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#1001192 inactive backpacs

Posted by BadPenny on Today, 02:49

After so many years of the game being one way, changing the economics that bad would be hard.

Just make it only possible to send Guild Tagged items for any player over 7 days inactive, it's easier.

That makes a good compromise if you ask me....

#1001178 inactive backpacs

Posted by BadPenny on 10 August 2020 - 17:06

Backpack spam, gold spam, it's all juvenile behavior anyway.  Grow up people, MOST of us are supposedly adults.  Act like it!


If I remember right, gold spam was deemed a form of player harassment back in the day.  Not sure if Backpack spam was included in this, but I do know that both were the stimulus for the preferences portion of our character settings (All, Aliies and guild mates, Nobody)...  Unfortunately, these preferences cannot be changed if a player is long gone from FS, and folks that spam these inactives for whatever reason cause nothing but problems for everyone.  


Since most guilds do indeed use inactives for pack mules to defer the high cost of store slots (or because store slots have  long been maxed)  it's obvious to me that Guild Store purchases seriously needs to be addressed.  Costs need to be lowered and the cap should be raised.  Otherwise this problem will continue with no end to the debate.

#1001158 inactive backpacs

Posted by BadPenny on 09 August 2020 - 01:12

I don't think there's a rule, per se, about BP spam, but there was once one about gold spam, so, I suppose BG will have to clarify this.

#1001150 Rise of the Wraiths XX

Posted by BadPenny on 07 August 2020 - 16:12

Thanks for the event

#1000839 relic capture

Posted by BadPenny on 07 July 2020 - 06:14

Relics have an ingame system already to defend them. The fact that most guilds are too lazy or unskilled to actually use that and therefore turn to bullying is what saddens me.


Personally I think capturing a relic should mean you cannot attack anybody from a guild personally for like 24h. Then it would come down to skills AND teamwork wether a guild can hold their relic or not, which I believe the way it was intended to work.


Exactly how does nerfing PvP (again) help?  There's been way too much of that in the past 13 years for my taste and I rarely PvP anymore....  I can't steal *xxxxx*'s gold if my guild and theirs are in a dispute over a relic?  Unacceptable.... 


How far would you take this?  Do you want to restrict GvG in the same way?  What about ladder participants?  If there's a disputed relic and the only players in that tier are in those respective guilds, do they not participate that round?  Do we not take a bounty on the opposing guild?  None of these options make any sense, not would they help.....

I wish BG would ring in on this. 

#1000830 relic capture

Posted by BadPenny on 06 July 2020 - 23:57

There are no rules stating that relics can't be taken after the initial hour is up.  


But tbh, I think you already know this....



So, what's the point of all this discussion?

#1000727 Double XP Incoming!

Posted by BadPenny on 26 June 2020 - 05:42

if you all stop protesting and stay at home wouldnt be so darker times


keep it as it is no need for any extension 

I have not left my house since March 1.  I have done no protesting outside of telling the Donald to get out of my television....  A bit more time to regenerate stam and make a secondary run would be nice in my humble opinion.  


However, I will concede that the poor saps at EoC could use some portals.  

#1000723 Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.1)

Posted by BadPenny on 25 June 2020 - 18:09

Just wanted to let you guys know I did my inventing DQ in 8 minutes on the app....  

#1000713 Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.1)

Posted by BadPenny on 24 June 2020 - 18:50

App has  been successfully updated and installed, might as well do my DQ on it....

#1000711 Fallen Sword App Update (v0.8.1)

Posted by BadPenny on 24 June 2020 - 14:10

Sure, Conix, I'll certainly keep you informed

#1000656 Player Titan Kill Points

Posted by BadPenny on 19 June 2020 - 02:48

I really don't have a dog in this hunt outside of the fact that I hate Titans (never hunt them unless I absolutely have to) but I have to say 1 thing.... players quit due to the advent of personal cooldown. 


IMHO it should have applied only to seasonal titans only to give everybody that likes that sort of thing a chance for those limited critters, and should have NEVER been applied to regular every day titans. 


But nobody asked me, probably because I care little about the critters themselves.  But I think the FS community should be happy.  That said, I believe personal TKP is another step in the wrong direction.  Titan hunting should remain a guild activity, with all that entails.  I do think that now that we DO have personal cooldown, that the Scout Tower should be revamped to record who earned what for which Titan, so that guild officers can easily determine how to distribute whatever rewards are applicable.  

#1000479 Small change on buffs appearance (Visual)

Posted by BadPenny on 28 May 2020 - 07:44

Let me try say something without my post being deleted! FSH only works on a browser in Chrome or Firefox on a PC. For users of the mobile app or browser have no access to the features of FSH. Ideally, we would want all the features of FSH be built into the game.

Actually, Tampermonkey and FSH can be used on an Android phone or tablet with Chrome.  Pointy showed me them when I had no PC prior to the app.  As I have never used an Apple product, I am unsure if this can be done on IoS though.


As for the app, the interface for buffs is different from browsers, and if I'm not mistaken the app team is already working on improving how they are viewed and disabled.

#1000320 Composing Poll 2020

Posted by BadPenny on 05 May 2020 - 01:51

I skipped the poll. Sorry.


Please don't add skills or more points to composing. Thanks.

Maybe if those skills that have names but aren't in existence yet could be made as higher level composed pots.....


Nothing OP though, there's enough whining about that already.... However, if a bigger Merchant and/or Treasure Hunter (250 tops) were to appear, I wouldn't be a bit upset.  (Yeah, I know, nobody wants for there to be more gold in the game but me..... and a rag-tag bunch of highway bandits :P )

#1000255 Where did Earn Points and shards disappear to?

Posted by BadPenny on 26 April 2020 - 01:17

Be aware, you can still convert Shards to FSP on the App. Upgrades->Shop.


~ Grim

Well, actually, I checked that out and got this result after several attempts:



#1000175 Calling All Fragment Farmers (and Buyers)

Posted by BadPenny on 10 April 2020 - 21:49

So bored out of my mind with the lockdown I decided to come out of retirement and go back to frag farming over the weekend.


Will be pulling in 6 frag legendary items at minimal discount to normal prices. PM me your offers in game.


If any of my old buyers are still around and interested, bigger discount.


Prosperous smacking! 

What mind?

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