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18 September 2023 - 15:49

When a player reaches EOC, what can they do? What can HCS do to reduce labor hours, and heighten profitability? Most importantly to me, explore how to bring Fallensword up to date making it appealing to the new Google Play and Apple application users. Making Fallensword a catalyst for consumers to purchase laptops and towers.


Well,  my suggestion is leave everything alone. EOC can be an event for the player. When EOC is achieved the event takes place. Use the content already created. At EOC a passage opens. Thunder strikes. The player returns back to level 1. Not in a normal sense because they are now in the APEX realm. Apex creatures, Titans, SE, LE, quests,. They can return to original realm at will. In time Arena can also be assigned APEX. APEX strengths only work in the APEX realms.


HCS staff coders and thinkers only need to assign APEX as a command. Then change the math of each levels creatures. This opens up many more opportunities to add to the excitement with tweaks to quests and buffs. APEX buffs (only good in the APEX realm). 


This creates an intriguing  goal for those in the original realm and keeps the game going strong.

Adjusting the level formula at EOC so 25 levels =/= 5 days stamina.

In Topic: Proposed Guild RP Packs.

29 March 2023 - 15:51

Since there is heads up before a conflict will begin


RP conflict pack at cost of 5 


deflect 175 + UB 175 + Invigorate 175


Break it down to 6hrs if you have to...prefer the normal 12 hrs

I was thinking higher than invig 175 as we can already cast higher. 

In Topic: Proposed Guild RP Packs.

28 March 2023 - 19:17

As I've said before, anything that requires major coding like this is not gonna happen, sorry.

~ Grim

Yep I know, I've suggested this with that in mind. However this aside the packages look good to me.

In Topic: Proposed Guild RP Packs.

28 March 2023 - 16:16


Fortune Pack D
Again not 12h. Not Merchant, Not Treasure Hunter (maybe level 200), add small Lady Luck (175)
= Makes gold worthless

12H is not too long for one, since GVGs last awhile and people are not always available to take advantage of the non PvP buff packs. Secondly Gold has been hemorrhaging from the game for many years. It will not make gold worthless. Just a simple look at top 250 richest and top 250 richest guilds can give you a good idea of the state of gold. This is massively attributed to players reaching EOC and not being able to gain gold like they could before without deleveling.

In Topic: Proposed Guild RP Packs.

28 March 2023 - 16:14

Is it not possible to have a more flexible system where you can build your own packs? Each skill is weighted to have a different RP cost. Just a quick thought, pretty timeless system :).

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