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In Topic: Fallen Sword App Preview #2

19 June 2015 - 04:51

:blink: the backpack accessible via the equipment slots... that looks awesome. 

In Topic: Sneak Preview: Teleport Skill

09 April 2015 - 20:40

with this buff....  :o 
"We" shall become the titans! lol. titan hunting is gonna be hilarious  ;)


i hope you guys make maps (and update lower level ones) that incorporate teleporting to navigate to areas that will be only accessible by correctly leveled players with this buff. 

:ph34r: like a, "you'll get this, when your older" type of tease.


lastly.. beam me up scotty. -gets beamed off a cliff, proclaims as i fall- why scotty?!  :(

In Topic: New Skills / Enhancements

11 January 2015 - 03:18

I posted this in it's own post, but i was told to post it here. :huh: ....  ^_^ here it is.


Buff Ideas:

  Revenge Tactics (PvP Buff)

      1: If you initiate an attack against a player who has defeated you in battle, all your stats will receive a small boost for the battle. (0.05% per point)

      2: If you are victorious, you receive 50% more prestige from the battle.

      3: If you are not victorious, you have a 0.2% per point chance to damage the opponents gear by 25%. (Crystalline gear remains unaffected)

  Honed Reflexes (Buff)

      1: 0.3% per point decrease to stamina usage amount on Counter Attack.

  Enemy of My Enemy (Buff)

      1: 0.05% per point chance of one of your enemies assisting in combat vs. creatures.

      2: Enemy up to 25 levels above your level. (+1 level per point)

      3: Enemy is randomly selected and adds 50% of their attack, defense, damage, armor and health.

      4: Does not take affect if Assist activated during the same turn.

  Kamikaze (Buff)

      1: 0.1% per point chance that upon your defeat vs. creature, you will instead end battle in a draw.

      2: You will not lose experience or gold, but kill streak will still be reset.

      3: Conserve can not activate during the same battle.

      4: Creature will not remain after battle.

In Topic: glitched quest in eldevin

10 November 2014 - 23:05

Ok, i found him and have just finished the quest.

I don't know why it messed up the first time. luckily, i was abled to get a second one.

Thank you for helping me.  ^_^

In Topic: glitched quest in eldevin

10 November 2014 - 22:44

Thanks for the help, but i'm unable to find the guy. i've been running to each gate but he seems to have vanished.

He was at a gate to the city, right?  :(

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