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Guide for Xinderoth!

04 July 2020 - 04:10

I've had these guides saved in my notes and in bio for awhile now and thought it be time to post it in forums for easier access.
City of Xinderoth
The first big area of Xinderoth is the city of Xinderoth. There are several tiny area connected to it, and access to most of them is unlocked by (partially or totality) completing the quests in the area. there are total of 5 quests before entering the citadel - 
1. Filthy Animals(400) - City of Xinderoth (8,33)
2. Festival Revelers(400) - Xinderoth Hall (2,2)
3. Lead Astray(400) - Stoneroot Engineering (2,2)
4. Bite the Hand(400) - City of Xinderoth (2,2)
These four have to be done in the above order. The fifth is separate:
5. The Head of Ambition - City of Xinderoth (15,3)
None of these are mandatory to get to level 401 and proceed to the Citadel of Xinderoth (floor 1).
Level 401-421 Mobs Location
Remember to use a decent level light foot!
401 lower left hand corner
402 lower right hand corner
403 in circle of the fiend(enter 2,18)
404 in the second alter area, towards lower right hand corner
405 once you reach (20,4), head down and you should find many when you start exploring all the nooks and crannies.
406 lower left hand corner
407 in golem workshop, and exit to 408 area.
408 upper areas
409 right to top right
410 left to lower left
411 in Theorem Barracks and upper right
412 lower right
413 around the tower orb relic
414 the very narrow strip on top
415 Big confusing map with so many doors(across, down), to go to quest area, take door 23,21 to 4,1, go to 4,8 and coming out at 9,6. to go to exit, take door 12,20 to 3,23, take door 1,21 to 22,15, take door 21,14 to 18,10, finally take door 6,1 to 9,3. there are a lot of creatures near the exit areas.
416 in Puppeteer Sanctum and upper left
417 upper left
418 lower left area and the enclosed area start at 5,11.
419 corridor 1 and hall of heartache
420 the final level, since i did the quest, i hunt at the chamber of Xinderoth, where you also need to kill the master of magic elite. then continue on through the library, to the palace. exit from the tower is on the 20th floor of Xinderoth, to the empty plains. that's it good luck. have something that will help you in Xind there.... it'll make your journey a bit less tedious. might want to save it to notepad in here.

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