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In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

15 July 2024 - 20:04

All of it looks good including the TD 300, CA 300 and OK 1100.


A 60 minute TD 300 would allow enough time to clear  x3 titans for TKP (making the task less depressing) knowing another has already secured epic.


CA 300 useful to players that want to attack higher level SEs that spawn in their lower level areas. (Guild may have weak groups) 


OK 1100  (60 min). Nice option to the Sidds Poison (120 min) for players with lower stam banks. 

In Topic: Shadow Bunny Showdown XI!

04 April 2024 - 19:38

The new  EPIC Cuirass of the Grove recipe does not show Stam gain, max stam or XP gained. Will those stats be on the actual Armor? 

In Topic: Avatar Auction By - Kisoku

13 January 2024 - 07:55

The 1st (level 100 or less) player that posts here and wants one of these avvys, I will finance the bid.


If you post first then contact me in-game to discuss the max bid I am willing to do.


Good luck being #1  ;)   

In Topic: App Update Version: 1.3.3

01 December 2023 - 17:40

So, no weekend event?  :( Double composing? LE? 

In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

26 October 2023 - 17:23

How about also adding a x2 of  the content of a treasure chest for the Crystal and Gold key chests.


For example, a random roll may give x1 potion or the roll may give x2 of same potion.



Also, maybe have a few "stacked" potions in a container.

Not sure if stacked container is possible though since 1 potion might be used and then 

have it placed in AH for sale short a potion or 2...hmm 

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