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#1008280 Titan Design Contest 2022

Posted by tuvok77 on 08 September 2022 - 15:39

Name: Karen the Widowmaker 
Classification: Undead
Lore: The Widowmaker emerges from her slumber once a year, in wailing search to tear up any man from grudges past and long forgotten. Her rage knows no bounds and she is known to devastate entire regions, just by her high pitched screeching voice. Only the bravest may face her and stand a chance to win the day.
Physical Description: Middle Aged Decaying Woman wearing black shrouds with glowing red eyes and sharp long glistening silver fingernails.

#984059 Game Update v2.937

Posted by tuvok77 on 15 August 2017 - 09:12

Sooon Vers. 3.0


Can we celebrate this with a new PvP seasons event?

#983798 Free animated avatars

Posted by tuvok77 on 10 August 2017 - 12:12


#983354 PvP Events

Posted by tuvok77 on 31 July 2017 - 09:58

Opt-In loose xp but rise faster in rank more PVP-RP Gained per battle (more Risk, more Reward)

Opt-Out dont loose xp but gain only a fraction of PVP-RP per fight. (Less Risk, less Reward)



I came up with this solution while being under intelligence enhancing substance so dont be mad at me if my proposal sounds crazy. :D

#983353 PvP Events

Posted by tuvok77 on 31 July 2017 - 09:54

*Sniff* *Sniff* Do you smell this sweaty smell mixed with blood & metallic stench.

Smells like PVP-Seasons all over the place.



#982981 What motivates you to keep playing?

Posted by tuvok77 on 23 July 2017 - 08:33

My oozing need to stay in a game to the bitter end until its shut down. :D

I think this was my 1st or 2nd MMORPG that I started playing. Funny that this is one of the few games in that genre that keeps going. The playerbase may be small but still. Its fascinating how few of these games survived. I wonder if HCS knows themselves what they did right with this game in comparison to the other games.

#977029 We're hiring!

Posted by tuvok77 on 22 February 2017 - 12:05



I would apply, but...


Im already working for a german IT company as an IT-Tech Support & IT-Service engineer.

My position is contract tied for the next 5+ years so Im bound to the company like a tree to the soil.

Im fluent in 5 languages (overqualified maybe for your hiring position?)

12 hours a week is kind of an intern job or a job for someone who is a temp.


Also I hate computer games *lies* and I also think that ZenDesk, unlike my companys ticket service, is a thing buddhists use to call a table they relax on to find spirituality.



I also dont like wearing kilts as formal office wear. :D




#975509 Ever wondered what a black hole in FS looks like?

Posted by tuvok77 on 17 January 2017 - 10:30

Hello FS Community,


Did you ever wonder what it looks like to be sucked up into a black hole, or be so immensily powerful a black hole manifests around you? Maybe you always wanted to know what it looks like to be under the map or fall through it.

Well wait no further and gaze at the almighty black hole with the cute name of "default" i am in!

Since yesterday I have been enjoying this solitary confinement and I must say it is quite solitary and untransparent as far as colours go. 


But lets see what reviewsites say about this:


IGN 10/10 - best map I have ever been on, a true old school mud feeling, so dark you dont even see chat


Gamestar 9,5/10 - could use a bit more black to be honest, other than that I never thought I could play a blind man in a mud game


PCGamer 12/10 - If you ask me, this is graphically speaking the most complete game of this decade! Such a nice shade of dark black only a mud game can provide. Really immersive!






Just a bit of fun I thought i would like to share with yall :3




#974923 Fallen Sword App Update (Jan 2017)

Posted by tuvok77 on 05 January 2017 - 19:59

You'd be able to use it as just a companion if you wanted to  - but you'd also be able to hunt while you're waiting in the queue for a coffee too :D

I dunno many people who have the time to maintain 2 characters, hardcore gamers usually are on the road with shiny graphics and those AAA titles that get finished after under 30 hours.  As far as I see it the major of the community is casual and most of the people playing have jobs and are a bit older than the average gaming age. This game has a somewhat old school feel to it, which many kids these days cannot really get into. Theres virtually no vital advertising for this game, and it lacks relateable game mechanics as known from the hundreds of other MMOs. That being said I love this game and it was my actual first game I signed up when I was younger. So Im clinging to it kinda because It reminds me of 2007 and how I used to be.


*This game needs more diverse Events, like limited edition weapons, who are only inventable/findable/buyable during a one time course, like scavenging caves.

*Or super rare crystalline items that are kind of an overkill but theres only at any given moment a handful of these ingame, the game would limit through mechanics this.

*Critical hellforge: you can go outside the box and try to overforge your items to a point where they increase in 10% of their stats each critical hellforge (you need 2 items of the same kind in the same forge state and only fully forged items can be "overforged". It has a 50% chance of breaking both items and turning them into frags in the process or if your lucky you will recieve one overforged item with 1 red forge dot. Kinda like the idea was with the infernal hammer. This would make all items coveted and make them useful for those willing to go that path. :3

*PvP-seasons should be brought in again, its been over a year now.

#974848 Fallen Sword App Update (Jan 2017)

Posted by tuvok77 on 04 January 2017 - 16:12

From my viewpoint (customer) a very risky business decision. You will half the community of a sort of healthy game "Fallensword" and create a second "server" with the same game but with updated everything. 


From my very humble perspective, it would be better to focus on making that beta app but at some point make it possible to Port over at least the complete character. Im not talking bout achievements or other things. But I doubt any of those big wallet whales would loose their attachement to their old account for the sake of something new where investments are mandatory just like in FS.



Same happened to a familiar game in which i got banned a year ago for using a keyboard mouse with macros short known as "RS"

heres what happened when they pulled the same thing off.


2 identical games were created. One that had the graphics of 2007 and everything with the same game dynamic but with new accounts and from scratch. Then there was the already 17 year old game that had the newest graphics the most content and the most players. It also was bot free to a point where you would not notice them. Game was still much critized because they did so many updates and not all of them were aknowledged as good.


so heres how it looks now and I can say that this is not the path I would like to see Fallensword fal into. 





I hope you come up with a solution that incorporates both games in a way that they may at least interact with eachother or we would come to a crossroad where the game will part its gaming community and influx of players will be divided for the worst.


I dont think it would be very wise as a (developer) to splitt your community in such a way that it may even affect your long term monetary income from milking us (the customer). You did alot of ventures with investing in branches like Eldevin and such. Theres only so much shots you can take before you have to reload the barrel. And it seems you should think about the cash cow Fallensword in a way to still keep your already paying playerbase and aquire new ones at the same time. 



Options like:


- Promotional codes for new players only

- New player Ugrade draws 3 players from all the verified players who register in at that month are drawn for awesome upgrades for each starting month one time only.

- Epic quests and even richer content for lvl 1-300

- Random events for each player similar to the daily quests



youre the devs you gotta have some ideas how to improve a steady cash cow.

#972859 Help Promote PvP and make Fallen Sword GREAT AGAIN !

Posted by tuvok77 on 02 December 2016 - 15:24

The first few pages I was like this, and still have that feeling that RA is trying to push their agenda, yet in vain:















After reading this half nonsense, half biased-lobbyistic perspective with alot of discussion going on by people critizing it fairly and bringing good thing to the table I have to conclude this.


GvG & PvP Ranges should not be touched as of now, they are balanced as far as lvl 500 goes, I cannot say how it changes further out but if ya annoyed so few players are in the 700-2000 lvl range maybe you should just go down to a lvl where more people are if yer so desperate to GvG/PvP....



As a wolf follows the herd of deer one too needs to adjust accordingly, if truly you are a realist and not just an elitist may-believe player.



Season would be nice to have once in a while, but if not thats fine by me too, I loved it and I got a medal out of it too, with mah lvl not a very easy thing to come by getting into crystal tier.

Daily PvP quests would be great, but I would include a checkable box in the preference for players who do not want to have that sort of quests. Make these quests scale a bit higher with rewards so people wont just check the box because they abolish that game aspect.


Thats my two cents. 

#972804 PVP by people deleveled dozens of levels...

Posted by tuvok77 on 01 December 2016 - 13:04

cmon Im PvPing alot, sometimes I take a liking to a person and start tickling it with 100stam, daily, hourly, without remorse and a smirk on my face. Usually the people either end up fleeing out of my range, trying to resolve the issue which ends up most of the time in even more frequent 100 stam becuz of trash talk that will start coming forth from the victim, or they make me a special gift like gold, fsp, gear, but it has to come from their hearth to even out my persistence and stop me from tickling them every hour. 


Sadly in reallife this is called borderline sexual harrasment and/or stalking and the people will usually try to fight back and or call the police. In real life I do not advice tickling people you like hourly, daily etc. and especially not cows for they tend to run at you and body slam you into the nearest object they can find, which usually is the earth you stand on.



Peace Out.

#972795 GvG and compensation or not

Posted by tuvok77 on 01 December 2016 - 10:29



Well you could have asked in my unfinished GvG guide, I wanted to put up the pricing list anyway, my up to date market analysis is as follows.


Current payment pricings when winning as of 28/11/2016:

Highest known payment current date: 7 FSP per win per 25 hits

Average payment current date: 3-4 FSP per win per 25 hits

Down low current date (or as I like to call them GvGer exploitationeers): 1-2 FSP per GvG per 25 hits 






*I will not disclose guilds and which guilds have which payment, I will never sell you the information for specific guilds/payments/RP-prices. I am not the Information booth that gives up all the info. I collect the information on RP prices, buyers, payments but I only release information at will as I am a mere GvG-Philantropist.*


*All Informations offered by me are bound to the dynamic change of temporal deals, offer & demand, thus information can only be viewed as a short time snapshot and are in no way to be misused as fundamental truth, please keep that in mind.*

#966073 "Cristatus Go" Fallensword Edition

Posted by tuvok77 on 21 July 2016 - 14:20

For All of you who were wonderin, eh, why is Tuvok not GvGing :3 Here is the answer:







Pokémon Cristatus Theme Song


I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
Catch them is my real test
To wear them is my cause

I will travel across FS
Searchin' far and wide
Each Cristatus Gear to understand the power thats inside

Cristatuuuus (Gotta catch 'em all)
It's you and me
I know its my destiny
Ohh you're my best gear
In a world we must bear
Cristatuuuus (Gotta catch 'em all)
A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I teach you
Cristatuuuus (Gotta catch 'em all)




In B4 people start overproducing Cristatus Gear to flood the market and break my monopoly :3

#965786 how much fsp do you make per 2k stam?

Posted by tuvok77 on 11 July 2016 - 18:19

Made 108 fsp and 13m gold with 15k stam selling buffs in the buff market ;)


Ikr, I buy all yer buffs :3

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