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#861179 My Suggestions for reviving the Bounty Board (And this is quite radical)

Posted by vastilos on 08 April 2014 - 15:45

"CB has been used for years by PvP players and guilds to dominate and drive other players off the BB."


You have zero proof of this, and it's nothing but an assumption at best.


"They also recognise that soft clears using 10 stam do not do very much damage to the gold thief who hit them"


Ok, so the double exp loss the attacker suffers every hit on the BB wasn't considered, and if it was, you failed to mention it just to make your argument look prettier..


"The PvP players have insulated themselves from risk. By CBing and doling out far more damage than they receive they have driven competition off the BB, both from other guilds who are not as committed to the PvP cause as they, and from independent BH's who find it hard to justify the loss of levels for the rate of reward"


How have PvP players insulated themselves from risk when they risk ending up on the bounty board with every hit they do? Again, more B.S. just to make what you wrote look prettier. You want to smash someone for the smasher medal, expect to be smashed back. 10 stamina clears are rarely counter bountied for a reason, but since you have zero pvp experience, I'll leave you to figure out why.


"So if we exchange the word 'risk' for chance or better still probability - we see that the probability of a PvP player losing 5 for a gold hit has been systematically reduced by PvP activity. All legally done. But detrimental to your own game. No-one is interested in playing anymore. Not much fun playing a game where you always lose. Conversley - the PvP community likes this game just fine, they win most of the time. But in winning they are losing players to play with - their game gets smaller, the gold available has got smaller. The PvP community starts asking for incentives to help their game, without realising that they are the reason their game is smaller."


So you believe that players should lose the full 5 levels for a gold hit? You think players are leaving the game because the attacker isn't losing the full 5 levels for the 10% of their gold on hand they lose? You draw too many conclusions from something you no nothing about. There have been plenty of posts on how to make yourself less of a target (aka don't hold millions of gold while hunting or trying to manipulate the fsp marketplace) and from the looks of it, people are listening, that's probably a good reason why there's less activity on the BB (just an assumption I am making).

The PvP community is asking for more incentive because people started listening to the PvP'ers who told them how to become less of a target and they started to listen carry less gold on hand now.

But I am willing to bet that thought never entered your mind... not even for a second.


I could pick apart your last post, but I have things that I need to do. But your entire post is nothing but speculation at best, nothing more, nothing less. And the fact that Grim is going to talk to Hoof about this already shows that it will end up happening, and the bounty board will wither and die away. Congratulations.


Now if you want, I can draw conclusions about how you never started commenting on any type of pvp thread until a member of the guild you are in got smashed for trash talking on a 10 stam clear. Which is probably the reason you are against "counter bounties" and you so harshly flame PvP.


One more thing, since you want to the bounty board run your way, then the smasher medal should be removed from bounty board hits, since people will then get to earn their smasher medals for free (which I bet you also some how forgot to take into consideration). Now with that said, Master Thief better work 100% of the time under your current B.S. system.

#860531 My Suggestions for reviving the Bounty Board (And this is quite radical)

Posted by vastilos on 05 April 2014 - 21:16

I have to agree with Belaric; the current system does not work. I wish I could express my self as well as our resident author~ lol However I'll just suffice it to say I believe this system would be a great boon for FS as a whole. Belaric has said more eloquently than I the reasons why.  :)


Ok, so how is the system supposed to work then? Is everyone that ends up on the BB supposed to lose their levels? Remember the punishment in place is already set so you lose double the exp than you would from a normal pvp attack, and you want more? If that's the case, then I want the Master Thief and Thievery to work 100% of the time (so I steal every single gold you're carrying).

#860202 My Suggestions for reviving the Bounty Board (And this is quite radical)

Posted by vastilos on 04 April 2014 - 16:01

Just to clarify things (since I didn't ask this nor was it mentioned) but the bounty hunter having no fears of being bountied only applies to 10 stamina hit clears, or would 100 stamina hit clears be included as well?


EDIT: As for the guilds that go to war with each other, I mentioned they use the bounty board. To eliminate this, create a new Guild Wars system. The 2 guilds that want to fight with each other enter this system for a set period of time. All PvP is welcome with no bounty reprisals. After the set time is over, the fight is over. If nothing is solved, then the Guilds enter the system and fight again. This system would have no cool down period so you can start, finish, start again until the war is resolved. Exp loss would be the same as a normal off the board hit would take away.

#859811 players and pvp

Posted by vastilos on 03 April 2014 - 16:05

This is a key question.


Why is the BB inactive?


- The reward for doing a gold hit isn't worth losing 5 levels anymore. Master Thief has the lowest activation rate out of any skill or buff (I've never seen Master Thief activate in the 6 years I've been playing).

- The people who like to hit/smash others, but don't like it when the favor is returned ends up deterring people from taking a chance of losing 5 levels for clearing that type of person (aka the double dippers).

- If you are in the wrong guild and you hit the same player more than a few times, you get an automatic suspension.


Just to name a few.

#859810 New PvP Ladder Rewards + Incentive to Play the ladder

Posted by vastilos on 03 April 2014 - 16:00

The value of the said items with be shot down so fast that it wouldnt even matter that they were new. I personally would be alright with not adding unbound stuff but some players would throw a tantrum if they didn't get something they can try to sell. I feel that the usually gear would be sufficient and de value fast enough to not hurt anything.


And what makes you think this? If those people who have hoards of tokens slowly sell the new items, they would keep the prices high, thus making massive profits for themselves for doing nothing but staying opted in to their ladder and hitting someone once. This is the rare case where I would say that yes, the few bad apples did spoil the basket. If players have an issue, then they have nobody to blame but themselves, the community and the admins, since nothing was ever done to stop the abuse.

#859803 New PvP Ladder Rewards + Incentive to Play the ladder

Posted by vastilos on 03 April 2014 - 15:30

100% agree. I feel that new items should be added in the current fashion not bound and the potions shall be bound for sure!

 If anything new is added to the ladder rewards, they should be bound. If they're not then don't bother with them. Why reward people who get 1st place on their ladders with 1 hit, who have hoards of tokens to monopolize the market for the new rewards which will allow them to make massive profits?

#859793 New PvP Ladder Rewards + Incentive to Play the ladder

Posted by vastilos on 03 April 2014 - 15:00

The potion Idea is good, but only if they stay bound.

#859458 New PvP Ladder Rewards + Incentive to Play the ladder

Posted by vastilos on 02 April 2014 - 18:03

The majority of medals earned in FS come from people abusing a system.  I agree with what you are saying 100% - but there must be a small % of players that approached the ladders honestly; worked hard to achieve tokens they have, and ticks they may have - why punish them because a bunch of rats found a button that gives them free cheese, and kept pushing it.  Rolling back ticks, and tokens isn't going to roll back all the fsp earned from the abuse.  I'd like to move forward in a real system - have not played ladder myself in 2 years (still have tokens unspent)  because I refuse to partake in the joke of a venue it has become. 


Yupp. But again, who cares if people get upset. In a case like this, if you release new ladder rewards and let the current ladder tokens be used then those who abused the system are getting rewarded even more, so why let them? Otherwise there will have to be a new type of ladder token introduced unless when the ladder resets you are forced to choose what your reward is going to be (which I don't see how that's going to work at all).

So with new ladder rewards it's either going to be:

- Make them bound.

- Allow those who earned hoards of tokens by abusing the system with more rewards and allow them to make more profits from selling those new ladder items.

- Either reset everyone's ladder tokens when the new items are introduced so everyone has a fair chance at getting the items equally or introduce a new type of ladder token so when you get to choose what ladder token you want if you earned them on your ladder (i.e. current ladder token or new ladder token).

#797797 If titans could talk ... what would they say?

Posted by vastilos on 27 June 2013 - 01:21

"You've poked me so many times, I don't even notice you anymore"

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#787294 Why dont you like PvP?

Posted by vastilos on 28 April 2013 - 06:30

I dislike pvp for any and or all the following reasons:


XP loss. I worked hard at sitting here gaining free xp with the gain maxxed. How dare they come and take it. Also smashing monsters that don't ever attack first is hard work, it's a grueling task of repeadidly hitting the attack button.


Gold Loss: Again, I get paid to do nothing with gold gain maxxed and folks wanna steal it from me! Not to mention I can literally make millions by smashing monsters and yet folks still wanna steal it from me!


PVP Gear: High intial cost, virtually 0 return on the investment. By the time I out grow it, most all have as well, or there's no demand for it anymore.


Buffs and pots: Cost me more of my free stam and gold to aquire! And I can't have a healthy selection of both my cherished Leveling Buffs, and the PVP Buffs I need to keep the bullies from helping themselves to my Free Gold.


Bounty Tickets: Sadly I have to pay for these with more of my free gold. And posting the bully who stole my free gold costs me more of my own free gold...And there's a good chance said bully won't care about being on the BB and will only further provoke him/her into once again helping themselves to more of my free gold.


In closing, I have to use my free stam to aquire free gold and pvpers wanna just help themselves..It just ain't right..


Who are they to take my free gold and xp that I use my free stam aquiring?


Dude, if I could high 5 you in person, I would. This post has made my night. I am literally dying of laughter right now and my friends are looking at me like I'm some drunken fool (even though I am drunk). You should be given an Oscar/Golden Globe/Emmy award.


Actually, if I could buy you a bottle of rum, I totally would lol. Kudos on the post. The cows and anti-pvp'ers should take notes from your post. Kudos to you man. Kudos.

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