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#961593 New GvG idea

Posted by vastilos on 01 April 2016 - 15:45

To make GvG a little more fair, I would suggest people only being allowed to hit other online players (nobody offline or inactive for more than 6-8 hours).

#925983 Community's thought on another potion composing slot?

Posted by vastilos on 30 March 2015 - 11:05

A whole slew off off-topic and flaming posts removed.


Actually Grimm there were a few good ideas about composed potions being tied into guild loyalty that you removed that you shouldn't have.

#924325 Current state of the game

Posted by vastilos on 21 March 2015 - 03:58

If the cows want to save the game, give more fsp when you buy them. Honestly, 400 fsp for almost $90 is garbage (no offense). Also give more rewards for donating. Every single MMO you play you get better rewards when you buy their game currency, here not so much.

Example, I play an MMO and for the cost of 400 fsp here I get 10,000 game currency PLUS I also get a crap ton of bonuses for donating. AND that 10,000 game currency lasts me 2-3 months, here 400 fsp lasts you 60 seconds.

Player rewards for donating to this game are terrible.

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#922478 In defense of the monsters in fs...

Posted by vastilos on 05 March 2015 - 03:27

Well it doesn't really matter since we all came from some sun that went supernova millions of years ago. Also we are nothing but vibrating atoms and the frequency of that vibration gives everything its appearance.

#919976 What DON'T you like about PvP?

Posted by vastilos on 16 February 2015 - 20:49

There are still challenges... have you ever tried to clear Spidey, for example, when he's awake and dancing?  Plenty of challenges... Granted, many battles are buff vs buff, but still a challenge remains...  Or were you just referring to straight run of the mill raw PvP?  In that case, put yourself in a holding pattern, I'll be in your range next year, I'll give you a challenge ;)


There is no challange really. When I say pvp I mean me vs. you... no buffs, super potions, composed potions, nothing. Your gear versus my gear. Your character build vs. mine. I've only had the pleasure of doing that type of pvp with Bazile, and she no longer plays. And that was some fun pvp play.

#919964 What DON'T you like about PvP?

Posted by vastilos on 16 February 2015 - 20:31

What I don't like about PvP is how easy it has become due to insane buffs, crazy potions and over powered gear. That took the challange away from PvP.

#919954 please extend pvp attack range

Posted by vastilos on 16 February 2015 - 19:56

Uh, they really do because the non PvPer's are the ones who will be firmly in the cross hairs here.


And what makes you say that? Just say I have some friends who are 50 levels higher than me who I would like to have some pvp fun with, but I can't because he's 50 levels higher than me. Knowing you, your answer is going to be "catch up to their level". But now said player or players have 2-3x the stamina I have and I have no chance to catch up. Increasing ranges would allow us to have a little fun with each other.

Your answer is one-sided since you've made it perfectly clear many times in the past that you dislike pvp.

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#918707 PvP is DEAD???

Posted by vastilos on 09 February 2015 - 10:10

Last I checked PvP attacks have risks. If you want risk free PvP, there's this thing called GvG. Oh, and in GvG, you get 25 free PvP hits that cannot be bountied. Otherwise don't cry when you get bountied for your PvP hit.

#917618 When where you guys going to tell us this

Posted by vastilos on 30 January 2015 - 23:06

So, when were you guys at HCS going to inform us consumers about your new VAT tax? In case you guys don't know what I mean, you now have to pay ad additional 20% tax for purchacing fsp on top of the taxes you're already paying.

Here is my example of what I mean. When I buy 110 fsp I used pay $20 plus my tax which totaled $22.60. Now when I buy 110 fsp I pay $20 plus my tax plus this additional tax which means I now pay $26 for 110 fsp. So in short, thank you very much.



#915551 An idea to help improve the PVP Ladder

Posted by vastilos on 15 January 2015 - 21:24

removing XP Loss just makes it another version of the Arena, we don't need more of that...


And it also makes it another version of GvG.

#915376 Titan Spotted!

Posted by vastilos on 15 January 2015 - 03:26

TKP taken away ?


it's just another gold sink people going after her they spent time and stamina in it you can't take away people their rewards after a mistake has happened ...


Umm... yes you can lol. Anyone that hunts it knows it shouldn't be there. And the fact it's there after it was announced it was gone for another year, means it's a bug. So, do the math.

#915271 Guest Players

Posted by vastilos on 14 January 2015 - 18:40

Not to be rude or negative but what was the point of this update? Delaying someone on choosing their name while they decide if they want to stay or not? The only reason why new players don't stay in the game is because there is no fasable way to make fsp to upgrade your character (unless you buy fsp) and that is the real problem. Who is going to spend money on a game they just started knowing that they might not stick around? Plus as I have pointed out in many other threads (which admins refuse to even look at or acknowledge) the "bang of your buck" on this game isn't worth it anymore. All other MMO's allow you to buy game currency for a cheap price, here it's roughly 10-20x more expensive for game currency than any other MMO, which is why I personally only donate once every few years. The other MMO's I play for $60 ($75 after I have to convert my Canadian currency to what ever it's converted to) I can get 100,000x the rewards and more items/stuff/gear/upgrades and most importantly, game currency. Heck in every other MMO I've played you get rewards just for logging in. Here you get nothing.

If you're aiming to keep players, change what you give to players who donate. Heck, even make it easier for the newer players to get fsp so they stick around. It's not that hard and you won't lose anything. Infact, you might actually KEEP new players.

Also remember, when running a business (I don't know if a single person at HCS is educated in business or anything business related) you have to spend money to make money.

Add more fsp rewards (and I'm not talking about those garbage shard offers). Make in game activities that give fsp rewards, or upgrade rewards (allowing someone to upgrade max stamina 5 or 6 times, giving someone 3-4 bp slots) and that type of enticement might actually KEEP players from leaving, and might actually entice players to spend some money on you guys.

The way to do things is pretty easy, but you admins make it seem so impossible and I fail to understand why (and I know a LOT of other players who don't understand why either).

#914450 Development Update 8th January 2015

Posted by vastilos on 09 January 2015 - 17:29

Thanks for the updates!        ............meanwhile in the United States!



Sorry, but it was colder up here in Canada the last few days than it was on Mars. Minus 40 and minus 45 celcius because of the windchill...


On a side one... does anyone live anywhere tropical (where the temperature doesn't go below 24 degrees celcius) that would rent me a room/house/condo/appartment so I can excape this insane Canadian cold? My currency is this Canadian maple bacon :P

#909117 Making Titan Hunting more Popular

Posted by vastilos on 13 December 2014 - 01:07

Folk have been saying that for over 2 yrs now (I saw a thread on the forum from 2012 about incorporating the FSH into core-game code) but nothing (well, very little) seems to have moved forward.


At this point, cheating is so prevalent, I'd rather lose the FSH functionality and ALL scripts be banned that have the (diminishing) ease of game play from using it ...


I dunno how much the cows are doing BEHIND the scenes about cheating, but this thread is proof of the depth of feeling about it and they remain silent. I know Hoof has said something akin to "just 'cos we're not commenting doesn't mean we're not reading" but, let's be honest, that's not really enough.


The "silence" from the cows IMPLIES one of three things...


1. They know about the cheating and don't care


2. They know about the cheating and can't prevent it


3. They don't believe that cheating is happening


I believe all the FSH has done is made the game too easy. I've never used it, never looked at it, and never tried it. And I can play just fine and figure out things myself. If I can't then I have a super awesome guild that can answer my questions. Either way, I don't need to use the FSH.

#909087 Making Titan Hunting more Popular

Posted by vastilos on 12 December 2014 - 22:56

What everyone is failing to realize is that as long as players are allowed to use FSH, then there will always be cheating. And since HCS cannot detect if you modify anything in FSH, then you can cheat all you want and you will not get caught. If you want to remove cheating (or hinder it a bit), remove FSH.

On another note, all someone has to do is go to a book store and pick up a C++ for dummies, Java for dummies (ect..) and you will learn to manipulate what you want on the internet. So essentially, as long as you are allowed to play a game on the internet, you can always cheat. Getting caught depends on how good the admins are at catching them. And no offense, I've suggested a lot of easy things that HCS coders cannot do, and that is why cheaters here will never get caught.

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