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In Topic: Development Update

08 August 2019 - 16:14

and the wait continues.......

In Topic: Summer's passing

22 July 2019 - 18:53

I guess  :mellow:

In Topic: Looking for a group

06 July 2019 - 20:51

Yea best way to find a group is to ask in World Chat and say what your playing as so the others know what to use to help you through the dungeons. Yea right now with it being summertime the population is even lower now than before so it will be difficult to find others to play with. Also ask in World Chat if your looking for a guild to jump into, still a couple of active guilds left.

In Topic: Guild vs Guild

23 May 2019 - 20:14

I'm guildless but I will DESTROY you all! Mwhahahahahahaha

In Topic: US server

14 April 2019 - 14:48

US server is back up

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