
The Sky Hunter is a hunter of superlative skill! Wielding all manner of weapons from the back of his flying lion, Nubica, he tracks and captures or kills his quarry, depending on the threat of the prey. His favoured weapon is his Sky Hunter Sword, a fine blade of exquisite craft.
Designed by : leos3000
Recommended Level : 3000+
GrooVelox the Swift (Legendary)
GrooVelox is a peculiar creature. One who insists on being the fastest being alive! To this end, it taps into a magical force to increase it's speed to incredible levels. At it's fastest, it leaves a red and yellow blur behind it!
Designed by : Groosalugg!
Recommended Level : 3200+
Prince Tyler (Legendary)
Tyler is the son of Emperor Sidd and Empress Tinny, born after the Emperor left to join the Shadow Lord. Tyler was brought up solely by his mother who instilled her values of peaceful and anti-aggressive behaviour. However, he saw his Mother's slide to darkness thanks to the corruption of the Emperor. He set out to stop this and confronted his Father, who deceived him into accepting his signet. Upon touching the signet, the Prince joined his Father in Darkness.
Designed by : siddy246
Recommended Level : 3600+
Demons of Oucho (Legendary)
The Demons of Oucho are a vast swarm of mischievous little imps. Not evil, the imps are more trouble makers. They cause problems wherever they have spread to, hiding important tools or documents, breaking equipment and generally sowing chaos everywhere. About Oucho itself, nothing is known. Was it the creature's creator? their greatest leader? A summoning wizard? So far, no answers have been found nor are any likely to be forthcoming.
Designed by: Oucho
Recommended Level : 3875+
Kulkan Vigilscale (Legendary)
From deep within the depths of Erildath, Kulkan Vigilscale slumbered. A Lord and Protector of draconic kind, a recent slaughter of his kin has awoken him in a fearsome rage. He has erupted from his lair, vengeance incarnate! All who have slain his kind shall suffer!
Designed by : killerz15
Recommended Level : 4025+
Gigadardanus (Legendary) (NEW)
Gigadardanus is a giant crab. Its emergence foretells the coming of a terrible fishing year.
Recommended Level : 5150+
These creatures shall be available until 15:00 (Server Time) on Monday the 1st of August 2022.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

#2 Maehdros



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Posted 30 July 2022 - 13:00

I feel for anyone who scavenged for the cracked bowl set a few weeks back.

*tosses my cracked bowl set out the window*

replaced already. Thanks for the event!



#3 yghorbeviahn



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Posted 30 July 2022 - 16:22

I feel for anyone who scavenged for the cracked bowl set a few weeks back.
*tosses my cracked bowl set out the window*
replaced already. Thanks for the event!

You know how long I've been looking for a Monk Set haha...I miss my millions of gold spent scavenging for it, but happy to see new content either way.

#4 Undjuvion



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Posted 31 July 2022 - 10:45

so glad i refrained from farming bowl monk set, like Maeh said tho!

#5 Prop



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Posted 01 August 2022 - 00:55

so glad i refrained from farming bowl monk set, like Maeh said tho!

You didn't though did you? You threw up the monk robe ff perfect when it wasn't spawning in the caves. Granted you may have had it before, but what's the point of the post?

#6 WandKing



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Posted 01 August 2022 - 07:51

There is a 600 lvl difference between the 2 sets. Im sure players that are not at EoC will appreciate the bowl/monk set :)

#7 Undjuvion



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Posted 01 August 2022 - 19:17

You didn't though did you? You threw up the monk robe ff perfect when it wasn't spawning in the caves. Granted you may have had it before, but what's the point of the post?


Deduction isnt your forte is it Prop, so i'm clearer than clear, i was inferring i was happy I was wise after fate to have not farmed it and that i agreed with Maeh's sentiment in feeling that it's tragic for those that farmed!

There is a 600 lvl difference between the 2 sets. Im sure players that are not at EoC will appreciate the bowl/monk set :)


WK, who is gonna pay more for less stats, think!

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