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In Topic: Help...a little please

17 January 2021 - 19:42

Hello Aislinn,

your former cult does not exists any more, so you can try to get an invitation to another one if you decide to become a member.

Same for your alts. Looking at you gives No bonding, but that may change when you become a member.

The most important benefit of bonding is getting a lot of XP's for your bondies kills, especially if they are of a much higher level.


You can get a lot of information from https://gothador.fan.../Gothador_Wiki (also the way to get a divorce if needed).


If you become a member, you can also add your alts to your membership. It is officially against the rules to have multiple characters, unless they are part of the same membership. Violations may result in being kicked out (if anyone of the cows bothers any more).

In Topic: How do you get out of Forgotten Forest?

12 July 2020 - 14:28

Actually, you have to accept the quest to get in....

In Topic: Trinket of Magekin

14 June 2020 - 14:11

And the reward is barely worth equipping.

In Topic: new creature: risen mage

12 June 2020 - 18:49

It arrived together with Risen Warrior, an even worse target.


Risen Mage is the perfect target for Angelic miners and mages. Just get 52K Def vialed then Hurt it down to 3 - 5 "normal" hits or casts. For us that is now around 38 Hurts. Doubler does NOT cost double AP with Hurt, so you kill it for around 40+ AP. That is about 28,000,000 XP/AP. Without doubler that's around 17,000,000 XP/AP. Even at level 160,000 that is still about 130 levels for 1 usp per 15 minutes doubler.

In Topic: Icons not loading

08 June 2020 - 14:06

Actually they did find time to fiddle with Gothador. Remember the time you could enter the lottery multiple times by fast hitting the enter-key? They fixed the bug nobody complained about.

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