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Participation reward

18 April 2013 - 02:31

Seems like we're just beatin a dead horse here, but how about this idea:
Quite a few complaints about a dying pvp ladder system and rightfully so I reckon.
Seems silly that it only requires such minimal effort and one can essentaily rape their tier for the dominance and tokens. The 350-399 range comes to mind for example. I'm sure there are more.
So why not change it a bit?
1. Minimum participation: Must have x number of ACTIVE participants in current ladder tier to aquire reward, medal time.
*By active I would say there must be an exchange of combat every 24-48 hours. You don't get 3 days to get your s#%t outa your mailbox, why so much time to hit someone else?*
2. If minimum participation requirements are not meet within the current band reset time, no rewards, no medal time are given for that particular band.
3. Remove the ability to bounty ladder hits.
4. Give an incitintive to participate in pvp ladder, maybe allegience tokens or something?
5. Increase the stam cap on ladder hits? ( this may be a bad idea, but what the hell...)
6. Change the rewards. many posts have suggested this, many great ideas out there, no need to elaborate further in this post.
All stated above are soley ideas, always room for improvement. Nothings going to change just sitting around whinning about it though..

How much stam is required?

25 March 2013 - 19:48

Just got to thinking,

With Brew Master and Distil active on pots consumed about how much stam is enough to maximize the effectiveness of these pots?

Witnessed someone with about half my current stam (19K) worry about having BM active before they swigged any pots. Struck me as odd in a way, with Distil activated on leveling pots, I stam out before most if not all my pots running do. In this instance, wouldn't that make BM a useless expense?

This is under the assumption I am strictly depleting my stam and not refilling it.

The one I witnessed still had a solid 60+ mins on nearly all pots.

I realize there are quite a few VAST variables to this equation, but there has to be some sort of ball park figure to base it off with just the average hunting pots.

By "average" I would say the exclusion of Epic pots, chest pots, loyalty pots..ect. More along the lines of DB450, DB500, LIB225 type pots.

Where's the poll to remove 1 bounty per hit?

28 February 2013 - 06:18

Who's spectacularly asinine idea was this to begin with?

I've been out for a bit to come back and see this... Was this some sort of compromise to something or did ya just wake up one morning and say what the hell, let's try this out.

If there's a past discussion on this topic I'd love to read thru it. I haven't found such in here yet.

Any and all, please feel free to chime in.

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