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#990166 eldevin funding for final lvls

Posted by Brioche on 16 February 2018 - 01:21

I'd donate a penny to hear HCS's thoughts.

#983781 Incorrect talent descriptions

Posted by Brioche on 10 August 2017 - 04:00

If anyone from the development team still cares about Eldevin at all, here's something I was working on months ago.



#980042 daawsomeones bug report set up

Posted by Brioche on 24 April 2017 - 04:27

Most of those are holograms. It's explained further along the questline.  ;)

#977084 Mega Lag

Posted by Brioche on 24 February 2017 - 09:17

and if all else fails, it means we are being dumped by the cows

When cows take a dump, it means there's cow dung somewhere! (Also known as bulls***) :lol:

Perhaps the cows took some time off the game to play soccer or something. It would explain why so many players are getting kicked. Gee, we have prospective careers in being soccer balls.

#959654 Incorrect ranges in skill descriptions (again)

Posted by Brioche on 23 February 2016 - 06:24

Found an old post.

Many abilities have had their ranges increased slightly due to improved camera distances.

Before this update, the range of all abilities (with the exception of buffs) was 12 yards or less. Following this update, the ranges of many abilities were increased to 15 yards. However, as stated in the post above, almost all abilities with "Target: Area" merely had their description changed to 15 yards without actually changing their range from 12 yards to 15 yards. Please increase the range of these skills to 15 yards as intended instead of changing the descriptions back to 12 yards.


Furthermore, for all single-target abilities with a range of 15 yards (such as Ranged Attack, Taunt, Incinerate, Black Fang for example), you can attack enemies from within a range of 15 yards. However, if you are further than 15 yards, your character automatically moves to a 12 yard distance before attacking. Please change this to 15 yards as well.


One more thing - I'm not sure if this was missed, but the range of Tornado might also have been meant to be increased to 15 yards. If so, please increase the range as well.


Edit: broken link URL

#959649 Incorrect ranges in skill descriptions (again)

Posted by Brioche on 23 February 2016 - 04:53

I've made a post about incorrect ranges before, but there were so many incorrect descriptions that I inadvertently used the wrong range to measure the other ranges with.


The skills that have incorrect ranges listed are all 'Target: Area'.


Blazing Arrow

Creeping Vines








All the above skills listed as 15y, but actual range is 12y. If you compare Erupt to Blizzard, both are listed as 15y but Blizzard range is 3y further than Erupt. If you compare Blazing Arrow and Tornado, Blazing Arrow is listed as 15y and Tornado listed as 12y, but both have the same casting radius.


Edit: broken link URL

#959587 reset broken

Posted by Brioche on 21 February 2016 - 15:00

So now every day has 25 hours and every week has 169 hours. The server really likes square numbers ^_^

#959583 Larger area to select on doors not facing the camera

Posted by Brioche on 21 February 2016 - 13:22

I find it annoying to have to search for the door handle or rotate my camera 180o just so that I can leave a room. Why not let the entire door be clickable when you're not facing it? Why is the door handle usually the only part of the door that gets highlighted?

#959266 Camera Annoyance in Cursed Tower

Posted by Brioche on 16 February 2016 - 04:50

Bump, still a major annoyance.

#959263 reset broken

Posted by Brioche on 16 February 2016 - 02:58

Reset on Saturday was 1 hour later than usual.
Reset on Sunday was 2 hours later than usual.

Reset on Monday was 3 hours later than usual.


Did the Cows change to a 25-hour day?

#957667 Rested xp not increasing on some alts

Posted by Brioche on 24 January 2016 - 16:23

I've come across this problem many times before, and after some testing I think I've isolated the issue.

The game should check the time that the character was last online and award rested xp as soon as you log in. Once you log out, the game should update the "last online" time. However, the rested xp is only awarded after you've successfully loaded realms (can see character, chatbox, etc). This means that if you log out while you're still loading realms, the "last online" time is immediately updated even though rested xp hasn't been awarded yet.

This has frequently occurred for me since my default server is OC upon booting client. It takes about 20 seconds for me to load. While loading, I'd open my friend list and perhaps see that plenty of my friends are on another server, so I'd log out before I'm done loading realms. The end result is that the server thinks I was last online 1 minute ago and I get no rested xp.

The rested xp needs to be awarded upon logging in even while loading realms, not after loading realms.

#954064 The differences between instant cast, casting time, and channeled time

Posted by Brioche on 30 November 2015 - 10:55

Points to take note of

  • All skills have an animation
  • All skills have a 1 second animation lock with the exceptions of Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Lethal Concoction

The 3 main differences are: 

  • When does a skill take effect
  • When does cooldown start
  • Whether a skill can be interrupted or not

Instant cast skills

  • Take effect at the start of the animation
  • Begin cooldown at the start of the animation
  • Cannot be interrupted

Skills with a cast time

  • Take effect at the end of the animation
  • Begin cooldown when they take effect, at the end of the animation
  • Can be interrupted before the casting ends; if interrupted (by movement or stun) the animation continues but the skill does not take effect and cooldown does not begin

Channeled skills

  • Take effect throughout the animation
  • Begin cooldown at the start of the animation
  • Can be interrupted before the channeling ends; if interrupted, the skill stops taking effect but the cooldown is not reset

Instant cast skills that are incorrectly labeled as skills with cast time

  • None that I’m aware of

Instant cast skills that are incorrectly labeled as channeled skills

  • None that I’m aware of

Skills with cast time that are incorrectly labeled as instant cast skills

  • Melee Attack - labeled as "Cooldown: Weapon Speed"; should be "Cast time: Weapon Speed" since it only damages the enemy after casting
  • Ranged Attack - see Melee Attack
  • Vindicate*
  • Ruin*
  • Lacerate*
  • Impale*
  • Bane*
  • Rupture*
  • Sear*
  • Righteous Defense
  • Frozen Spires**
  • Sever*
  • Reap*
  • Black Fang**
  • Haemorrhage**
  • Crystal Blast**
  • Blazing Arrow**
  • Envenom**
  • Jolt*
  • Frostbite**
  • Fulmination*
  • Tremor*
  • Meteorite*
  • Genocide*
  • Lobotomize*
  • Detonate**
  • Blood Fang**
  • Creeping Vines**
  • Monsoon**

*Should be 1 sec cast
**Skills with very small cast time, but still can be interrupted on rare occasions when moving

Skills with cast time that are incorrectly labeled as channeled skills

  • Call of the Wild - labeled as 8 sec channel time; should be 8 sec cast time since cooldown only starts after pet is summoned
  • Void Portal - see Call of the Wild
  • Crimson Chain - labeled as 1.5 sec channel time; should be 1.5 sec cast time

Channeled skills that are incorrectly labeled as instant cast skills

  • Bloodbath
  • Flame Rush
  • Adrenaline Rush

Channeled skills that are incorrectly labeled as skills with cast time

  • None that I’m aware of

Skills that I haven’t tested personally so I can’t confirm

  • Avalanche***
  • Midnight’s Grasp
  • Assassinate***

***Likely to be 1 sec cast time instead of instant cast

Skills that deserve special mention

Lethal Concoction

  • Animation lock lasts for at least 1 second but can be longer if the target is far away
  • Cannot be interrupted by movement but can be interrupted if stunned before it lands
  • Instant cast in the sense that it won’t be interrupted by movement,
  • Should be more correctly classified as a skill with cast time since cooldown doesn’t start until Lethal Concoction lands


  • The only channeled skill that cannot be interrupted by movement
  • Can still be interrupted by stun


  • Correctly labeled as a 1 second channel time skill because cooldown begins at the start of the animation and only takes effect if the skill is not interrupted
  • Deserves special mention is because it is the only skill with a 1 second channel time
  • Should make it a skill with a 1 second cast time instead and let the cooldown begin after the cast

#951637 Pet Modes: Stay and Pacifist

Posted by Brioche on 22 October 2015 - 08:29

Sometimes you just want the pet to follow while you're gathering mobs, instead of attacking the first mob that hits you.

#950877 Instance CC bosses

Posted by Brioche on 10 October 2015 - 07:50

Let's just remove the gems from CC bosses so nobody fights over them.

#950376 Bad, missleading and wrong tooltips, talents, buffs etc.

Posted by Brioche on 03 October 2015 - 10:48

Some that were missed - 




Stouthearted - is supposed to increase defense bonuses from Heavy Armor by 2/4/6%, but affects the armor from shield too (which isn't Heavy Armor)


Revenge - Not all negative status effects proc this talent, but I can't recall which ones at the moment




Maelstrom and Two Right Feet - Maelstrom overrides all slows while it lasts. This is most noticeable in ICC.


Bane and Destruction - "Bane creates a wide cone of destruction striking down foes in your path."

Even when I'm standing 0.2 yard away from a mob while facing it and using Bane on a mob behind it, this still doesn't hit properly. After much testing, it seems that it hits in a wide ARC (curved line, not an area) which is very hard to aim since you need to be a fixed distance away from the enemy.




Watch Your Step - "Your Frozen Spires now slows targets by 5/10/15% and inflicts an additional 10/20/30% Melee DPS."

Frozen Spires deals two kinds of damage: instantaneous damage, and damage over time. Based on the description, one would think that it now deals additional 10/20/30% instantaneous Melee DPS, but this damage is actually added to the damage over time.


Blood Siphon - Skills aren't clearly defined as bleeds or not. Which skills are affected by this talent, exactly?




Righteous Indignation - Same as templar Revenge; not all negative status effects are cancelled or ignored with Repent active. Frozen Spires <Trapped>, Stun, Knockdown, Cower (SV snake and BT Lady Karis), Sleep (SV Wraith)



Besides these, there's also the incorrect ranges of skills listed in my other topic and the skills with two types of range that weren't mentioned in the description.

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