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#936649 Fallen Sword App Preview #2

Posted by Devilo on 19 June 2015 - 04:51

:blink: the backpack accessible via the equipment slots... that looks awesome. 

#914681 New Skills / Enhancements

Posted by Devilo on 11 January 2015 - 03:18

I posted this in it's own post, but i was told to post it here. :huh: ....  ^_^ here it is.


Buff Ideas:

  Revenge Tactics (PvP Buff)

      1: If you initiate an attack against a player who has defeated you in battle, all your stats will receive a small boost for the battle. (0.05% per point)

      2: If you are victorious, you receive 50% more prestige from the battle.

      3: If you are not victorious, you have a 0.2% per point chance to damage the opponents gear by 25%. (Crystalline gear remains unaffected)

  Honed Reflexes (Buff)

      1: 0.3% per point decrease to stamina usage amount on Counter Attack.

  Enemy of My Enemy (Buff)

      1: 0.05% per point chance of one of your enemies assisting in combat vs. creatures.

      2: Enemy up to 25 levels above your level. (+1 level per point)

      3: Enemy is randomly selected and adds 50% of their attack, defense, damage, armor and health.

      4: Does not take affect if Assist activated during the same turn.

  Kamikaze (Buff)

      1: 0.1% per point chance that upon your defeat vs. creature, you will instead end battle in a draw.

      2: You will not lose experience or gold, but kill streak will still be reset.

      3: Conserve can not activate during the same battle.

      4: Creature will not remain after battle.

#839997 Idea for a fun new creature

Posted by Devilo on 12 January 2014 - 07:27

Creature Name: Rift Chest



Type: Magical

Level: 0                                           Enhancements: Master Thief: 100%

Attack: ???       Defense: ???                                       Reinforced Armor: 50%

Armor: ???       Damage: ???


Description: A magically crafted chest, created to store infinite items, but was corrupted and brought to life by dark magic. Now roams the land of Erildath in search of more items.


Exp: ???          Gold: ???          Item Drop: ???




it's stats are random per encounter and can be anything from a rats stat count to a super elites stat count.

it's experience and gold per kill will be randomly set plus an accumulation of experience and gold from the players who couldn't defeat it. (To be reset upon game time 00:00.)

it's item drop will be random and can be any level, any type. (Excluding Epics.)

it's spawn rate would be that of a chest and it would spawn in any realm, for a set period of time.

if it isn't defeated within that set time, it's location will reset. (Taking all accumulated experience and gold with it to the new location)

if it is defeated it will reset immediately upon being defeated. (With a new experience/gold per kill amount)


Well that's my idea. Feel free to criticize/commend it.

(Credits given where credits due, smileynirv and KuRaPiKa12 gave help too.)

(Random stats and chest type spawns were smileynirv's ideas)

(The creature avatar was KuRaPiKa12's design)


Posted by Devilo on 07 September 2013 - 23:12

:o  maybe the rats, natives and snow leopards love you and never want you to leave

:mellow: or maybe, you broke Mountain Path.

:angry: Bad jedi lol.  :P

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