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Ideas for Fallensword.

11 January 2015 - 02:55

Gold Sink Ideas:

  Ghost Offers in FSP Market

      1: Offers will not be over higher player price, but will max out at 200,000 with a minimum of 150,000.

      2: Gold used in the transaction will be sunk instead of funneled around.

      3: There will only be a few "Ghost Offers" at any given moment. (2-4 offers)

      4: New "Ghost Offers" will replace purchased ones with a randomly determined amount of gold.


Buff Ideas:

  Revenge Tactics (PvP Buff)

      1: If you initiate an attack against a player who has defeated you in battle, all your stats will receive a small boost for the battle. (0.05% per point)

      2: If you are victorious, you receive 50% more prestige from the battle.

      3: If you are not victorious, you have a 0.2% per point chance to damage the opponents gear by 25%. (Crystalline gear remains unaffected)

  Honed Reflexes (Buff)

      1: 0.3% per point decrease to stamina usage amount on Counter Attack.

  Enemy of My Enemy (Buff)

      1: 0.05% per point chance of one of your enemies assisting in combat vs. creatures.

      2: Enemy up to 25 levels above your level. (+1 level per point)

      3: Enemy is randomly selected and adds 50% of their attack, defense, damage, armor and health.

      4: Does not take affect if Assist activated during the same turn.

  Kamikaze (Buff)

      1: 0.1% chance that upon your defeat vs. creature, you will instead end battle in a draw.

      2: You will not lose experience or gold, but kill streak will still be reset.

      3: Conserve can not activate during the same battle.

      4: Creature will not remain after battle.


:huh: What you guys think? Anything sound good?

glitched quest in eldevin

10 November 2014 - 16:10

I've recently downloaded the windows 64bit version of eldevin and then proceded to restart from a new character. everything was working fine until i reached the end of a questline called, "Eldevin Walking Tour." upon giving the required item, "Guide Stone" to the guy called "Guide Omen" in central square i was suppose to be rewarded with a homestone. but i hadn't received it and was unable to complete the quest due to me already handing over the guide stone.

Is there anyway to fix this, maybe i can get a new guide stone from somewhere?

Please help..  :(


I reposted this in bug reports because i didn't know where to post about this. :mellow:

Sorry for two postings.  :unsure:

idea for new gold sink.

07 November 2014 - 14:30

Gold Upgrade: Refill Bank Deposit +1        Cost: 250,000 gold

       Description: Refills one bank deposit per purchase. Can be purchased multiple times per day. Can not stack over your current max bank deposit per day limit.


Players that would/could find this upgrade useful are ones that:
1. Have purchased all 13 daily bank deposits.

2. Deposit large sums of gold for their guild. (Resulting in them having no deposits for themselves)

3. PvP players that have depleted all their deposits banking gold they have earned from PvPing.

4. Newer players that are currently unabled to buy a +1 Bank Deposit per Day.

5. People that "Really" don't want to wait for their daily refill to kick in.


You can change the cost around if you feel it necessary, but at 250,000 gold a upgrade, it would cost a player that bought all 13 deposits 3,250,000 gold to refill them. (more if the player feels it necessary to refill again after depleting their deposits) 

that's my idea. :)


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