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Obtain max lvl or slowly progress along with professions

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#1 Issler


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Posted 04 December 2018 - 21:05



as a new player, I am wondering if I should aim to get max lvl (by questing and grinding) or if I should slowly progress on that due to the professions.


Professions seems really boring and hard to lvl however they may impact my end game.


Please some experienced player chime in to advise.


Much appreciated, 



#2 Undjuvion



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 12:59

no rush, do it all at your leisure imo.

#3 Steve1973



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 13:36

I'd say its probably best work on the professions that will benefit your character, such as tailoring for sorcery based characters and leatherwork for range based.

Also alchemy is very handy so you can make your own potions,  that will also lead to building up your foraging too.




For gathering professions, if you use the wiki, it will tell you where to find the items and some have nodes close by so you can click to move to each spot quickly,






When it comes to quests where you have to gather items such as fish or berries etc. If your not a high enough level in the profession to do it, just ask in world chat and there may be someone willing to give (or sell) you the items required. This can also be included to making armour, potions food etc if you supply the materials. saying that, with so few players on now, it may be difficult.



If you find levelling profs really boring due to the repetition, you could always just do the daily quests for each profession and build up you levels that way, since the update that made gaining xp easy, I think you will get quite a bit more xp than is stated in the wiki. You also get artisan awards or (very small) sums of cash at the same time.



When in doubt. Blame lag ;)

#4 Thomas02



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Posted 05 December 2018 - 14:24

As you lvl doing quests and grinding I suggest you work on this these skills as you go.


Foraging + Alchemy




Than whatever your class is going to be.


Warrior/Tank     Prospecting + Armorsmithing + Weaponsmithing

Assassin           Skinning/Prospecting + Leatherworking + Armorsmithing + Weaponsmithing

Mage/Prophet.  Farming + Talioring


Ofc you can always rely on other ppl to make pots and gear for you instead of doing it yourself.  :P

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